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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Twenty
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

we drove to the hospital and selena recieved treatments

"Are you hungry "i asked selena
"Yea"she replied

I drove to a near by eatery and packed and we both came down we took the menu anf i ordered for deep dish pizza

"Your orders ma'am "the waiter asked

"deep dish pizza too,and texas barbecue,with some tacos bagel and lox"selena said and i starred at her in shock including the waiter

"ma'am are you sure you want all that"the waiter asked

" Do you have something stuck in your ears "selena fired at the waiter and she ran immediately

"Dont give me that look" she said turning to me and i raised my hands in surrender
soon the food was brought to us and selena started devoring hers ,i forgot i was suppose to eat and starred at selena all through something is definately wrong with her,i know she has a huge appetite but not to this level

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"Easy selena "i said anf she totally ignored me
The drive back home was silent so i turned on the radio ,they were playin ,thinking out loud ,i increased the volume thinking selena would love to sing along only to find out she was asleep already i took her to my house instead ,placed her on the bed in my room and removed her shoes

Selena pov
I woke up with my stomach grumbling ,i looked arround and noticed i was in donalds house and in my bed,i didnt remember how i got here all i know is that i was in his car after we left the eatery ,i hoped he didnt do anything stupid,i quickly checked my body and i still had my clothes on i saw my phone on the table and quickly called ella
Hey babe ,hope you had fun i cant wait for the gist, donald called me last night that you wont be coming home am sure you did that position i thought you right "ella kept talking without allowing me to say a word
I think am pregnant"i said and she screamed exictedly
Omg this calls for a celebration , i cant to be a godmother "ella said and i scoffed "have you told him yet"ella asked
not yet ,am scared what if he dosent want the child what if he is not ready or he denys the pregnancy "i said
C"mon you and i know donald is not like that "ella said
Maybe i should just terminate the pregnancy am just scared and confused
Dont ever think of that selena ,everything will be fine i understand how you feel,how about we talk about it when you come home
Alright bye and end the call
I slumped on my bed thinking

Donald pov
I need to call danny
Hello Danny this Donald Kings "i said proudly
oh man ,i never thought you would call me ,is selena okay"he asked
she is okay ,but i need a favour from you ,selena have been acting strange recently and i want you to carry a test on her please she dosent have to know about this ,i am really scared and concerned about her "i said
Alright man ,i will "danny said
Thanks"i replied and end the call
i looked at the phone and saw mutiple text messages from johanna ,i dont know what she wants from me ,she used to be my sex mate but am no more doing stuffs like that again am changed
soon the door of my office opened and johanna walked in wearing a scandalous outfit revealing all parts of her body

"Oh D i missed you "she said in a sexy tone

"This is an office johanna "i said angrily

"Dose it matter ,we done it here countless times remember "she said sitting on my laps and rubbing my cock

"Johanna "i called thsi girl really has effect on me and then i remembered selena ,no this isnt right ,i was about to push johanna when selena walked in

"Oops sorry to interrupt "she said and left

Gosh am in deep shit,and everything i did to put our relationship on track

"Get out"i yelled at johanna ,she flinched and ran out immediately ,gosh am so fucked up ,i push everything on my desk and ran my hands through my hair in fustration


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