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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Twenty-One


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Twenty-One
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
I ran into my office and leaned on the door crying my eyes out ,just when i have decided to give him a chance ,i knew it,i knew donald will never change ,ones a player always a player ,i held my stomach ,i cant believe i am pregnant for him for a demon like donald
I cleaned my tears and sat down sadly when the door opened and donald walked in ,thank God he didnt see me crying

"Selena"he called softly and i starred at him blankly

"Please selena is not what you think"he said

"You dont own me any explaination besides you are my boss and we are just friends remember"i replied back

"Dont worry mr kings i understand i will be on my way now "i said and packed my things
"At least let me take you there please"he asked and i nodded
We entered the car and went to the danny hospital in silence

"Selena are you okay ,you look moody"danny said as he hugged me

"Am fine "i replied and sat down
Soon he commenced treatment
"Why is today treatment different "i asked worridely

"Well you need at lot of food and fruits ,you are lacking nutrition"danny said
It must be the pregnancy i thought

"And also you need at lot of rest okay"he said and i nodded
"can i see you privately"he said to donald and they walked out ,i wonder what they want to talk about

Donald pov
"Can i see you privately"danny asked me and we headed out

"So as long as i know you have been the only guy i have seen arround her"danny said and i nodded

"Well selena is two month pregnant"he said and my jaw dropped immediately

"Wait two month" i muttered that was when i had sex with selena ,omg i cant believe it,i hugged danny immediately

"chill man"he said and patted my back laughing

"Thanks" i said and handshaked him

"Congratulations"he added and we went it
The joy within me knew no bound ,i cant believe i am going to be a father ,Donald kings a father ,so amazing ,but why dosent she want to tell me is what i dont understand or is the child not mine ,no danny said two months and that was when we had sex and she was also a virgin when i met her so am very sure the child is mine

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Selena pov
Donald dropped me at ella's place

"Selena what is it " ella asked worridely

"Ella i caught him cheating"i said as tears gushed out of my eyes
"That asshole i will kill him"ella said

I carried my eyes as ella patted me to sleep

Ella pov
I cant believe donald could do such a thing to selena ,she being through a lot and now she pregnant for ,i quickly placed selena on the bed ,carried my phone and went straight to donald house

"You son of a bitch "i yelled and began hitting him on his chest crying ,he hugged me tightly and i could feel drop of tears coming down his eyes and landing of my face

"Ella its was a mistakes "He said and we both sat down on the couch

"what happened "i asked softly

"Johanna use to be my call girl before i met selena ,since i met selena and had feelings for her i stopped all the connections i had with my call girls ,i cut all of them off ,earlier today johanna came to my office and started trying to seduce me i was trying to chase her out when selena walked in "he said and starred at me sadly

"Are you awear she is carrying my child"he said and my jaw dropped

" How did you know"i asked shocked

"i found out myself"he said and i nodded

"What do i do "he asked

"Well truth be told she is planning on removing the pregnancy"i said truthfully

"What! no my first child no way ,i love her and the baby too am ready to do anything "he said now i know he truly loves selena

"Well what ever you are doing do it fast"i said and left

Well you guys comment were not really nice yesterday the complains were too much ,someone asked why i have been posting late and short and the answer i that i have been sick


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