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BURGUNDY Last Episode


burgundy Episode 19

©Amah's Heart

I asked Sandra to marry me after three months. I did not want to waste time in making her my wife. I can’t bear the thought of losing her again.

She loves me and did not hide her feelings.

After going on my knee to propose to her, I was panicking and my heart was racing so fast. All my prayer was for her to say yes to me and make me the happiest man alive.

And when she said yes, when she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me, I got up and kept jumping joyfully. My inner man was on fire. I couldn’t explain my high emotions. I wiped a tear and felt like running from post to post. I was jubilating and I forgot to slide the ring on her finger.
She was busy laughing at my drama.

When I remembered that I haven’t put the ring on her finger. I ran back to her, breathing so hard and acting so weird. I put the ring on her and she kept laughing at me.

And that was how our wedding plans began.

We agreed that we will do our wedding in the country before traveling out.

My parents came back after their long stay in Georgia and I took Sandra to them. They loved her just as I told her that they will.
My Mum loved her dearly and my Dad was very happy to see me taking the rightful step of having my own family.

My elder sisters abroad can’t wait to meet Sandra in person. They were all flying down for their only brother’s wedding.

They engaged Sandra with Video calls and planned with her on different things.

Jeff, Sandra’s elder brother and his wife were also traveling back home for the big day. He said he can’t miss his sister’s wedding for anything.

My Mum had already organised different asoebi for her friends.

Burgundy color was what brought me and Sandra together. It brought good and bad to me and at the end the good won over the bad one.

My Burgundy shoe was a blessing in disguise even though it was later stolen from me. it made me sort for Sandra after the polish she bought for me disappeared again. I got to know she lost her job because of me and that was how she came living with me as my housekeeper.

Sandra said she once saved my name with “Mr Burgundy”. I laughed so hard the day she told me. She said after meeting me at the store, she didn’t know my name so she saved it with “Mr Burgundy” but later changed it when she got to know that my real name was Martin Jr.

We both laughed over that.

I took Sandra for shopping one day and she got a lot of burgundy wears and fell in love with the color.

We did not need a long deliberation on what color to choose for our day. We have already resulted to Burgundy without giving a thought to any other color.

She will be on a white wedding dress and I chose to go on a fine burgundy suit.
We told everyone that the color of our day is burgundy and they also loved the color because it wasn’t common.

There was the touch of burgundy in everything during our wedding.

The wedding hall was decorated with burgundy, the caked had a touch of the same color. The chairs, tables, the groom’s men, the bridal train and everything was looking so beautiful and royal.

On our wedding day, the whole place was crowded up. My sisters were home. My Mum and my Dad too. my uncle flew down from UK with his wife. He bought suit and shoe for my wedding.

Sandra’s Dad, Jeff and his wife were present.

Jide also came with his family. Many of my friends, cousins and distance relatives were all present.

There were soldiers in uniform everywhere, they came to honor the father of my bride.

Sandra’s father assigned some to guard around us.

It was the happiest day of my life.
When I saw Sandra walking down the aisle in her wedding dress with her Dad holding her hands, I blink back tears while watching her.

I swallowed hard and looked on.

I was undeserving of such a good woman.
 Sandra is every man’s dream. She is beautiful, smart, intelligent, a great cook and a home builder.

She made me go on my knee every morning and night to thank God. She was kind, loving, forgiving and very accommodating.

I asked for a pretty wife with class but God gave me more than I asked for. She was a blessing in disguise and I did not see it on time because I was blinded by looks and class.

Her father wore his army uniform and walked her down to where I stood with the priest who was officiating.

I exchanged my vow to her amidst tears clouding my eyes and emotion choking at my throat.

After the exchange of vows and rings, we were pronounce husband and wife and so the party began.

We moved down to reception and had a good dance with many guest coming with different gifts to congratulate us.

Everybody seems to be dancing and that was how I sighted Ireti at one end.

I looked on with a surprised face, just to be sure that she was the person, and I was certain that it was Ireti. She wore a dress that has a touch of Burgundy color and her heel shoe was also burgundy.

She was dancing as if is her party, her dance moves was a crazy one, she was indeed a good dancer.

There were a lot of other people around dancing too. Ireti was drinking and dancing like her life depends on it.

I draw Sandra’s attention to the drama queen and she shakes her head in a funny a way while watching Ireti throw her crazy dance moves.

Ireti noticed that we were watching her and started walking towards us with a smile.

The soldiers that were standing close by try to stop her but Sandra asked them to let her come.

Ireti walked down and said with a smile.
“Wow! You both look so sweet and lovely. Congratulations. You may be wondering who invited me, nobody did. Since is an open party I decided to invite myself. And I’m sorry for all the trouble I brought to you two. I regret many of the things I did…g
everything, I’m not perfect and I remain sorry in it all. I’m not an enemy and will never be one. I fought for what I want, I lose more than I win but Is fine and I’m happy that Mart is with the woman he loves and is obvious that Sandra adores you. I’m also getting married to Papi. We are planning on our wedding soon. But at the moment, I’m enjoying the party. The music, the food, the drinks and everything here tastes so… good. I will have my fill here before I leave. I’m sorry I didn’t come with any gift because I know you will not accept anything from me and you have everything already. Many gifts here will be given out to people because you may not be in need of it. Don’t fail to inform me if you are given out a car that you don’t like, I’m available for such gifts. Hahahaha…. I wish two of you the best. Congratulations once again.

Sandra smiled back at her and said.

“Thank you Ireti. I also wish you the very best with Papi. Thanks….

Ireti nodded with a smile before going back to continue with her dance.

After the wedding, we traveled out for our honey moon.

We toured different countries and had a lot of fun visiting my uncle in UK, Jeff in Canada, my sister in Georgia and my other relatives living in different countries.

I heard that Ireti later married her Papi just as she has always wanted. I and my wife sent our good wishes to her. We kept our differences aside and wished her the very best with her man.

Sandra became pregnant and our baby boy came while we were in Uk.

I was the happiest father alive.

Our family living in diaspora came around for our son’s christening.

My Mum also traveled down to meet her latest grandson.

Sandra’s Dad visited and spend few months before returning back to the country.

I’m happy, so happy that words fail to describe how I feel.

In my next world, I will search for Sandra and until I find her I’m not getting married.
Is funny but she has given me too much to be thankful for. And I thank God, the architect of our lives for sending her on my way.

I bless the day my original polish got missing and I set my eyes on her.

Burgundy color became me and my family’s best color and I have a lot of its collection, so also my wife and our son.
Life becomes more interesting when you are with the right partner who compliment you in everything.

You can call me “Mr Burgundy”, just as my wife sometimes teased me.

people usually refer to us as "the burgundy couple"

it brings laughter to me and a lovely smile to my beautiful wife's face.

My life sound like an interesting story line and it all started with my favorite color, 


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