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BURGUNDY Episode 12/13


burgundy Episode 12

©Amah's Heart

Ireti came to me that night but I told her I was very busy with work which I needed to summit the next day.
" What kind of work is more important than me? I would have stayed back with Papi who wanted to take me for shopping instead of coming here. Benefits of being an only daughter and only child, my Papi does everything for me. Mart, will you still give me the money you promise me and also my car, I told you I need to change it. Since I cancelled my shopping spree with Papi just to be with you, Mart, you will refund back the shopping money that Papi supposed to give me. right...?
I usually give money to Ireti every week which I count as nothing because she is my woman and i needed to take care of her.
I sometimes transfer money for both her car maintenance and for shopping. I can't buy a new car for her now as she's been requesting. Is not in my budget and is unreasonable to even consider such unnecessary expenses but I will give her the money for shopping if that will make her happy.
But that's not even what's heavily seating on my heart.
All I'm after is to get hold of her phone.
Since I know the method of how to unlock it.
Ireti later went to bed, clinching her phone so close to her.
She was chatting and I kept looking over to know when she will sleep.
I stood and walk to the kitchen. I made some hot coffee for myself and sat on the dining. Gradually siping it quietly and trying to calm my nerves. The coffee will make me remain awake for most part of the night.
After sometime I returned to the room and Ireti was still awake. Talking and laughing over the phone.
I began to wonder if she knew my plans and decided to remain awake.
I grind my teeth and went back to the sitting room.
I turned on the TV, one of Sandra's best stations that I have come to enjoy.
A romantic movie was showing, and when it got to the Kissin part, I began to imagine what Sandra will do
I looked over at where she sits most time and started wishing she was here with me.
I flashed back to the day I kissed her, the test of her lips, her soft warm skin, the fierce look in her eyes.
I remembered the day I try to impress her by cooking dinner, I gave her some to test and she smiled and said " so delicious" licking up her lips. Her laughter still echoes in my head. It was a beautiful moments.
I wondered where she maybe and what she could be doing at that moment. "is she with Jeff or Sleeping? maybe praying, or even talking over the phone... what could she be doing and where exactly is she?
I don't know why I can't seem to forget her. It's so hard and I don't really want to forget, I cherished the good moment we shared and wish it was more.
I gasped out, place my head on the throw pillow and went into a deeper thought.
" What if Sandra was innocent, what if she was really saying the truth but was unjustly accused? Can Ireti do such a thing...why did Papi sent such message to her?
Oh my God... I wish the aquarium was taken and my burgundy shoe was left untouched. I wish both my aquarium and my shoe had not not disappeared. Everything would have been normal, Sandra wouldn't be gone, she would have still be here. I will be coming home everyday to her smiling face and delicious aroma. I would have been sleeping by now and not sitting here with a troubled heart and waiting for Ireti to sleep so that I will know why Papi send her such message.
What if he wanted to send the message to his lover and mistakenly sent it to his daughter...to Ireti's phone.
I was too curious to find out.
My head began to ache. I stood and went back into the room.
Ireti has finally fallen asleep but I did not see her phone.
I scanned round the room but saw nothing.
I gently pushed her to another side of the bed, I thought she maybe lying down on the phone but it was not there.
I felt so broken, where could it be?
I searched, when I couldn't find it I forced myself to sleep.
The following day, the phone was in my mind. I won't rest until I get to the end of this.
I chose to stay home instead of going to work.
Ireti wanted go back to her place but I told her to stay with the promise to give her more money for shopping.
I ordered different food and drinks, drove out and bought a strong sleeping drug from a pharmacy.
I added it in the alcohol, the juice and water that she will likely take. She drank the alcohol first, I also took mine in a cup and pretend to be drinking it.
Ireti gulped it down and demanded for water to drink and I brought the table water that I mixed with the drug.
I brought it out from the fridge, shake it and poured it into a cup. I gave it to her and watch her in silent drank half of the cup of water.
She ate and later complained of feeling sleepy.
Ireti went to bed, all this while I was monitoring her phone.
She threw her phone under her pillow case, placed her head on it and slept off.
Now, I know why I couldn't find the phone the previous night. She usually secures it.
After I was sure the drug has taken full effect and Ireti was in deep sleep, I gently moved her head away from the pillow. I removed the phone from the pillow case, took her hands and started using her finger print.
She shakes, made a sound and change positions.
I started all over again, took every of her finger print on the phone. Just the same way I see her do it.
The phone suddenly unlocked. I gasped out in relief before leaving the room to the parlour. I took a seat, gave another deep breath and started digging like an ultimate search.
My target was in finding out who Papi is, so when I opened her phone, I went straight to the message with Papi and it was indeed filled with unbelievable shock.
Dirty messages, her nudes, complete nakedness was usually sent to Papi, she even sent one yesterday to him while she was in my house, she snapped her naked self in my bathroom and sent to him.
I came face to face with a big realisation that Papi is not her dad as she made me believe. Papi is her elderly man friend, he is the main man and I was her side cock.
It was like a terrible night mare. so unbelievable.
She took pictures of my aquarium and sent to Papi, asking him if he likes it because she planned buying it for his birthday. The foolish Papi was excited and showered her with praises.
I saw my burgundy shoe on his dirty, ugly legs, he even wore it for his birthday. Party
I almost screamed out that night, I felt like killing her and killing myself too.
The truth have been staring right back at my face, the truth was so glaring but I was too foolish to know.
I felt crazy and began to laugh like a mad man.
I needed to scream to keep my nerves together.
I screamed and kept screaming, forgetting the time of the night.
that was the only thing I could do to released the anger of not strangling Ireti to death that night.
Musa came rushing up to the house. He knocked on the door, before going through the window to talk to me.
I was sitting on the ground, sobbing in silent
" Oga... Oga, Na your shout wake me up from where I dey sleep. I carry my dagger for hand. Wetin dey happened? no fear Oga, anybody wey wan kill you I go Killam first. I be correct soldier, nothing dey happen...I dey here.
I ignored Musa and remain seated, pulling at my bears, biting my lips and trying to keep my emotions in order.
I thought of how I humiliated and accused Sandra, I thought of what Ireti did to her and I did nothing. I hate myself even more.
All the memory of Ireti mentioning and admiring my burgundy shoe and aquarium and I never read meaning to all her obsession because I thought her family are rich enough to acquire all that.
She loved my burgundy shoe far more than me and has wanted it long before she took it. She snapped it and made a fake one even after warning me to becareful of exposing it much to the public eyes. She Replaced my shoe with the fake one. Ireti was a real criminal and I was indeed gullible as Sandra had said.
Why did I Judge Sandra so harshly, why did I let a good girl go and kept the evil one.
Why... just why did I allow myself to fall victim to such scam.
I couldn't explain my pain through words as I cry like a child. I wanted to be a man but tears crowded my eyes and I gave way for it to pour down while still sitting on the ground.
My parents, whom I always wanted to make proud will be so disappointed in me if they were here.
Ireti woke up late the following morning and I was still where I was all through the night.
The only difference is that I made a call and some men were outside, waiting for her because I asked them to wait until she wakes up.
I wanted to give her time to sleep to her satisfaction because that will be her last in my house.
" Hey Mart, why did I slept off like that? Well, I guess I drank too much alcohol. did you see my phone, whaat...
She saw her phone and rush to it but I held it.
I have already changed the settings on the phone and it does not require her finger print to unlock anymore.
" How dare you take my phone, give me back my phone this minute... you have no right to touch my personal stuff. How did you unlock it? Mart....??
My face was still down I was holding her phone and I guess she was troubled because she doesn't know how much information I have on her through her phone.
I swiped her phone to her bewilderment and brought up the picture of my aquarium, also pictures of Papi putting his wrinkled ugly legs in my original burgundy shoe. I opened different pictures of her nakedness which she usually send to "Papi". I kept waving it to the air in a funny way without saying a word even though all I wanted was to scream down the roof
I couldn't even look up at her evil face because I may do and hurt her beyond repair.
" Mart... I'm sorry, I can explain... please, I love you... let me explain. I'm sorry... give me a chance to explain please...
I turned to her with a sarcastic smile and said.
" Alright baby I will, but you will have to explain with a torture in jail until my aquarium is returned back and you must pay dearly for my burgundy shoes because it appears your so called"Papi" loves the shoe and I don't want it back. You will explain better to the police my pretty Ireti. Oh yeah, The police are actually outside since 5am. Waiting for you to wake up...
I took my phone and called the men in black to come inside because the witch has awakened.
And in no time, three police men filled my house.
Ireti started screaming in fear immediately she saw the police.
" Mart you can't do this to me, no... you can't. I thought you said you love me... please my love don't allow them to take me away. Mart... Martin... please let me explain. I will do anything you want , anything you want me to do I will. Please don't allow them take me away. I'm begging you... please.
She went on her knees and began to cry.
" Don't cry yet. Reserve the tears for your upcoming torture. Ireti, you will have alot of crying to do, so reserve your plead and tears for that time to come. this is not the time for it baby. I will also love to meet this "Papi" of yours and truly know why...I mean why you did this to me. Ireti, You came for the wrong meat and the born will hook in your throat for a very long time. I will personally makes sure of that.
I turned to the police
" please take her away. do whatever you want with her but I want my aquarium back and she must pay for my burgundy shoe that she gift out to her Papi. Everything she has must be ceased, her Papi must be arrested because he is an accomplice. Let me know if you will be needing anything because I'm on this case for real...
Ireti, the drama queen started rolling on the ground tearing up her clothes. She was shouting and preventing the men from arresting her.
I went inside grabbed another clothes and threw at her.
If after she finish tearing up the cloth on her she will see another one to cover her cheap nakedness. I was kind enough to give her a spare cloth. She will be needing it anyway.
They pinned her struggling body down on the ground as she tries to resist arrest.
I watched as they handcuffed her and whisked her away.
She kept screaming, crying loudly and kept pleading but this was the beginning of hell for Ireti.
Ireti messed up my life and did not only shatter my emotions and stole from me, she also made me to hurt the only girl I cherished so much.
I don't even know where Sandra is or how to find her.
Her number isn't going.
I'm going crazy here.
Ireti finished me up. Her hurt eat deep into me and I began to wish is all a bad dream.
If Ireti stabbed me openly I would have seen my physical wounds and sort ways to nurse it.
But this wound is internal and I don't know if I will ever recover from this hurt and pain that have come to take a dwelling in my heart.
I don't know if I will ever get over it all.


burgundy Episode 13

©Amah's Heart

I could not hold back myself from knowing why Ireti could do such to me. I have try to wave it off but I Just kept falling deeper into depression.
Ireti's Papi was arrested and later interrogated and he said he knows nothing about what Ireti did.
He actually thought she bought the shoe and aquarium for him, he wasn't aware that it was stolen.
He wanted to return everything back to me but all I needed was Just my aquarium which was sent back to me immediately.
Ireti's Papi had already wore the burgundy shoe and there's no way I could have it back.
And I refused to collect compensation of any kind.
I decided to let it all go and Ireti was bailed out.
Even after all this, the trouble in my heart refuses to go.
Sandra's number became reachable but she refused to pick my calls or reply my messages.
She will read several of my messages and ignore.
One day Musa came to inform me that Ireti was at the gate.
I asked him never to let her in, to avoid risking his job in the process.
She remained outside my gate and refused to go and I totally ignored.
Even though I still want to understand why the lady i treated so well, the lady I had a big time crush on and was ready to tolerate all her bagages, I overlooked her bulshit behaviour and even hurt an innocent lady in the process, I never knew she was a wolf in sheep clothing. I wanted to understand why she will hurt me so much.
What if I have gotten married to her because of her beauty and supposed class and she ended up killing me and claiming all the important documents that my dad, Martin Snr left in my care. All the property entrusted to me would have been hers if that had happened.
What if i wasn't so careful and she became pregnant for me. How do i explained that to my parents and even Live with myself.
As much as I'm glad that none of that happened, I still can't place a finger why Ireti, who I was ready to do anything for will steal from me. Not just an ordinary thing but my aquarium and the shoe I cherished most.
When she told me I had the same size with her Papi and she will do a replica or something close to my burgundy shoe for her Papi's birthday present, I thought it was a compliment and i felt thrilled thinking her Papi was her father.
I Never knew it was all in her plans to steal it, she was only waiting for a perfect time to do so and when the chance presented itself, she grabbed it.
Ireti hanged it on the neck of an innocent Sandra. She abused, insulted and humiliated the poor girl. the most sad thing is that I joined her in tagging Sandra a thief.
I don't know if I will ever be free from the guilt of all I did to Sandra.
She was unjustly accused of a wrong she never committed. Will she ever forgive me?
Ireti kept coming to the house but she was locked out.
I blocked her every means of reaching me.
As I was coming back from work one day, I saw her sitting outside my gate.
I stepped down from my car and she approached.
" If you don't stop coming here or anywhere close to me...I will get you arrested again and lock you up for good this time.
I said angrily to her.
" Mart, please hear me out first. I'm sorry...I regret everything I did to you. I know you loved me but I took it all for granted. I can't sleep at night or do anything anymore. All I want to do is to plead and let you know that if I'm given another chance I won't mess it up, I promise. I will do anything you want me to do. Anything!
She wiped a tear. I relaxed back on my car and kept watching her hypocrite ashen face.
She began speaking again.
"...Let me tell you the real truth about me and Papi. I promise that I won't hold back anything. I'm from the middle class family but Papi makes me feel like I got it all and I became the envy of my friends. Papi's wife found out that he has a side chick and left him with their son. He went begging her and she later returned. I decided to play cool and not be the reason of a broken home but Papi will not let me be. He showered me with different gifts and when the wife found out about us again for the third time she left him for good, seek for the custody of their son and finally divorced Papi. I was there for him and I promised never to leave him because I was the reason why his wife left him. He loves me and I sincerely loves him too. He bought me a car and furnished an apartment for me. I have been wanting to show him how much I appreciate his kind gestures, how much I care and love him but I couldn't come up with any perfect gift to do that. His birthday was coming and I kept thinking of what gift to get for him. Papi loves shoes and when I saw you at the wedding party, I fell in love with the shoe you wore. I had never seen anything like it before. When I visited you and saw the aquarium it was another beautiful thing I haven't seen before and the perfect idea came to settle on my head. At first I wanted to do another type of it and present it to Papi but it will never be like the original. I checked your wardrobe if there's another thing to add but I couldn't lay my hands on anything. I settled with the shoe and aquarium. I took the polish first and was looking for a perfect time to take the main shoe. I have tried to become Papi's baby mama but I don't know why I couldn't conceive for him and I try to make you do it ... to make out with you raw so that I can conceive for Papi but you refused to go raw with me and chose to use condom instead and I kept hoping. Just maybe I will fall pregnant and it will be a compensation to Papi for loosing his son to his ex wife. All I have ever done is to make the only man that cared deeply about me even after loosing his family he sticks with me, all I wanted was to make him happy. We planned to get married but he had too much expenses, paying for child care and many other things after loosing in the court case. I didn't want to bother him much with my extravagant lifestyle. I decided to make you do the expenses for me. I'm sorry that you are a victim in all of this. Papi is seriously angry with me right now and said I betrayed him. He doesn't even want to see me anymore but all I ever did was for his happiness. Just to prove my royalty and love for him but now he refused to see me or listen to the reasons behind my actions. Mart, I'm deeply sorry for making you a victim in all of this and I hope someday you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm ready to do anything to prove to you that I regret everything I did. I did it all for Papi because he really spoilt me with money and gifts and went through divorce all because of me. If you ever give me a second chance, I promise not to disappoint you. Forgive me Mart. Papi is very angry with me bec....
My hands where in akimbo style, my body was resting on my car as I listen to Ireti's story.
She was still talking when I interrupted and began clapping my hands.
" you deserve an accolade for such a sweet story. Very interesting one. Your story want to make me cry...oh mine. You will make a fine actress with this stories of yours. I have heard your fantastic tale is time to take your leave Ireti. Now, listen to me for the last time, never in your life or your next life smell near this house. If you ever come an inch close to me I will lock you up for real this time.... and I mean every word of locking you up.
I went into my car and honk for Musa to open the gate. I drove in leaving Ireti standing outside.
She's indeed a selfish fool. Using me all along to please her stupid Papi. Can you imagine the nonsense. With all her beauty yet she can't put her brain to a good use.
I really do not want to think about her because I gets more angry when I do so.
After knowing the reasons behind her actions, I feel Like I wasted 15minutes of my life listening to that bulshit story of hers.
I have looked through Sandra's CV to get her house address, gone to the said address that I got from her CV and was told she no longer lives there. She moved out long time ago.
I asked if they have an idea of where she maybe but nobody does.
I even called the number she put as reference but it was switched off.
Despite Sandra's number was going and I have sent several apology messages to her WhatsApp, called, text but she refused to respond and later blocked me from reaching her.
I wish I know where she is, I still wished I can see her face to face.
I have tried all means and exhausted all ideas of reaching her. I finally resulted to fate.
I planned to fly out of this country to join my people abroad.
So tired of everything here and needed fresh air.
Everything is becoming suffocating and I get deeper into thinking, loneliness and sadness.
Is time to plan my next move and leave this country for good.
Maybe with that I will be able to start all over again and this time I will never take a good girl for granted. Neither will I allow myself to be deceived with a woman's appearance.
I got a message on my phone one day with an unknown number and it was same Ireti begging for a second chance and kept promising not to ever take it for granted.
I shakes my head sadly and blocked the number again.
I woke up one morning with another message from unknown number. When I opened it was same Ireti. She was threatening to kill herself if I don't see her.
"She is a psychopath..."
I said to the quiet room
I continued with my plans to travel out and still hopes Ireti doesn't kill herself because all her hustle to secure royalty with Papi will all be in vain.
Papi's ex wife and child she kicked out of their main home, all the effort she put in doing such will be in vain if she dies.
I Just hope she doesn't kill herself but I will never give a lady like her another chance in my life.
Once beaten twice shy!


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