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BURGUNDY Episode 11


burgundy Episode 11

©Amah's Heart

I called Ireti's number and she picked.

" Baby, my aquarium is missing, my burgundy shoes has been exchanged with some crapy shoe. I was told you came over and took them... why did you do such?

She screamed into my ears.
" Me???...who told you that? A whole me... C'mon my love, I'm too big for such. Who is that unfortunate and useless fool that lied with my name? I came to the house just briefly to check if you were around when I couldn't get you over the phone. I'm even surprise that you came back without informing me. I guess you planned to get back at me for not informing you when I returned from Dubai. My love, you should know me of all people... why will I take stuffs like that when I can afford mine. My Papi got money and he gives me everything I want. The enemy is within you.... the thief is living in your house and I will help you expose her... I'm coming right away to do that. She can not escape this... you accommodated a deadly thief without knowing. I'm coming to your place...I will personally deal with that thief myself...

The call ended and I sat hard on the ground, holding my head.
I looked over at Sandra and looked away.

" I left my house in your care Sandra...what sort of rubbish explanation are you giving me. My aquarium and shoe disappeared and you are telling me you don't know...

I said, trying to control my anger but I just can't help shouting at her.

" Sir, you can go ahead and ask Musa. He was around and saw madam Ireti. Nobody can come in here and take something away, Musa said she was the one...if you doubt me ask him...

I stood angrily from the ground. my phone was ringing, when I checked the caller it was my Mum. I ignored and turned to her.

" Ireti cannot steal from me. She has everything and her father is well to do. What is wrong with your head. Are you stupid? How do you expect me to believe what Musa said? Musa is your friend, he will defend you...I don't believe this bulshit story your giving me Sandra. I don't. But my shoe cannot go missing, my aquarium that was in this house before you came cannot just disappear. I will not take this nonsense story of yours...no, I won't.

My phone was ringing for the fourth time.

It was my dad this time.

" Hello Dad...

" Are you alright Martin Jr? Your mother have been calling but you aren't picking up. We were worried and wanted to know if you have gotten to your house safely.

" Yes dad... I'm home.

I wanted the call to end right away because I wasn't in a perfect mood for it. My dad gave the phone to my Mum.

" You got me worried son, you promised to call immediately you arrived, waited for your call but nothing came in. Is everything okay?..

" Yes Mum, I'm fine just a little busy and I will talk to you later. Stop worrying over me all the time, I'm not a child Mum. I'm alright...yes, I am. Talk to you later... have to go now....bye.

I ended the call, threw my phone over a chair and walk out to the sitting room. I asked Sandra to leave my room until Ireti arrives.
I went out and called Musa, I asked him who came in my absence and he repeated the same thing Sandra said. Putting at Ireti as the big madam that came during my absence.

I wasn't expecting him to say otherwise. I guess he was trying to defend Sandra, his friend.

I went back inside and couldn't just sit still. I walk to my room and started examining the shoe again.
The person that exchange my shoe with a fake one was a pure criminal. The creative designs on the fake shoe was not properly done when I took a closer look at it. The heel wasn't even equal, one was bigger than the other. The body wasn't crafted well like my main shoe but the mistakes are not easily dictated but it becomes so obvious with a close look.

Ireti finally arrived.

" Oh my gosh... that beautiful aquarium that I admire so much. I haven't even come across it anywhere. even your burgundy shoe. Ah...ah... this is very serious my love. I told you I wanted to make something similar for my Papi's birthday and I did, I presented the one I made to him during his birthday party...he was so happy. Why will Sandra do this...

I looked at her, Sandra who stood at a far end wore a straight face. She didn't cry or argue. She just stood staring at Ireti angrily.

Ireti move to her, calling her names. Yet Sandra did not react.
" Sandra you are a big thief...a criminal. That's what you are and I will make sure that you are arrested. You must provide those things you stole. I warned Mart about you but he won't listen, now look at the outcome. I'm always right because my instincts never fails me. Sandra the criminal. You planned with your street boyfriend to rob your boss house while he was away. You planed to sell off his expensive property to enrich yourself. Your plans has failed. You are a wicked Witch. All those your stupid, wretched boyfriend that joined you to commit such crime will be exposed.

When Ireti mentioned Sandra's boyfriend I quickly remembered Jeff. Yes Jeff was Sandra's boyfriend and Ireti maybe right
I looked at Sandra, more anger forming in my mind.

" How could you Sandra? I asked moving closer to her.

Ireti began to shout.

" Mart I told you about this girl but you won't listen. I think I told you...now see the result. She's a criminal and she must provide everything she has stolen. Call the police and get her arrested. They will make her confess to the crime and with that her other accomplice will be apprehended. Call the police Mart.... call them now.

I sat back on a chair. Ireti clapped her hand on Sandra's face, she tore her clothes and kept humiliating her. Sandra struggled with Ireti as her clothes was been torn.

Ireti gave her two resounding slap that echoes in the house.

Sandra staggered back and held her chick in pain. I thought she will retaliate but she didn't. A tear dropped down her face and she quickly wiped them off.
Ireti's long nails gave Sandra a cut on her face.

I called Ireti to stop. She shouldn't take laws into her hands.

Ireti kept urging me to call the police but I chose not to.
Ireti who was angrily boiling even more than me.

She went over Sandra again.

"Poverty stinking fool like you. So after stealing and selling off your boss property you paint it on me....eehh! You are shedding crocodile tears. We can't be deceived. Since Mart do not want to press charges on you then I I will deal with you until you confess. I will video you, take your pictures and Share on Instagram and Facebook...all the social media, alerting people to beware of the kind of person they employ as maids...I don't want another person to fall victim to your scam. Sandra, I will make you go viral for the criminal that you are. I promised to deal with you and I will make sure of it.

Ireti try to slap her again but Sandra held Ireti's hand tight.

" If you dare...I mean if your name is Ireti and you strike me again...hmmm. I will beat you Ireti. I will so much beat you until you pass out. Don't dare me. I have taken enough of all this accusation. You can call me names and humiliate me but don't hit me again. I have had enough of your nonsense and will not take any further from you.

Sandra pushed Ireti aside and she crashed on the ground like a feather and quickly got up.

" Mart, did you hear her? This fool want to beat me... did you see what she Just did to me? Mart get her arrested. Is because you aren't doing anything that's why she got wings to challenge me. Mart go and beat her up, show her the real Man in you. You are not to be messed with or Call the police...
Ireti picked up her phone and try to video Sandra.

I stood from where I sat and collected the phone from her.

" Enough of this Ireti. I'm in pain, disappointed and hurt. I love my aquarium and my burgundy shoe, they gives me joy but they are both gone. I'm trying to think and get over it all. stop worsening it Ireti. I'm not calling the police... because
I don't want Sandra to be arrested. I will rather dismiss her. Please, no pictures or videos. Let her be... stop all this crazy drama. I'm tired... Really tired. I don't understand why Sandra will want to do such to me. What for...

I turned and face Sandra.

"... Sandra, if you needed money you could have asked me. Why will you sell off the things I cherish most and replaced my shoe with a fake one. That's criminal act and I can get you arrested for it...

Sandra interrupted.

" You want to get me arrested for a crime I did not commit then go ahead. Why do you conclude that I stole the things you cherished most? And why will I want to do such? Why do you point an accusing finger at me? Is it because I work for you as a help, or because you thought I'm not from a rich home, my father is an ordinary man unlike your woman's "Papi". Is it because I depends on you for survival, I don't have a say because I'm a nobody and Ireti, who's father is wealthy is far more important and she is not capable of committing such crimes. She can't steal or hurt a fly. why did you conclude that I stole the aquarium and shoe? I was crying earlier because I hate injustice. I thought you will be wise enough to deferentiate the truth from lies. But you are too gullible Mart..."

I was shock, Sandra actually called me by name.

Ireti took over the action.
" Mart she actually called your name... did you hear what she Just said? this girl have developed wings because she saw that you are not taking her crime up. What a disrespect from a pure criminal. Big thief... you and your boyfriend or your brother, whoever you planed this with will be exposed. You people will rot in jail. I will personally make sure of that.

Sandra took few steps at Ireti. There was this strong authority in her voice as she speaks.

" You called him Mart, so why shouldn't I? I addressed him with "sir" because he was my boss but I'm criminal to him now and before my judgement let me speak out my mind and await my arrest. Talking about arresting my brother or boyfriend... the only man that's in my life and we are inseparable is Jeff and he is a cop in Canada. We spoke most night when he is not on duty... Jeffrey....

Ireti suddenly hushed her to keep quiet.

" Shush...shush your mouth. Keep quiet there before thunder strikes you. Who dash you somebody in Canada? A common church rat like you. You are a criminal from the slump. Who are you to say you have somebody living in abroad. Hahahaha, this girl is damn funny. So apart from stealing you also have grades in lying. You are standing there running your dirty mouth and speaking English, all this will not save you. I will make sure that you are arrested, lock up and the key will be thrown into the sea... let me see how your imaginary cop friend or whoever he is will save you from the fake Canada he reside. Stupid fool like you...I will deal with you until you return all that you stole in this house. If not that my sweetheart stopped me from making a video eeh, the whole world would have known that you are a criminal. A big tag will be attached to your name and you will be ruined forever...

In the beginning Sandra was crying and looks afraid but suddenly she looked like she was ready for a fight and even dares Ireti to carry on her threats. She was unafraid and bold.

Ireti's finger gave her mark on the face, which was obvious now. her clothes was still thorn but she did not care.

Could it be because of her so called boyfriend that lives in Canada, who happens to be a police guy. I don't care about who she has because if I decided to take her case up she won't escape from my hands.

I thought Sandra was a good girl and I almost make the worst mistake of my life by trying to break up with Ireti and declaring my feelings for Sandra. I'm glad I didn't, I would have regretted it.
Sandra was filled with pretense and I felt worst within myself falling for somebody like her emotionally.

I don't have the heart to watch her get hurt I could have called the police and they will make her confess to where my burgundy shoe is and who she sold my aquarium to but my heart won't let me hurt her.

" Please Leave my house and never smell near here. You are not even Sorry for what you did. You have the gut to challenge me and my woman. I expected you to go on your knees and cry for forgiveness but instead you stand there daring me. Get the hell out of here... employing you was a mistake that I will forever regret because I may not be able to find my aquarium or my treasured shoe again...

I said angrily at Sandra who started walking inside to pick her things. Ireti turned to me.

" Are you going to let her go just like that without arresting her? Mart, do you have a soft spot on her or you have slept with her before? Why aren't you beating her up and breaking her head? Why are you not calling the police to come and pick her up? Why did you stop me from taking her pictured and videoing her so that I can share on social media? Why Mart... she's a criminal and deserved to be tortured. You saw how she dares me, talk back at me without fear even pushed me to the ground. Mart you saw everything and you decided to let her go like that... what is wrong with you? You are supposed to beat the truth out of her not let her go scot-free....

I was too tired to reply Ireti. The pain of loosing my shoe was so heavy on my chest that I felt like smashing everything on sight but I remained seated and pulled my head back. Trying to breath to calm my raging heart. I looked over where my aquarium used to be and screamed out. I punched the chair that I was sitting on, trying to suppress my pain that rages like war in my heart.

Sandra came out with her bags. I watch Ireti rush to her.

Ireti dragged the bag out of her hand, rushed to the door and threw it outside.

Sandra stooped and looked at me with a frown and unexplainable pain in her eyes.

" The truths will never be hidden forever, it will finds its way out someday and I pray that it will be soon. Soon the hidden lies will be exposed. God will vindicate me and when that happens don't come looking for me because I will be gone for good...

Ireti have already threw almost all of Sandra's things outside. Calling her names as Sandra walk to the door.

" Pastor Mrs Sandra the gold digger we have heard you... Leave oo. Criminal...thief..ole ooo. Go to your church and give Thanksgiving that Mart decided to let you go after stealing his most treasured property. he didn't beat you or get you arrested, you walked out free... just go and thank your God but remember everyday is for the thief one day will be for the owner of the house. Bastard Criminal from the slump may thunder strikes you dead as you leave... nonsense....

Sandra walked out and that was the end of her.

Days turned into weeks then month but the pain of everything refused to go.

I was becoming more angry and sad. I threw off the fake shoe. I hate the sight of it. It reminds me of my precious burgundy that I try to forget. I even wanted to ask my uncle in UK to send another burgundy shoe, if possible the same type he sent before but on a second thought I did not.

I'm so hurt because of my obsession for the shoe. I just want to forget and move on.

Ireti was more loving than before but after sometimes she told me she wasn't interested in our relationship anymore because I was acting as if I miss Sandra more than my stolen properties and more than everything else.

I pleaded for her to stay and promise to show her more care and love than before. I needed somebody around me and I didn't want Ireti to leave me because of Sandra.

Ireti decided not to be coming over to my place everytime with the excuse of doing something for Papi. I did notcomplain.

I visited my parents before they travelled. I was the one that drove them to the airport and bid them goodbye.

I wish I was traveling with them, maybe with that I will be able to forget everything but I Just chose to stay.

I continued tidying my house whenever I'm free. I refused to employ another help when Ireti urged me to do so.

I don't have time to cook everytime so I resulted to ordering food or eating in my favourite restaurant. I take my cloths to the dry cleaners and do the little I can.
I missed Sandra's cooking and the way she carefully cleans my house.

Even though I hate to admit that I truly miss her but sometimes I wish I will come home to meet my food on the dining, my cloths washed, ironed and put carefully away. The house feeling so fresh and smelling so nice. Sandra was good with many things unlike Ireti but Ireti Will never steal from me or hurt me.

Well, so I thought until she came around one day. While she was in the shower her phone was ringing.

I was closed to it. Ireti usually carry her phone everywhere even to the toilet and I did not really put my mind to it.

I respect people's privacy and expect the same.

When her phone rang, I looked up from what I was doing on my laptop and saw that Papi was calling her.

I wanted to inform her but she wouldn't hear me because of the shower noise.

After three miss calls, few moment later a message came in and it was from Papi.

I looked at it again, blinked severally just to be sure of the name sending such message.
I picked up the phone and the message was on the screen because the phone was passworded.

" My fine wine I'm still waiting for your nude sexy pics tonight. Honey, I wish you are here to grind me hard as usual, I can't sleep, I need you in my arms".

That was what I read.

yes, exactly that message came from Papi.

Isn't Papi Ireti's father again? Or I'm I dreaming? What's going on? Or is there two Papis? I don't understand, why will "Papi" send such message to my woman. I mean why?

Another message came in, I took a quick peep because I can hear Ireti coming out of the bathroom but I couldn't see it. The lock screen covered it.

I was shock, real shock and kept thinking to myself.
Ireti came out of the bathroom and rushed to her phone.

"Oh my gosh. I forgot to take my phone along. oh Papi called me...
I watch her in silent as she tries to unlock her phone with her finger print. Only her finger print can unlock her phone.

I haven't taken notice of that except now because I wanted to come to the root of why Papi will send such kind of message to her.
I stayed far from the phone and pretend to be busy with my laptop.

She took the phone back to the bathroom and later came out after sometimes.

She smiled to me and I returned a fake smile back to her.

The only thing in my head right now is for her to sleep and I will lay my hands on her phone to know who Papi really is.

Who could be Papi sending such dirty message to Ireti. Is definitely not her father, then who is he?
I bent my head on my laptop and pretend to be busy but my heart was racing with speed.

I'm waiting for a perfect time, when Ireti will be asleep, I want to dig and find out who is really "Papi"

I'm so curious right now.


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