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BLOOD BATH - Last Episode


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 30

©Cal Empéror

(The World Is Safe)

Cal's POV
I am Agent Harper From the FBI, you have been granted federal immunity, as all charges against a murderer has been dropped you are free to Go!!!

Agent Harper said to me as he unlocked the cuff on my hands, as I walked through the Precinct I saw my friends my team.

They all ran towards me including Gray they were happy I was finally released from the police net after being reprimanded for the murder of Arvin in the very eyes of the police.

This is over now!!! I said
Yea you saved the world from the siege Gray said!!

What do you have with you? I asked gesturing towards the small briefcase in his hand.

You mind taking a guess?

You know guessing is not my thing
Sure I do!! Here is an Invitation from the CIB to become the new leader Of the IMF team!!!
Alongside  yourfriends, you know your uncle was the one that occupied that position before he was killed!!!

Now you don't mean it?? I asked Gray looking at his eyes for any sign of Jokes but hell he was serious, Likewise the others!
I am not Cal you deserve it!!!
Whoa I was very happy!! I took the briefcase from him and opened it at once and there it was in white sheet!

Yea!!!!!!? I scream, I am CIB!!! I was so happy.

Now don't get carried away boy the General wants to meet with you in two hours!

Few hours later I sat in an exotic hotel in the midst of The General and Gray!!

The General was a nice man he seems to be so fond of me and he commended my display of bravery!

I smiled. one look at the TV in hotel I saw my face on the TV screen , I seem to be carried away by the fascinating things the newscaster was saying.

Oh that? It's all over the world now! You really don't know what you have just done, anyways Welcome to the Impossible Mission Force of the CIB the general said and took his leave.

Can you take me somewhere? I asked Gray!

Anywhere boy!

Good let's go to the morgue!
Gray followed me to the morgue I saw my dead parents, I had their burial be fixed, the same date as Humphrey's.

The police have been able to break into hive after Arvin's death, they found out A few agents there including Spirrow, they had them arrested and Jailed while Humphrey's Body was retrieved from the morgue.

The burial ceremony was conducted under rain, I never planned for it to rain that day, but it did anyways and it did had it significance.

The mayor and other stakeholders of Vernica city were present, including Mr Thomas, Paul's dad
Lisa had cried her eyes out on Humphrey's Corpse as she dropped her flowers, her tributes were cut short by her tears but I stood to help her to her seat.
That night we all entered the CIB's Plane and back to China.

I have some unfinished business with snow, it is to get married to her and we can make babies

The End!!

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