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BLOOD BATH - Episode 10


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 10

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

I sat at the office going through some files, and assigning some of the agents on special duties, our plan of taking out the mayor's family was on hold, because the mayor had since the death of Mr Henry doubled his security details.

And for the Little boy Cal, he was no longer hidden from us I knew he was living with Neil.

When Beth was working under the Henry's family company, she had made mention of Neil as Henry's younger brother she said they both were willed the company by their father, and Neil stayed away in China he never participated in the activities of the company, beth didn't tell me what Neil was doing in China, I made sheriff run a background search and history on Neil.

Few hours later I was still waiting for sheriff's report when an encrypted number buzzed my phone, I picked up at once, I knew who was calling.

I feed the 7 with the latest development, they were pleased and asked me to forge ahead to get the desired results, no matter what it may cost.

As I dropped the call, a gentle tap landed on the door.

Come in I said.

Sir!! sheriff called but only signaled him to go ahead without raising my head from the desk.

I figured a little from the Neil you asked me to check up on, he continued.

Yea go on I said this time looking up at him

I was able to gather that he is a special undercover agent of the China intelligence bureau CIB. He said shocking me.

What?? I asked as bead of sweats gathered on my forehead.

Yes sir, Only but a few people knows about this. He has a clean sheet record, and the most deadliest of the intelligence bureau.

Oh I said, What about his location?

From homeland I was able to track him in Qingdao, but I guess the CIB noticed a breach on their server so the upgraded it quickly and knocked me off.

Hmm nice Intel though, I commended him.

Get the men, we storm China tonight I said to him, soon the whole agents at hive gather at the underground hall, I assigned Team Alpha for the Job while Team Zero was an attachment backup.
Team alpha consists of 12 deadly spy, if there was anything like ‘‘world-class-c
lean-sheet’’ only the alpha team performs that, every mission assigned to them we carried out without flaws. Sheriff led the alpha group so I knew I could count on them on this one.

I watched as they filed into the four choppers at the helipad and the helicopter took off.

I went back to my office after the have gone and I sat to think, I had wish for the success of the mission, I wanted us to end this war, so the 7 can build up a new earth that will be void of stress and pain, a world where robots will live among humans and carry out our every duty, interbreeds of human and robots, will fill a portion of they earth, they will be half metal, half human (metalhumans).

I kept on running through those euphoric thoughts when something that seems very cool crosses my mind.

Since Lisa is all I have got, why don't I teach her to become as strong as me I reasoned.

But how do I approach her with this? She is very fragile.

I thought.

Ever since the night with Snovas, my relationship with her has blossom, I couldn't risk the chance of not seeing her a day, same way I have grown fond of Smart, we both tag along and an inseparable bond formed between us.

Are you seeing any girl in this school already? Smart asked me one day, as we were walking home from school.

Uhmm Yea I said as he gave a funny look.

What?? I asked as the grinning look was getting wider.

Nothing really, is just that I have not giving you the permission to date dumbass.

You must be mad, are you my father?

No Dear I can't be a father to a fool like you, he said and took to his heel when he saw me charging towards him.

I caught up with him and gave him a friendly punch and we erupted in laughter.

So who is she? He finally asked, and I was proud to tell him who she was.

Hmm he said as his mood dropped.

If you are with Snovas them we are done nigga he said, though smart was a Chinese boy, he speaks his English like an American and resonating from his Chinese accent, the English sounded very sweet, and that was one of the reason in liked him.
What do you mean Smart I asked as he pulled away from me.I tried to grab his arm but it was already in the air.

Wait I said and he stopped walking.

What's your thing with my sweet snow? I asked
Hmm You see man you might think she's one of us, but she one of them, if you guys are really dating then she is deceiving you.

How do you mean and who is the ‘‘Them’’ you are talking about.
I am talking about Van, Snovas is Van's girlfriend, and I hate her so much for befriending that bully, he said shocking me, my spirit dropped.

I didn't care whether what he said was the truth, I was heartbroken Snow deceived me was all my heart and my head could tell, I brushed past him without saying a word and hurried my way home.
A tears dropped, as I got closer and closer to my uncle's mansion, when I got in I saw my munching popcorn as he sat on the sofa watching TV, I did walked briskly past him and up to my room with out saying a word.

He only shook his head as I felt his eyes followed me up till I was out of sight.

Up in my room I was raged, I couldn't tell how my heart Churned and beat faster, I laid hold of my pillow and threw it hard to the wall.

For a while I was calm, why will she deceive me? She made me to love her, I was always excited at the thoughts of her, I was always happy around her, and she too she she she…. She acts same way around me, was she acting up? If she was, then she is a very good actor, why didn't she tell me about her relationship with Van, maybe I never asked about her previous relationship, that was why she never mentioned anything like that to me.

Many thought ran through my head, as I heard a gentle tap on my door.

Go away I don't wanna talk I yelled at the door.

Come eat son you've been in there for over 3hrs now, whatever it is it will heal just give it time he said.
I didn't answer.

After a few try with soothing words and the door was still locked, he walked away.

I slept without food that night.
The next morning I had been a little better, I prepared myself for school, I thought about Smart, I didn't part well with him the previous day, while in the bathroom, I'd resolved that I will apologise to him and for the girl Snovas who has made me miserable, I will ignore and avoid her in any way I can.

That morning as I got to school, I sat on my desk, only a few students were on ground, the class was sparsely populated, only four boys were chattering at the back seat.

I focused my gazed to a particular spot, as I was lost in my own world of thoughts, I was oblivious of what was going on around me, except for the boys arguing at the back.

When I found Snovas I had been so engrossed with her that I temporarily forgot about the tragedy that took my parents life she filled that vacuum, but she was all a lie. What I felt for her was unusual, but she's not who I think she is, she was Van the bullies girlfriend, what if they had broken up or Smart wasn't saying the truth? There was no proof or something.

Smart might be right but I Love Snow.

Soon I felt a hand on my back tapping me, I looked up, it was Vanessa,
I tried to wipe off a few trickles that has clouded my eyes.

Hey Fred are you ok?

Yea sure,
So why are you wiping your eyes if you are she asked.

Well I was lost in reveries and it contained emotional thoughts.
Hmm, she sighed
Yea I replied, Just then the bell went out and we went out to the hall, as I walked beside her, we had crossed path with Snovas on the hallway, she waved an I did act as if I didn't see her and she called.

Hey Fred!! I had stopped on my track I did look her up in the eyes and walked away, I could tell she was embraced as a few students who had notice laughed at her.

How do you see Neil been a CIB agent and nobody knows about it?
Is Cal's reaction to Snovas the best.


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