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BLOOD BATH - Episode 9


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 9

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

Walking my way from Snovas family's castle back to my uncles mansion was a bit long walk.
At some point I had begin to feel uneasy, as I felt a trailing presence, I'd looked back, but I didn't see anyone, but my mind kept telling me I was been watched, so I hasten my steps to avoid the unforseen dangers that were lurking.

Ever since the new dude Fred crossed my path and blessing me with a punctured head wound, I had tried to keep my tab on him, I watched him that evening, as he strodded to the mall.
Oh shit, I saw him walking out with Snovas.

This boy's got some nerve I caused, as I started my car and followed them, they were oblivious of my trail, I followed them to Snovas family's house, I watched him go inside, and after about 45mins he had come out with Snovas clutching to the door post, there was some romantic air between them.

I cursed as I noticed the tension between the two.


Did you spend centuries getting a collar and leash for your stray dog??

I yelled at Cal as he entered the house.

Am sorry uncle he said with all air of remorse.

What had kept you?

I saw some friend from my school at the mall and decided to hang out with them.

Hmm don't stay out late again except on training days when I am with you, you know the dangers of staying out late. I advised as the boy went up to his room with his dog tagging along him.

Uncle Neil had scold me, as my dog purred when it noticed my presence, I had apologised and he was cool, uncle neil is the best uncle in the world, he was always cool with me, and always find a simple way of correcting my flaws.

I love him so much just as he do love me, I can't deny that fact, because the look on his eyes anytime he scolds me we cold and clouded with affections.

I went up my room and attached the collar to the dog and hung the leash while it sat close to me in bed.

I reminisce what had happened at snovas home, her family was a peaceful one, I ain't making comparison, but I could admit that there was no hive chasing after them, at some point I had even felt pity for the human race, only if they knew what was ahead!
Still deep in thought Lisa had crept into my heart, as her thought filled my head, I had tried to compare, But what I felt for her was nothing compared to Snovas, snovas's occupied a bigger portion of my heart, I reasoned what I felt for Lisa was made infatuation. I have moved on to a new environment, she might still be wallow in the news of my death, so she could move on in a couple of months if she's not already, so I felt no guilt.

At school I had proven to be a scholar, and I was making wave, now no more snubbing people were now making friend with me.

You know you made a great impression in class yesterday I heard from my back, I turned to see Paul shoving his way along the crowd in the hallway to catch up with me.

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Oh Impression? I asked.

Yea see how much friends you've made he said while I smiled. We headed for our locker, and just as I opened it a fluid like substance sprawled out with forces and splattered on my face and over my shirt, it was blue ink, inside the locker was a mess, as the ink had covered the whole base.

Goddamnit!!! I cursed as I looked out in shame, by now students were now watching, I looked up to see Smart suffering the same fate as me!!

And just then we heard a voice it was a familiar one, Van!!!

Hey new dude, you know I told you to watch your back in this school now look how messed up you are he said laughing why the other students who had gathered to watch laughed too.

Leave me alone!!!!!

I heard Smart screamed as he charged towards him and his goons. And just as he got to where van was, van shoved him back and he fell to the ground.

I rushed over to smart still in rage, I stoop to see if he was alright, he was groaning, and I stood up and charged towards him.

Hey hey calm down Fred you wanna fight he asked, I didn't reply him.

How was you night with Snovas last night did she Fuck you doggy?

He said while my rage increased, I had dealt him a blow already, but I remembered my uncles warning and dropped I leaned forward to him and snarled.

You know you told me you don't play basketballl, now there is something in basketball called quick reflex, I know very much you don't know how to play, now be a good boy and take a step backwards.

I let my hand drop and walked off while the crowd booed me.
I went to my friend and we walked away.

The 7 leaders of Death Hive gathered around a table, as they were seen making deliberations on the next phase of their world destruction projects.

They seem to be making headway, till they touched the part that concerns the stimulant chip.

Humphrey had reported to them about the recent discovery of the boy location, they'd discussed at length before putting a call across to Vernica City.


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