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BLOOD BATH - Episode 8


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 8

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

Tic-Tok Tic-Tok Tic-Tok. the alarm rang, Today is Monday I hurried out of the bed, it was 5am I had to get Lisa up so she could be ready for school.

I entered inside her room she was sleeping soundlessly, what a beauty I muttered under my breath, as I reach out to her, and tap her gently on her arm.

After a few tap she had woken up.
Hey Dad she greet!

Hi I replied, and she took off the pillow and shove it right on my face. I did drag the pillow too and hit her delicate skin, and we erupted in laughter the pillow fight reminded me so much of beth, in the early years of our marriage she had come to me every morning in my room and we had fight with the pillows, we will laugh heartily, while I request a cup of coffee and she will tease me about not brushing my teeth..
You are Just like beth I said.

Oh my mum! she replied You know dad you always say that, why don't you tell me more about her apart from she died at my birth.

And as she made those statement, my spirit dropped.

Hmm not today Lisa, Why don't you go get ready for school I said to her, making sure she doesn't notice my countenance.

By 7am I dropped her off at school, and headed to the Hive mall.

I did responded to everyone that greeted me at the mall section of the building as I went straight to the secret door, I unlocked the door and entered the cozy blue hall. Every since the unknown guy who came to rescue the boy hacked through the door to get inside the organization, I had made sure that the lock of the door be given proper high tech modification the door was upgraded to body sensation lock, no hacktivist will ever be able to hack the door. As I stepped into my office Sheriff Our Computer geek, had come to brush me up on the latest discovery, He said he has been able to locate a signal directing to the country where the boy resides but he was still having a problem as to the exact place in China.

China you say? I ask eargerly
Yes sir!!

Oh gracious I think I know where he is now I said as realization hit me.

I have taken Cal's training up a bit, I had not only trained him on how to defend him self with martial art skill, I had made the training very tense such that at some point the boy would break, but I wasn't having it cool on him till I had given him a hard punch that I expected will catch his nose and rather break it, but Cal had followed the quick reflex rule and ducked, before I could say Jack, he launched an upper cut on my jaw, I was quick to wave it up with my sticking index and thumb finger, he was shocked I could use just two fingers to wave of his blow, but cleverly enough the boy didn't allow the shock to distract him, he took my hands in the air and twisted it such that it hurts so much but I couldn't wince or groan because I never wanted to give him the impression that I was been hurt by his move I noticed his rib was open to me, as he was still twisting my right hand I did launch a blow at the rib and he let go off my hand.

Arrrggggghhh he screamed.
I watched as he stood up attacking me with a flying kick to my face but I had spin and roll on the ground tripping his other legs but he's got strong stamina, he used the other leg to launch a heavy kick on my face that left my vision blur for a while.

As I regain consciousness I commended him.

More like it boy!!

He has proven to be strong not all boys of his age could take the things he had gone through, he lost his parents, and now he is training hard, I knew deep down he was training for vengeance.
I taught him a few hack tricks and breaking codes.

I had trained him to be just like the Spy I was, at night we had gone to some places that were quite risky to go and we had continued our training, some of those places were Scary looking bridges, Swamps and Snow mountains, Qingdao was covered majorly with oceans and deep seas.

The boy proved worthy of those trainings.

I had continued to train as my uncle was very brutal with me, but I hadn't stopped going to school, neither did I stop crossing path with Snovas, she would wink and sometimes blow kisses.

One day I was stuck in a mall checking out leash I wanted to get for my pet dog, I did buy a collar, and a strong leash.

I finish paying the cashier and made to turn towards the exit, when I bump on someone.
Oh Sorry is I said looking up to see who it was

You'd better watch…. She made to say when I called her name.


We said spontaneously.

Am sorry I wasn't looking.

Oh, You live around here? She asked!

No! I replied but not far.

Hmm so what's up with you, You look different from other boys in school Just calm she said as I could read what was written in her eyes.
Thanks for the compliment, so where you headed,
I just came to buy a film for camera! She replied.

Whoa are you a photographer?

Uhmm Yea… Nop… Yea It's a hobby she stuttered.

And you, what are you doing here in the mall at this hour she asked.
Oh I came to Get a collar and a Leash.

Hmm do you do BDSM? She asked.
Uhmm no I got it for my Dog.

We kept on talking till we were off the mall and we were now walking on a lonely street that was laminated by bright shining streetlights.

Moments later we were still talking and our conversation was getting intimate, I found out she was just an easy going girl that was interested in almost all the things I found interesting.

Soon we came to a Pinkish castle cover with bright flours of different sensational colours.

Here we go she said as I look up the sight I saw was astonishing, it was one of the most beautiful sight I ever saw, the castle looked very much like those castle they use in animated Disney cartoons and Barbie.

Beautiful I said.

Here is where I live.

Whoa I said as I kept on looking at the house.

You know you can come in for dinner she invited.

I am not hungr….. I made to say but she cut me short, shsss come in she said dragging me along.

Dinner with her family wasn't bad, they laughed and talked loud her dad had been very excited at seeing me, her mum was a bit inquisitive she almost made me blow my cover, but I maneuver my way and scale out of the impending trouble.

I loved the family. My family was once like this, but not anymore.

After the dinner Snovas took me to her room, I followed in silence as she led the way.

The room was Kinky Pinky it's decoration was tasteful to pink and skyblue touch.

I noticed some erotic pictures hanging over the wall of the room, they were so hot that you had get a hard on the moment you set your eyes on them.

I kept staring at them while she spoke, she noticed I wasn't paying attention, so she came to where I stood and waved her hands on my face.

They… they.. Are cool you know I said stuttering and breathing hard.

Yea the are she concurred.

She showed me many fascinating things in her room, coupled with some love poem she had scribble on her wall and on book back.

She made me stand close to her while she stood at my from addressing me with the lovely words, Just as we kept on going from each poem to the other, the tension build up we were lost in our own world, I kept on savouring her basking beauty soon our Lips found each other and clutch and we bothe devoured each other in hot kiss it was so intense that when her mom did open her room door we didn't notice until she had cleared her throat before we started adjusting ourselves,I look away, while she took my hands, her mom left the room for us.

I have to go now, I said
oh not so soon, stay a little longer Fred. She pleaded, but I had to tell her my dad would be mad if I get home any late than now.

She walked me to her door.
Do you love me Fred she asked?

YES I DO MY SNOW I replied, not letting her words drop, and she swallowed hard.

I walk off taking a few step and looked back to see her still at her door post looking at me as I walk.


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