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BLOOD BATH - Episode 7


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 7

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)


I stooped to help the boy up his feet as Van and his buddies walked away, having a feel of the pain they had inflected on the boy.
You cool man? I asked the boy as I finished helping him with the last of his books that was scattered all over the hallway when Van was dealing out blow to him.

Yea I am thanks he said.

I am Fred, I said walking with the boy as every eyes in the hallway was watching us.

I am Smart he said walking very fast from me.

Common man wait! I called out to him
Am not the kind of guy you might wanna hang out with, he said increasing his step.

I stood in surprise, as I watch him. Hmmm I sighed, strange people everywhere, imagine someone I just finish helping, walking away from me.

I turned and headed back to my class.

In the class the teacher did his thing, I was fascinated by how elaborate the teachers taught, I was loving the school already, but the student here are psycho. No one wanna make friend with the new boy they all seem to mind their business.

I sat lonely as the teacher rounded off her class.

Soon the bell went off signifying a break from all learning activities.
I headed out to the cafeteria to get some snacks, after I did purchase my malt can and peanuts, I took it to the table to munch on it.

As I made for a vacant seat in the cafe, someone stuck out his legs, I wasn't looking, as I got closer I tripped and I saw myself kissing the ground, but I felt a hand pulling me back.

Shit I cursed as I heard tons of laughters it was Van and his goons, I made to my feet I look up to see who had rescued me, it was smart.

Oh thanks man I said while he shook his head, I knew this time I got a chance with him, I tried to pick a conversation with him, but it was cut short when Van held out a rugby ball and aimed it directly at smart, I saw it coming.

Watchout!!! I called out to smart, but it was too late, the ball went straight and hit him hard on his stomach, making him to fall down and wincing in pain.

I didn't wait for anyone to tell me what to do as the foolish act of Van and his goons have caused a scene, students were no more interested in what they were doing before, they now paid their full attention to us.

I took the ball from the ground and aimed it directly at Vans head thanks to all the training session with uncle neil.

Pooh it hit him hard.

Ohhhhh the whole crowd screamed as blood gush out from his head.

Jesus Christ!!! Some of the boys said, as they rushed to help him.
As they gathered round him, he stood up from their midst and charged towards me with his bleeding head drooling blood all over the place.

He made to seize my shirt, but I was quick to wave him off.

You know what New dude You done for, you'd better watch it because am gonna make your days in this school as hot as hell he boasted, but I didn't flinch.
He gave me a Jab and walked away, I made to rush after him as he walked away when I felt a sharp sting on the right side of my neck.

Everyone watched me as I made to move and stop all of a sudden, and this made them laugh, they thought I was scared of Van, but the stinging pain increased.

Shit what was that? I asked no one entirely, by now smart was looking at me he was happy I did put van where he belongs but had a strange look on his eyes.

What's wrong with you man?
Oh nothing I said finally moving
But the sting on my neck was getting intense it was then I remembered uncle neil how he had tagged me with a device that morning before going to school.
I wasn't cool with it at first, but later gave in when he insisted it was for my safety..

I looked through the crowd and saw Snovas in the company of other girls that look a little like her, She was looking at me as if she had a defect in her eyes I didn't stop looking too, I couldn't tell what those looks on her eyes meant, but what ever it is, it was cute, she winked when I wouldn't stop looking and disappeared into the crowds that was now despairing.

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What are you looking at man??
 Smart shooked me, as he made to look at what I was looking.
Let's go he said and we did left the hall.

As we walk along, we had a few conversations.

He had told me that Van was the biggest bully at Qingdao high school, he's been a pain on every body's neck except for his goons, no one has dare raised a hand against him, talk more of giving him a bloody wound, Smart did flatter me, but this sycophancy of his was nothing compared to the query I was gonna receive from Uncle Neil.

I promised him to keep my head down
I made to ask smart why he said he was not the type of guy I would love to hang out with.

You know Van and his co-hurts are experiencing the last best years in high school, so they had made me their victim and subjected me to public ridicule he said in a sad mood and continued, you know they do humiliate me every time we cross paths, So I have to live my school life in a shadow of myself.

It's fine man, none of that is gonna happen again, I promised as I patted him.

Thank you he said, I only nodded as I walked away.
I developed likings for the boy at once.


At home
Uncle Neil was mad at me.
I thought we agreed on you keeping your head down?
Yes Uncle Neil, I am sorry I apologised, I couldn't just watch that jerk made a way with his expenses.

Yea You could have keep in check, do you know how much sacrifice the Hives are paying to get a glimpse of where you are?? just to get the stimulant from you, you can't afford exposing yourself to the public like that, someone might have caught you on camera and expose the scene to the internet, probably YouTube, and once the hive tracers gets a glimpse of that we are blowned!!! He shrieked I could tell he was pissed.

Now take a look, he said showing me a video in his laptop, the school surveillance camera did captured you on the scene, he said, I wasn't moved at all, I was satisfied with my actions, someone need to tell the bullies that not every is to be bullied, I only watched how I took the nice aim on Van.

Today was your first day at school, and you are sending a bad record already.

I only stood up and walked away as he kept on scolding.

The only thing I had in mind then was, if only I had the opportunity, I would have dealt with that fool till he forgot his name, if their is anything I hated so much, it was oppression.

Up in my room, I lay down my head and let it play on the activities that transpired today, and how my life has changed drastically.

I once had parents but they were taken away from me just weeks ago.

Just weeks ago, I was a blonde boy who cruised fancy life, but not anymore.

Everyone in Vernica thinks I am dead including my bestfriend Paul, and my crush Lisa.

The world needs the stimulant for its continuing existence, Hmm I sighed.

I have lost everything in my life,save for my uncle, I will keep the stimulant no matter what it may cost, my uncle was right, protecting it means I have to keep my head down.

But can I keep my head down when I already started nursing a feeling for the girl called Snovas, and also I seem to have start a war with the so called school bully Van!

I tossed and rolled on my bed, as sleep refused to come.

There is a new guy at school, he is very cute, I caught him stealing glances at me today, while I was been scold at the principal's office.
I really don't know what I feel, but my stomach churn anytime I think about him.

We had crossed path only twice, but my heart beat skips a thousand times when my head navigates its thoughts to him.
I have not felt like this for any guy before.

Does he likes me?

A thousand thought raced through my heart as I lay to catch some sleep on my luxury bed, I ran my hands over my breast as I felt my heart moving fast, I pricked my nipples, their was a sweet sensation, thoughts of Fred fill my heart and my head, I fantasize about him, I ran my hands all over my body I was felt the heat, the sweet sensation emanating from my nether region, I was wet, I placed my hands on my kitty.
Nooo stoppp!!!!!! My brain scream and I manage to stop.

I Love Fred, Just so much, look how wet my damp kitty is merely thinking about him.


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