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BLOOD BATH - Episode 6


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 6

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

It was all over the city that the Henry's family has been attacked by the serial killers that's struck town wiping out the whole family including My Beloved Cal.

This had pricked my heart, I have always had my crush on cal and only on a few cases and by chance did I get the opportunity to tell the shy boy how much I loved him even though he was not making any attempt on approaching me.

Now he is gone, but I still had a strong feeling that I will see him one day, especially now that it's all over the news that his corpse was missing from the crime scene,
I was still brooding over his death, sitting in my road became very uncomfortable, I hadn't gone to school throughout that day, I was in mourning of my love, as I sat to watch the program on TV, the door squeaked and dad did came in holding a burger park.

I only look up to say Hey, but never got up from where I sat,
Still brooding over your loss? You'd better move on and forget that boy. Dad scoffed with sarcasm that got me really mad.

Stop acting mean dad, I just lost a friend, and you are saying shit about forgetting the boy all because he is rich, what's your thing with the rich?? I asked in anger
You will obey me Lisa, stick out of the ways of the rich boys, Just one is dead now and look how miserable and heartbroken you are.

Dad I love cal, I did love him from the very day I saw him in high school, then we were both greenhorns and now he is dead without giving me a chance to show him how much I really loved him, allow me dad I shrieked.

And now that he is dead, what do you wanna do? Kill yourself? Well go ahead I won't stop you he yelled, and I could tell he was pissed, never in the history of my 17yrs as his daughter has he raised his voice at me, there must be more to it, he has always been a cool dad but not anymore, with his obsession with the rich I could tell he was going psycho.

I could tell my daughter was going through pain from the loss of the one she loved, but I had wanted her to see her feelings for the boy as just infatuations, Even when I knew deep down that the love was real.

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I knew the boy was still alive but who the hell did came to rescue him that night, he must really be a genius to have broken into hive and cart away with the boy without leaving any trace, the agents and ghost of hive had engaged him in a hot chase, but they'd lost him when his car fell into a ditch, and he did disappear from sight.

I know my cal is still alive and will come back to me, Lisa said interrupting my thoughts and shocking me with her outburst. I knew I was now looking suspicious in the eyes of my daughter with my actions, but now I wasn't taking any chance I had to act up, I can't afford losing her she means a lot to me.

It's fine dear I said, come over to me I finally placated the whole situation, and handing her the burger pack, as she laid her head on my broad chest.

The Joy of having Lisa as a daughter, cannot be replaced by anything in the world.

Just the way I loved her mom so have I loved Lisa, she was a typical resemblance of the woman that mothered her, and seeing her keeps reminding me of Beth.

Beth, My wife and I had lived peacefully and harmoniously for a few years, before she was murdered, her death came as a big blow to me, and made me serve a term in The Vernica City Prison, before I was offered immunity by the former mayor of the city, alongside other prisoners
The problem started when Beth My wife was placed in charge of the financial department of Mr Henry's company as the new Head of department, she had worked so hard to earn that position, a few months after her promotion, the government had awarded a contract to the Enterprise, Mr Henry was up to it, he had wanted to make bigger profits from the contract, he commanded that Beth Falsify the documents in favour of the company, Beth was a perfect woman,she wasn't pleased with the outcome of things, but she had agreed to the boss terms, and made to do according to his biddings.

Days after the Bill was submitted to the government, Henry showed up at Beth's office, he was mad at her, the figures in the documents had shown compromise, and they were all different from what he had asked her to do, She had done the boss biddings, but someone else had manipulated the documents.

Mr henry had told beth how incompetent and untrustworthy she was, he threatened to sack her.

Beth had come home that evening, she's opened up everything to me, she told me she had done the bidding of her boss which I warned her not to do, because she had wanted to keep her job, as not doing it my have gotten her fired, she said she was surprised to see that the turnout was now something different as what she did write in the document were been changed.

I was mad at her, because she did this things against her moral etiquette, we did argue, I never wanted her to falsify those figures for the company because it was not right, it was stealing, but now someone else's altered the plan she had with her boss, and she's been blamed for it, I warned her but she never listened, as we kept on arguing Beth was adamant that she did what she did to keep her place in the company, I heard Lisa crying upstairs, so I went up to check what was wrong with her, I guess she was crying because our argument was getting too loud, I did lulled till she fell back asleep.
As I came down, I heard my wife muffling, and there was a struggle she was struggling with something.

Honey are you ok? I called as I rushed down to see what was happening, and in the frightening horror of the night, I say her lying in a pool of her own blood, I rushed over to her to see the assailant running away, I made to chase after him but I heard beth calling after me, I rushed over to her, I saw the gun the assailant must have used lying close to her with a silencers at the nozzle,
Hu-mp-hrey beth called as she struggled to stay alive, she was shot in the chest, I was weeping as I urge her to stay alive for me.
Pl-ea-se Ta-ke ca-re of Lis-a….
She said as she drew her last breath, I picked up the gun from the ground, shaking it and shoving hard on Beth.

Nooooooo I screamed and just then the police came in, and rounded me up, I was confused as to what to do or what was going on.

‘‘You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs Beth Massey Humphrey!!!’’ I heard loud and clear over my head as the police captain ordered his boys to take me to their awaiting car, I was short of words, the only thing I could say at that moment was .

‘‘I am innocent and I have a daughter’’

I knew I was going to face Jail term, I never knew who was filing the arrest against me, because I was innocent in all ways, but after a week of been remanded in the cell, Henry's company had showed up to file a case against me, and I was taken to court. On the 27th day of September 3019 I was arraigned before the Vernica City High Court.

After the court session I was convicted for the murder of my wife, of which I was innocent, and I was sentenced to Life Imprisonment.

Lisa was being sent to a foster home that Mr Henry had assigned, while I served my term.
Everytime the sun sets and rises while I was away in prison, I hoped to see my daughter again, but that wasn't gonna be, never ever, I was sentenced to life imprisonment, the police found a gun in my hand as evidence even when I didn't do it, I had pleaded not guilty to the Judge my attorney tried his best but he couldn't win the case, because the rich were involved.

A year later my Jail term was cut short all thanks to providence, it happened when a new mayor was elected, he granted every prisoner in the city immunity and bail without charges, and the opportunity to start up a new life become free again, I have retrieved Lisa for her foster home, and decided to raise her myself just as I have promised beth my lovely wife.

When Roger the leader of the 7 had approached me, I saw this as an opportunity to pay back the world in their own coin of cruelty and injustice.

I knew what Mr Henry had cost me, he cost me my world, Beth was my world, now I am giving the world back for her, even though the whole world perish, as long as it will please Beth, will join hands with the 7 to bring it down.

The 7 leaders of death hive have joined resources together, and they built a whole new world, so that once they destroy the world they will be safe in their new world. I will take Lisa there and we will blossom.


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