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BLOOD BATH - Episode 5


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 5

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

There was a lot going on that I needed to know about, but following my uncle to China will keep me safe from the dangers that was lurking at Vernica, in a night I lost both parents, what does the killers need the stimulant for?

Qingdao was where Uncle Neil resides in China, it was one of the few port cities in China that commanded great amount of wealth, its wealth was well spoken off by the beautiful sceneries that paraded the brilliance of the beautiful China city, most part of the city were filled with water. I fell in love with Qingdao the moment I stepped my legs out of the plane that brought us to China, the air was different from that of Vernica, it smelt peace, so I thought, as I and my uncle hauled our way through the airport.
As we got out of the airport, an uber that seem to be waiting for us all along honked it's horn, and the driver stuck out his hand from the driver's window to wave at us, uncle neil paved the way, and soon we were inside the moving car.

The uber driver seems to be a little loquacious, he kept on talking about the recent development that was going on in the city, and about the different tech gadgets the computer village has manufactured over time, we paid less attention, as he kept on talking, I look out through the window, I could see the tall buildings, and the massiveness of the water mass and landscapes of the city, I finally took my eyes off the new environment and my attention returned back to inside the car, and by now the every talking driver, has stopped talking, but not entirely, as he was now humming to the Chinese music blaring from his car stereo, I look deep into my uncle's eyes, I could tell he was so lost in thoughts, as he rested his head on the back seat leaning backwards, and staring blankly.

Soon we got to his mansion, the uber pulled up, and we went inside the house.

As we settled down my uncle had brought up a topic, as he was undressing his still very fresh bullet wound that he had done very well to conceal while we were at the airport, and inside the plane.

Cal, he called in the calmness of his husky voice, and I raised up my head in response.

I have considered giving you a new identity, and wiping out every trace of your previous existence as the son billionaire Henry, we could fake your death in the internet, and set up a new identity for you here in China, while you undergo training, he said calmly, why my mouth dropped in surprise.

What??? I asked.

Yes you heard me boy, that is the only way you can be safe till Hive figures you out.

What is all this, I never signed up for this, I cried out.

Yes boy neither did I or your dead parents, some people invaded Vernica some time ago, and did made an agreement with the city's government, but at the end of time the city failed to keep it's own end of the deal, so they struck out to taking people in the city, this people call themselves DEATH HIVE, at least that's what you father told me about them, and their ghost agents were the once that did kill your mom and dad.
So what did that got to do with my family?

Well your dad was a state man, of which you knew about, and the subject of agreement was mostly to be decided by him.

Hmm I sighed, so what is the agreement? I asked still inquisitive to know as my uncle explained.

The city paid half of the bargain, but couldn't complete the other part, because of the circumstances surround it's lease.

And what is the other part?

It is what lies under your skin he said shocking me.

WHAT??? I asked

Yea He replied.

What is the importance of the stimulant uncle? And why do they sought it? I asked further as the revelation became clearer and clearer.

The stimulant according to your father is a device that Hive needs for the completion of the new nuclear weapon they are building to destroy the human world.

Holyshit I exclaimed, as the unfold of event hits me with it's force.
The stimulant is what the world needs for it's continuity, as uncle neil told me this I vowed within me to protect it, even if it's mean assuming a new identity, just as my uncle has proposed.

Uncle Neil! I called out sharply, while he turned his gaze at me. The hive…. I mean the ghost do you know any of them? I didn't know if this was the right question to ask, but I just got this urge to ask.

Uhmmm I really don't know them son, but you dad did always mention about one Mr Humphrey.

Ok I said, I didn't know who the Humphrey was, the only Mr Humphrey I knew in my life was Lisa's dad and he wasn't a killer, he was just a sales rep at the…….. Shit
Oh I know one Mr Humphrey, I said to my uncle, while his eyes glistened up in high expectance of a good clue. The Mr Humphrey I know is Lisa's dad, and he works at the mall, but I am not sure if he is a killer.

Hmm you should always be sure of what you say boy, he said as his spirit dropped, anybody could be the Humphrey but not you girlfriend's dad, he said further, while I concurred.

Getting Cal a new identity wasn't a problem at all, first I did wipe out all records of his previous existence from the Internet, he was quite a popular boy at high school, and his Instagram page was flooded with a lot of pictures especially of him his friends and his pet, I did wipe out everything and set up a new identity, I made him dyed his blonde hair to black, and did have him trim some hair, Cal loved keeping bushy hair, but I made sure all was gone, and within the next week I had made sure he was a new person, and also introduced him to the martial world, he was adaptive, and a freaky fast learner, I never expected that, but he did learn fast, and in a week of total training,

•he could duck a punch already with flaws,
•and Perform light body skills, leaping up high in the sky, flipping and dropping kicks.
I was seating in my room one morning typing figures on my system, after a thorough training session, when he bumped in.

Hey Uncle Neil I wanna go to school.

What??? I said as I was taken a back by his statement.

You know I can't sit at home all day training and not learning anything from school.

But I have been your teacher for a while now I said in anger at the stupidity of his outburst.

Ok ok I know what this means alright Neil, I have been training for weeks, I can protect myself now, Please just let me do this, he said with appealing eyes while my spirit dropped, I just had to let him go, but I had hope our cover won't be blown when he get to school and starts mixing up with peers.

You know you need to get a trans-slip from your previous school before you can be admitted into any school here in China, and that is very impossible at the moment, I stressed further while he only smile.

You know Uncle Neil you are not the only one who knows how to forge documents, he said waving a trans-slip on my face, I know you could have forged one for me if you were willing to let me go to school he continued, but you just don't want to let me go, he said while I dropped back to me chair in defeat.

You can go I finally said, but you have to promise me you will keep your head down.

Yes uncle, he replied happily.
Now what is your name?

Fred Brian

No more Cal, I stated,
What is your Nationality, I asked further.

Canadian, he quoted from the trans-slip on his hands
Good!!! you are good to go, I said as I watch him scamper away joyously.

Those names and nationality he read out from the school transfer slip were the once he had adopted in China as his new identity cover.
He did a good work in forging the slip, he must have watched me forged documents before.

The boy is damn smart.

Words couldn't express the Joy that surge through my body the moment my uncle agreed I started a school.

The next day I set out to Qingdao High School. My first day at the school was epic.

That morning, I sat at the registrar's office, filing in my documents, and going through all the bureau sessions to becoming a bonafide student of the Prestigious Qingdao High school, when I heard chatters from the principal's office directly next to the registrar's office.

It was a teacher scolding a female student, the Chinese girl had cast her head down as the teacher kept on blasting her with his acid tongue for been sassy and inattentive in class and also making laud comments about the teacher to her female peers who were also disturbing the class too, I was able to pick all what they were saying because they were talking too loud, and I sat and look through the window blind, from the registrar's office who seems to be imputing my details to the school system.

As I made to look further from the blind, my eyes caught up with the girl's, and she looked away, I had to look away too, but kept on checking and casting my eyes away, she was doing same too while the principal was now talking to her.

Just as the registrar's finish signing of my details the door to the principal's office opened, and she came out still wearing the smile that was on her face from the onset, no doubt I was attracted to her.

Hey Snovas why don't you help me show our friend his locker, The registrar called out to the girl while she stopped right on her feet, she led the way while I followed.

I tried to pick a conversation, and she responded in smile but somehow in haste to leave my presence.

Was it that bad? I asked her about the scolding session,
No I did escape detention by strips of luck, she replied.

My name is Fred, Fred Brian I stated in full while she made to say Snovas, but I countered.
You are Snovas I said while she blushed.

By now we were at the locker, and she scampered off after showing me the locker, I could tell she was shy, but why?

I looked at the number on the locker card and did search for mine, as I made to open it, a group of 3 boys did approach me.
Hey what's up? the first guy who seem to be their leader said to me in his not too clear Chinese accent.

Am good, I said
Yea am Van You new right? what's your name?

Yes Am Fred I replied.

Whoa Fred, American? He asked with a smirk, while his friends did laugh, I really could not tell what was amusing, but they looked so annoying.

No Canadian.

I replied in a bid to wave them off.
Good you game?

Football, basket ball, Ping Pong (Tennis)??, he asked while I shook my head in No, he and his goon kept on laughing as I said no to all his games, the truth is I could play all those games he listed but there was something off about them, I didn't just wanna relate with them.

You know if you need anything in Qingdao Just call Van he finally said as he walk away with his counterparts.

I will keep that in mind I called after him, as he did a thumps up and left.


I heard from the back as I turned to see Van dealing out blow to a cool young boy of just my age, the boy was groaning in pain, van was heavily built no doubt, so he could oppress the weak ones.

I rushed over to the boy to help him up, while van made away laughing and making laud comments.

New boy willing to help, he said….



Stop acting mean dad, I just list a friend, and you are saying shit about forgetting the boy,
You will obey me Lisa, stick out of the ways of the rich boys, Just one is dead now and look how heart broken you are. 


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