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BLOOD BATH - Episode 28/29


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 28

©Cal Empéror

(Arvin Meet Cal)

Hey Watch it.

Cal said to the guy that Just bumped on him in the hall of the cinema as they made their way out to go back home.

They have extended their love play to the cinema after they left the pack.

It was almost 6pm, they decided to go back home.

Sorry the guy replied and smiled.
He was Spirrow, one of the 7.
In position he said through the bud in his ears and it reported to Hive mall and also to Vlad who was outside waiting for them to come out.

He has planted a bug on Cal's body unknown to him, the bug hung on the the trim of his dyed black hair, they were both sent to eliminate them, but Spirrow had dimmed it fit to place a bug on Cal, because he felt the boy mihmght be luck to escape what was coming next, even when they knew it was gonna serve as a big surprise for them.

There was a 7 storey building opposite the cinema, Vlad arranged and coupled his sniper set and took an aim, awaiting the emergence of the group.

After the strange bump with the dude at the mall.

Cal had felt something, he knew at once that all was not right, something seem off about the guy, but he had let it play and kept on walking when his instincts had told him to look back, he did look back and to his utter amazement the guy placed his index finger on his ear and spoke through a bud.
Shit he cursed under his breath.
Hey guys wait here Don't go out, don't move an inch, if I stay longer than 10mins call Gray ok!!

Yea yea what is wrong? They all asked in unison as each was paired to his own girl!

Cal broke from snow's arm.
No time to explain I have someone to catch up with he said and disappeared from their sight.

Cal managed to follow Spirrow without him knowing as he always mixed up with the crowd of people flooding the Cinema hall anytime he looked back, it was like Spirrow had a hunch that someone was following him, but Cal was too swift to let him see him.

Soon Spirrow pulled up in the rest room to take of his cloned mask. He had been wearing one since, because he knew Cal will recognise him if he had showed up with his real face.

Cal waited in the girls rest room till Spirrow was done changing the mask, though cal did not know what he has done, but he had his ear pinned to the wall so he could eaves drop on whatever was going on in the male restroom where Spirrow has entered, he heard the rattling of the mask as it sounded like the squeezing of a polythene bag.

Soon he could hear his voice too, he seem to be talking to an invisible person, even when Cal knew there was no other person there, he knew he was talking through the bud.

Are they on sight now?

Spirrow asked Vlad through the transmitter bud.

No not a single soul out side the mall that looks like them.
Good be a little patient, they will be out in no time.

Copy that Vlad said.

Cal heard all of this and waited till Spirrow was done he quickly came out of the girls shade and waited for Spirrow to show face.

The first sight Cal saw was different from the one that he had followed to the restroom, but that didn't distract him as that was one of the greatest lessons he ever learnt from Uncle Neil, -''never let a twist in event take you of guard or catch you unaware it gives your enemies an egde over you''.

Cal had put that in mind, he was able to recognise Spirrow Colton one of the 7.

Son of a bitch he said as he dashed him a hard blow the moment Spirrow shoved his head out of the male shade, trying to lock the door, he didn't see this coming, and this was an edge for Cal, he dealt him a swift kick the swept him off the floor.

Spirrow! Spirrow!!! Vlad called through the transmitter, he hadn't switch it off so, Vlad was able to hear the tussle and struggle, he kept on calling Spirrow's name till Cal took him off the ground and smashed his head against the wall of the shade, and it hit so hard that blood sprout out of his thick head Cal didn't give a chance, he sent him down with a kick on his stomach, and that made him fall down with the bud flying out and crushing on the tiled ground.

Spirrow flipped his legs and stood up from the ground, he charged towards Cal and speared him to the ground, he quickly sat on Cal and started lacing his face with blows that could suck out life from it's owner, By now Cal was weak, he managed to do a switch over and that returned the favour of decorating Spirrows face with heavier punches, blood flowed from Spirrows nose. Cal pulled him up from the with the last strength he could muster and rammed his head to the mirror in the male shade and let him go.
By now he had spent close to 20mins, and the other called Gray who at once left what he was doing to come meet them at the cinema.

Cal arranged his shirt and hurried out of the restroom before anyone could find him out.

Vlad had since gotten down from the roof to to come check up on Spirrow since he heard the struggle through the bud.

He was still finding his way through the crowd and using the GPS tracker to locate Spirrow when his eyes caught sight of Cal, he immediately reached for his handgun, not minding the crowd, he aimed at Cal when he got a chance.

Arrrgghhhh he screamed as blood gushed out of his abdomen where the bullet had caught him.

That single shot had resulted in Pandemonium, people scampered away for safety, screaming at the top of their voices.

The Security men of the cinema had rushed down to the scene to help Cal, but Vlad shot them dead soon four bodies laid on the ground lifeless except for Cal who had since fall down and was wincing in pain, the crowd screamed so loud.

Smart had order Paul to take the girls out of the building when they heard the gunshot, as he said he was going to go look for Cal, Lisa followed, smart was not cool with it, but when Lisa reminded him that she's got more fighting skills that he does, he let her followed while the rest of them scampered with the crowd, though with their heartbeats racing and raising they hoped nothing bad has happened.
Vlad moved closer to Cal, he tossed him with his legs, while Cal used his two hands to cover where he has been shot to prevent blood from coming out, but that didn't stop it it was like placing a square peg in a round hole, it didn't fit perfectly so the blood trickled to the ground in small dots.

Where is Spirrow Vlad yelled at Cal.

But Cal didn't say a word.
So he came forward and pulled Cal up

Where is he???

Cal strength was draining he tried to mutter words but nothing came out instead blood flowed through his mouth, Vlad wasn't moved, instead he Pucked his two hands inside the hole where the bullet has passed through and this increased Cal's Pain as he tortured him to talk.

The relationship shared between Vlad and Spirrow wasn't a mutual one, it was something intimate, they were gay lovers, Vlad had feared that Cal must have done something to him that was why he tortured Cal so much.

Cal was losing grip of life and by now the Cinema hall was almost deserted, and the Police Siren could be heard from a very far distance they have been contacted by the owners of the Cinema, they feared one of the serial killers have strucked their cinema too.
One swift flip on Vlad's Legs had made him tripped and let go off Cal, it was Lisa, Smart quickly rushed to him and help him to the ground.

Lisa Jumped up at once, and pounced on Vlad, but Vlad was too quick for her, he waved her to the floor and she crushed down almost hitting her head on that hard ground but gray showed up, he reached for her before she could land and help her stand while he engaged Vlad.

A punch sent Vlad to a locked door, he didn't fight back instead he scampered away, Lisa made to Chase after him, but Gray stopped her.

Let him go we will meet again now help smart get Cal to the Car I am right behind you he said.

While they two took Cal to the car they prayed he didn't die on them because he layer motionless.

Gray had gone to check up on Spirrow in the restroom but he was no longer there, so he returned to meet them and they drove off in the two Cars, Cal's body was placed inside Gray's Car why The others drove in Paul's, the drove side by side in top speed.

Paul we need a Doctor Gray said through his Car.

On it Paul immediately put a call across to Doctor Schwartz who was their family doctor.

The girls were in panic especially Snow who almost died at the sport on learning that Cal had been shot in his abdomen.

The way led to Dr Schwartz Hospital, she was a nice woman she accepted them in it was few minutes to 8pm.

This should be Cal Henry she said as the stretcher took him away to a specialized ward the ICU- Cal was comatose Dr Schwartz said.
But he will be fine.


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 29

©Cal Empéror

(Arvin Meet Cal)

You Bunches Of Scallywags How on earth did that Little boy Deal with you this much?? Arvin Fumed!!

If you had been very professional, that bug would have led us to the bio stimulant, but now it is leading to some fucking hospital, What have you guys done? Have asked them he has been in front of a large screen computer the whole time.

We got them tracked, but that boy was Just too smart for us.

So what did you do to him?

He had me beat up and smashed my head to the restroom mirror, Spirrow said.

And I shot him Vlad continued.
Now applaud yourselves you fools!!! Arvin yelled at them.

Now Elvis had happen to come in at the wrong time to meet the tensed air as Vlad was seen nursing Spirrow's wound and at the same time answering query from the other member of the 7.
What do you want?

Sir something came up Elvis said.
What came up we have this all handled.

Gyang who has been quiet all along spoke for the first time.
I so much hate this guy Jace said talking as if Elvis was not there!
Only if Humphrey was not Compromised he is far better than this Moron Gyang chipped in and Elvis was embarrassed.

It was his incompetence that made Cal and his team got hold of our Database, Now look where it's land us, it's got Spirrow hurt Vlad said as he took out his gun and aimed at Elvis!!!

Enough!! Enough!!! Arvin called to order, and when everywhere was calm again he turned to Elvis
Now what do you have? He asked and the dumbfounded elvis who has since lost his tongue opened his mouth to speak.

I know where the Stimulant is, we can go extract it before those fellows arrive from the Hospital.
Are you sure about this?
Yes good get the Car this time we are going together, get all the weapons, Guys get prepared, we are storming where ever that stimulant is, and whatsoever that stands in our way, gets a fair share of our wrath.
Yes!!!! The all cheered.
Can you make it? Vlad ask his beloved Spirrow!
Yes I can!
No stay here and get healed!
I will cover up for you!!
Sure Yes Spirrow!!!
Thank you My Love!
They both kissed before Vlad put on his geared armour, and they all set to go retrieved the Stimulants.
A truck load of DeathHive agents trailed fast along the two SUV that contain Arvin, Jace, Gyang, Vlad and Elvis.
Vlad, Elvis and Alec were in the same SUV van at the second row and Arvin Jace and Gyang were in the first!
The Team all pace the hall of the Hospital with so much anxiety written on their faces, as expectantly waited for Dr Schwartz, to come out of the ward with a positive result. Even when she had promised that Cal will be fine.
Fine wasn't enough Both Paul and Smart said to Dr Schwartz when they approach her. We need something substantial to know that he will be alright.
Will you allow me do my Job? She ask of them, and they let her pass as she hurried to the ICU.
Lisa and Rita Both Place their Hands on Snow's shoulders, she seem to be lost as she had cried her eyes out, she feared Cal would die.
Gray was entirely quiet he blames himself for what happened, he shouldn't have let them out, by this way they would have all been safe, with no one getting hurt.
Dr Schwartz soon came out of the ward and they All looked up expectantly.

The bullet has been extracted and here it is she showed them it was on a tiny transparent bag.
Just as he showed them Gray's phone beeped.

What was that? Smart asked.

One of the Security Cam at home Just tripped off, I think there is a breaking in.

Common Smart!! Lisa!!! Let's Go Gray called out at once and the hurried away, we are coming with you Paul said.

No stay and watch over Cal Gray objected.

Hmm Dr Schwartz said and walked away.

I have only one gun in the glove compartment, smart make use of that, whoever they are that are breaking into the house must be related to hive.

Yea drive fast Lisa said.

Roger that Gray stepped hard on the accelerator and soon the pulled up at the front of the old man's house and they were greeted by a convoy.
Two trucks parked filled with Agents that were guarding the perimeters of the house, and 2 SUVs

The moment the three stepped out of the Car, the agents started raining their bullets towards them but the ducked using the car doors as shield, Smart took the first shot, he aimed at the fiercest shooter and he dropped down with a headshot.

Nice one Buddy Gray said, This is our chance spread out and they charged toward them, Lisa rolled on the ground towards the shooter at her front, she did a sweeping kick while still on the ground, and this caused the shooter to fall loosing grip of his gun, Lisa picked it up at once standing up at once, she shot him dead, and engaged other ghost on a gun fight till she eliminated them all her coast was clear, she switched over to help Smart who was doing his best to hold the sporadic shots of one of the ghost, Just as she turned, a Sniper shot flew past her ear!
Shit she cursed and ran towards the truck, she look up at the direction where the snipper had came from, and there he was Vlad he was at the roof top of a building.

Lisa didn't hesitate to go after him, she leapt out high as if and landed on one of the room windows she kept crawling through the wall, till she got to the roof top, she could find Vlad, but his sniper was still there.

Oh shit she cursed she took calculated steps so as not to trip, but the she sighted him hiding behind a pillar at the roof.
She charged towards him but he had noticed her on time, he brought out a short knive and threw it towards her she dodged and ran closer to him while he struggle to keep himself from falling down, Lisa pusher him hard till he was at the edge of the roof, as he almost fell down to the ground from the 6 storey building.
Lisa held her back.

This is for what you did to Cal, she said and kicked him and he felt down, and smashed his head against the hard ground that moment Hus spirit departed from his body.

Lisa took over the control of the sniper, she first used the lens on the sniper to check if Vlad was really dead, of which she confirmed, and took the first aim from the snipper on the guy who was behind smart! She shot him without missing.
Gray had succeeded in entering the house, he saw Arvin and Jace walking fast with the briefcase that contained the stimulant on their hand.

He shot rounds of bullets towards them.

But the both disappeared from his sight.

Gray wasn't looking, Gyang appeared from nowhere and spared Gray to the Hard floor they both crashed, but Gyang stood up immediately.

Hmm Grayson Collins You know I never liked you when you were newly admitted into the CIB? Gyang said!

Yes and your organization killed my boy!!! My dear Neil!!! Gray yelled and stood up from the ground, he swept Gyang's Legs off the ground and he Kissed the floor.

Gray pounced on him, and released deadly punches on his face those punches bloodied his face, but he was a hard man he reached for a knife under his boots and stabbed Grays Right arm it happened so fast that Gray didn't see it coming, because he focused all his attention on the punches divulging.

Arrgggghhhh he screamed placing his left palm on the Knife stucked on his right hand, and tried to pull it out, this was an edge for Gyang he stood up and made for his shortgun and pulled the triggers aiming at Grays chest, but gray suddenly pulled out the knife, and throw it towards him, Gyang thought he had missed, but the knife stucked right in his head, he drew his last breath and gave up the Ghost.

Gray hurried with his injured arms towards where the two men Jace and Arvin had taken but he didn't see them.

I can't just lost them he said in rage, he knew what would happen if he doesn't find them on time, the whole world will burn!!!

And where the hell are you two going to?

What the hell!! I thought you were in the Hospital, injured and comatose, Arvin asked
Yes but not anymore, you have somthing that belongs to me and I want you to Give it back to me!
Or what? Jace countered.

You head will pay for it! It is better you give me that briefcase now and no one gets hurt, or you propel me.to do it the other way round.

You are bluffing, whatakes you think you can Stand two Trained men Mr Cal, and from all indications, you are not fit, you are wounded, Jace said.

Time over for the chit chat let's do this!!!

The two charged towards Cal but he waved them off to the ground, Arvin fell to the ground Loosing grip of the briefcase, while Jace fell and broke hi nose.

What the Hell??? Gray said the moment he laid his eyes on Cal, and the two men on the floor, he has been searching for them.
Cal had been in the hospital still in coma when he left, so how come he was here? How come the miracle recovery?? This was a Mystery to Gray, in all his years as a CIB agent, this kid was something else he muttered as he came forward to join him in the fight.

Meanwhile, Smart had Stucked a bullet in Elvis ass, and another one to his chest.

The outside was cleared no more ghosts.

Only the Funny sound of the police siren could be heard from a distance, The bullet fight had since stopped, and Lisa has come down from the Roof top to Join her lover, they both stood and watch the bundles of bodies that laid on the floor, when the others arrived!!

Did you see Cal, he escaped from the Hospital the moment he woke up from Coma!! Paul announced.
What?? No!! We didn't see him smart replied.

Then let's go look for him!!

I don't know let's Go!!!

Wait where is Gray? Snow asked!
He is inside!! Lisa said.

And you both are out here? Snow asked again!!!

Common let's go Join him maybe Cal could be with him, They said and started the Search for Gray!
Men!!! You guys did a hell of a Job here Paul said attributing to the tons of dead bodies that paraded the place.

By now Both Cal and Gray were receiving the beating of their lives From Arvin and Jace.

Cal!! you are a Smart kid, you have really being a pain in my ass I finally met you in person, but not in a pleasant circumstance, I am sorry I have to End you, so you won't be anymore hinderance to my Genesis!!!

I am creating a whole new world Just like God did in Genesis, and here you are trying to stop me!!
Goodbye Smart boy!

He said and raised the Gun to shoot him.

Cal Please Nooo!!!! Gray screamed as he made to go cover Cal with his body to protect him from the bullet!

That is not very smart Mr Gray!! Senior Agent Gray!! I have loses more men because of you! I will not kill you, I….

You know I was going to say the Same thing for you Mr Arvin, someone said from the Back and they all turned to look at who it was, and it was Paul!

You are not very smart, if not you would have seen this coming, Paul said Smart Came out from his hiding aiming a Gun at Arvin Likewise Lisa who aimed at Jace. In the same vein, Cal picked a gun from the Ground and aimed at Arvin.

While Gray held Jace neck from behind.

Whoa!!! this is very smart of you guys, Arvin said.

Shut the fuck up Cal replied hitting him with the butt of the Gun.

Now on your kneels.

VCPD!!! Drop you weapons!!! The police officer voice came loud, and cal put the gun down, likewise smart and the others who didn't see the police coming.

This made Arvin Grind, I knew this wasn't over he said mocking Cal in whispers because the police came to his rescue.

Sorry I have to do this Cal whispered back to him, and in one swift motion, He picked up the Gun he had dropped before and Released Four Shots on the Two men aiming directly at their heads.

Oh No don't do that the Police Captain said but it was too late, the two were dead!!


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