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BLOOD BATH - Episode 26


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 26

©Cal Empéror

(Arvin Meet Cal, Smart is rescued!!)

The next morning came too quick fro Cal he was woken up from his sleep by a ring on his phone.
Oh shit he cursed, it was obvious he was not pleased with the call, he looked at the timer on the phone it was 5am.
Gray's Name displayed on the phone and he picked up.
You have disrupted my sleep what is it?
I never thought you would be staying over, anyways I found something, And something else came up too, it would be wise you get prepared and I come pick you up immediately we have a long day ahead.
Hmm ok I will be ready in 5mins Cal said and the line went dead, he quickly rush to Paul's room, and wake him up,
I need a Colgate and a toothbrush.
Check... the... locker ...close ...to your bed, Paul said Clumsily, still very much consume by the slumber of his sweet sleep, until Cal shook him hard and he became fully conscious.
Oh too early man is this what you do?
Yea duty calls!
Oh wait let me follow you!!
No Paul I need you to be safe, it's too dangerous out there, go to school, be with Rita, I will come for you once all this is over he said kissing him on the cheek before going to the bathroom to have a brush.
Few minutes later still very dark at vernica city, a Car pulled up at Paul's family house and cal look through the window blind to see Gray coming out of the car, it was dark outside, but Cal was able to see him from the reflections of the streetlights.
Hey he said as he met him halfway to the house, he didn't bother how Gray was able to locate him even without him telling Gray where he was, he knew Gray could track the stimulant and at the same time find him out.
What's in store? Cal asked as he entered the front seat of the Car.
Hive called, they want us to deliver the chips or they had delivered smarts head by 5:30pm
Hmm that's tough, have you come up with any plan?
No I am blank.
Gosh I hate it when things like this happens and we can't profer any solution, how about the girls?
They are fine, Lisa will not ho to school today, it's not safe especially with Humphrey's death, she is not in her right state of mind.
There was silence in the car as it cruise the early hours of the morning, the City FM seem to have started their day off while they were still in the car, it blare the country's national anthem, and Cal sang along, Most of the lyrics of the anthem uphold so much, it talked about a nation that flourish with peace.
How Prosperous
Thou art risen, the emblem
of hope, the solitude of nature!
Let Harmony Speak
We will grow
As one Nation in peace……
Hmm!!! how ironic Gray said, we are in war that anthem is not what you are suppose to be singing now…
I know Gray, but when the anthem was introduced 2054 by Prof Empéror, the country was in peace, and we had grown to this height because we lived in harmony, not until now that these psychopaths have invaded us. The city and the world does not even know what they are up against, they are under a siege that threatens to tear them apart many people in different part's of the world hears about the serial killer attack in Vernica, only if they knew that they were all connected to this war in one way or the other, but they don't, so the duty and safety of the whole human race lies in our hand, we can't let it slip through, Cal said without taking a break.
Hmm well said Boy! We won't let them tear us apart, we will fight through only that way that the world can be safe.
Then let's gather every resources we have and fight.
By the time they pulled up at the Oldman's house which now serve as their base, the bright sun has risen from it nest in the eastern region of the world, it shinned brightly, revealing the through beauty of Veronica City, Cal looked through the window of the house and made a remark.
Oh What a beautiful city he said!
That morning they all gathered to a breakfast prepared by the girls though they were still shaken by the event of the previous day, but they managed to make breakfast, it was a great one, the two girls had become friends, even though Snow once dispised Lisa because she felt Cal was still attracted to her, but not anymore Humphery's death had drawn the two girls together, Snow had been Lisa's main comforter.
They planned the day, Gray went to retrieve some items he had call the CIB to deliver, the package was delivered at an off site base From the CIB's plane, they were Bombs and other gadgets including highly sophisticated Computers and iPads.
I was able to gather some things ,and also a foot print, I will run a test on the soil of the foot prints, it could be of help.
Cal figured a very brilliant idea.
Can you pull the Chips out?
Yes why? Gray asked?
Good pull it out and let's get it Plaited.
Hmm how do you mean?
We can coat the two chips with a high fire resisting content, and give it to them.
You are not making any sense Lisa said.
Oh wait I think I know where Cal is driving at! Gray said.
You do? Cal asked expectantly, because it was seeming as if he was going crazy with his idea as nobody was understanding him.
Yes I do, it's a perfect Idea, only if we can get to find out their Location on time!
Then I guess you hurry up Gray Smart's Life depends on this and somehow the whole world too!
Some hours later Gray was able to secure the Location of Luthen and Drake, by then it was 3:30pm, they had the mission planned out, and had all hope high, that it worked according to plan!
By 4:23pm they had all gotten dressed for the mission.
They called Paul and he showed up by 4:43pm he was part of the plan they had drawn out!
Holyshit! Did we have this place debugged? Cal asked all of a sudden as his instinct redirected him to the thought of their house being bugged.
Hell no Gray said, and he brought out the bug detector at once the two hoped it read negative, while the others watched in confusion especially Paul who was new to the system, only Lisa had a little idea.
Oh thank gracious the two said after the bug detector finished reading, there was no bug so there won't be a sabotage in their plan.
I think they are very unprofessional for them not to plant a bug here Lisa said while Gray shook his head,
they are not unprofessional, dear I think it's Just luck, I mean we couldn't have come up with a new plan in such short time when they have already eavesdrop on our conversations.
What are you guys saying? Paul asked totally confused.
No time for explanation bro, get your head in the game I will explain later.
Paul put on a clone mask that looked like Gray, and they entered he and Cal entered Gray's Car and drove off to hive mall.
Gray and the girl's entered Paul's car and drove to Luthen and Drakes Hideout.
The so much talked about Bio-Stimulant was placed in a portable briefcase.
By 5pm they pulled up at the mall's parking lot and Paul killed the engine of the car, even when he looked very much like Gray now, anyone that saw him would thinl he was Gray, due to the clone mask he was wearing.
They waited patiently for Luthen and Drake to show up.
10 minutes later they were still waiting, when two men fully masked approached them from the back.
Gray and Cal Nice meeting you.
Luthen and Drake where is Paul?
Cal said and made to charge towards them in rage.
Calm down calm down boy!! Drake said as long as you came along with the chips, he is still very much alive, and you Grayson, you have depreciated in height? How is that? Lol the two evil maskede laugh, while Cal cursed under his breath, he feared that the they should not notice that it was not the real Gray.
Now where is the Chips?
Paul went to the back seat and brought the briefcase just like Cal had instructed him before while they were on their way. Paul has been a good actor all along, he acted calm as if he was the real Gray, and this gave the two masked men no time to notice he wasn't the real Gray.
Good they said as the collected it from him, he made to drag it with them in order to complete the drama he was acting up, but Cal tapped him to let it go, and he did, while the two men gave a wicked grin that was visible from the way their masked face moved.
Wait for 5mins more, smart will be come here to you, but I wonder what is the use of saving him when the world is going to get burn in no distant time Luthen said.
You are a tough guy Cal, but there is no more saving, it's over.
Yea it is Cal said smiling and entered the car, Luthen and Drake disappeared from sight, and minutes later, Smart Showed up on the rolled up window looking miserable and weak.
Cal Came out and helped him in.
Are you ok?? He asked as smart settled in the back seat,
How do I look? Smart asked.
You look miserable Cal said!
Does that not tell you I am not Ok?
Oh my bad sorry man!
That sorry would have gone down well with me if you hadn't foolish traded me for the Chip, now we have loses everything and they are going to end up destroying the whole world, and you Gray why ain't you saying anything?? Smart asked directing his question to Paul who had been watching the whole drama.
He is not Gray and trust me we've got this planned out Smart!! Cal said.
You better do and who the hell is he? And at once Paul pulled out the cloned mask.
Whoa more like it Smart said lighting up a bit in his mood.
So what's the plan? He asked.
Meet Paul! Smart, Cal said by now they were already pulling out of the parking lot.
Oh So you are the Paul, Nice meeting you I am Smart!
I know that already Smart Nice meeting you too under unpleasant circumstances, Paul said.
Just then the transmitter on Cal's ear Came live.
In position!!! Gray said to that was a great news For them.
At once Cal initiated The GPS of the Stimulant and from the movement on the GPS tracker, it showed that Luthen and Drake where on a few meters away from their hide out.
Target are 15 minutes away from their point of Elimination, Cal said over to Gray.
Good sign keep an eye on them, Gray said and disconnected the Transmitter.
Gray and the girls had gone to Luthen and Drake's hideout to fix a C4 bomb, so that once they return from their meeting with Cal, he would activate the bomb and they would be roasted to death, while the stimulant was coated Calcium Silicate, to avoid it from burning, when the bomb is activated.
Few minutes later Gray and they girls watched from the iPad as the two fools entered their hideout, he had placed a micro camera that could cover a large radius inside the room, and once they entered, he activated the bomb and the place erupted with fire, the waited for few more minutes before putting on their fire proof vest and came down from the car, they entered the place where the flaming fire blazed, and they saw the briefcase burnt beyond recognition, but they managed to secure the stimulant that was still looking as fresh as ever.
Goodbye boys!! Gray said as he sprayed bullets on their burnt bodies.
Just as they exited the place the fire service came to do their thing.
Targets burnt beyond recognition and package secured, Gray said Jokingly to Cal, while they all burst into laughter as they catch up with each other in Cal's Grandpa's house.
It's not over yet! Cal said…


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