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BLOOD BATH - Episode 25


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 25

©Cal Empéror

(Arvin Meet Cal, Smart is kidnapped!!!)

The warm embrace Paul shared with Cal when they both finally set eyes on each other was a long one.
Paul was scared to answer the door when Cal knocked without a single idea of who it was that was knock at the time of the night, it was Just Past 8pm, everywhere was calm no noise or sound of moving vehicles outside, Paul wasn't sure who it was, but his who mindset was focused on The Serial Killer, ‘‘Oh God The Serial Killer Has finally locate our house’’ was all he could think about, not until he heard the familiar voice of his Friend who everyone thought was dead.
Paul Please Open the door it's me Cal!
What??? He he asked, words could not express his reaction, he didn't wait to check he rushed to the door at once and opened it, Lo and Behold He was standing there like a soldier who was returning from a long time war to his family. The duo hugged each other like their lives depended on it.
After a while they broke free and went inside the house.
How is Mr Thomas? Cal asked about Paul's father.
Well like you know he is not always around, he's gone to Australia for the past two weeks.
Hmm so how are you holding up? You know this is the kind of time you would wish your mom was still here.
The reaction from Paul's face made Cal wished he never said those words, Her death brought about the whole charades that has eaten deep into Cal's soul, he was now a weapon carved to dish out destruction.
It's ok Paul you know I lost my parents too but I have moved on in a not so long time, I expected you to do same.
I have Cal but each time I think about her, I feel devastated, It's great to know you've moved on with your parents death, but you know you got a lot of explanation to do, and I watched the new of rec….
It's ok Paul am gonna tell you all, Cal said interrupting him.
That night they both sat and Cal narrated his ordeal from the very day the bio-stimulant was attached to his body, Paul was wowed, the gist into the night, and somehow it helped Cal clear his head, Snow had called him at 10pm and she confirmed to her that he was fine.
So how is Lisa holding up?
She is a strong girl you know, we planned on extracting Humphery from the organization tonight but somehow they found us out, and they attacked my grand pa's house and they took Smart Captive.
Hmm this is war!!! What are you going to do now?

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I really don't know, but I guess they are gonna make us trade the Chip for Smart and once that is done, the world will be in trouble.
Wait!! Are you ready to make that mistake? What is the one life compared to 7billion people? Paul asked. Many people have died for this course, Losing smart won't be bad, he can serve as a sacrificial lamb for the world, he will become a hero.
Some how you are right Paul, but I won't let smart die, I will figure another way of not losing the Chip and Smart at the same time.
How are you going to do that you know it's not possible and from what you have said and what we have seen, this people are very dangerous.
See Paul you don't know how these things works, there is always a way, by morning I will be gone show me a bed I wanna lay my head, Cal said and Paul took him upstairs, and he layer his head down to think.
Cal Grand Pa's House
After Snow Dropped the call she made to Cal, there was a seizure, and all the electric bulbs in the house went off for a while before it came back, every gadgets in the house was intercepted, Lisa who was with Gray clutched to his arms in fright same way Snow ran down to meet them down stairs.
The TV that was showing a program stopped and a view of Smart and two Masked men displayed brightly on the TV smart was tied to a chair.
A stun gun was place on Smarts body and it passed a great voltage of electric current into his body, he was badly beaten with cuts all over his body, some of the fresh cuts gushed out blood.
The two girls whimper at the sight, gray stood his ground.
What do you want Gray asked boldly.
Oh it seems you are not complete, well where ever the other boy went to tell him we need the chip or his friend gets fried, one of the me said as he placed the stun gun on smart's body again and he yelled in pain, his voice field the room, while the two me laughed out wickedly.
Tell him to deliver the chips at the hive gate tomorrow by 4pm, or his Friend's head will be delivered to him at 5pm, he said laughing and place the gun on smart again this time the yelling was very loud.
Please stop, stop hurting him Lisa said.
Ohh! The masked man on the TV said and the TV shutdown.


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