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BLOOD BATH - Episode 23


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 23

©Cal Empéror

(Cal Is Alive)

DeathHive Tower Vernica City
Good Morning Sir all agents at Hive, greeted Humphery as he Entered the office, most of them had stopped what they were doing the moment they saw him and the reactions on their faces were of surprise everyone thought he was dead after the attack from Cal and Gray. They never expected to see him again and Agent Elvis has taken it upon himself to oversee that affair of the Hive even before the 7 reached a conclusion, It was an indisputable fact that Elvis was the next in command after Humphery so the agents were use to taking orders from him.
Humphrey managed to respond to most of the greetings, he moved his weak body to his office, he was badly beaten and pains surged through his body, Lisa was still pissed with him, the weekend was a terrible one for him.
As he settled and laid his head on the desk, because he could hardly lift a pen Elvis walked in.
Sir!! I am very sorry for what happened we tho…. He was still saying when Agent Luthen walked in.
Humphrey had stood up at once same way Elvis had straightened himself the atmosphere in the room was a silent one that commanded great fear in the hearts of the two men that were Inside the room before the impromptu arrival of Agent Luthen.
Agent Humphery You have reached a compromise and that 7 has decided you be sent to Limbo he said and brought out his Gun cocked it and gave Humphery two clean shots that sent him to the land of the dead with blood gushing out of his chest as the bullet drove in it. Shiver ran through Elvis Spine as he shuddered in fright.
Agent Luthen retrieved Humphrey's Badge and gave it to Elvis assigning him the new leader of the Hive.
Clean this mess he said and Elvis got two men that came and took Humphery's cold body to the Morgue at the extreme of the building.
You must report to us on daily basis. Luthen said while Elvis nodded his head.
Two weeks from now Apocalypse will start, assemble all agents of hive and send them to Afghanistan. He said and disappeared from sight, Elvis was still nodding with his head bent to the ground, until he didn't hear a word again, only for him to raise up his head and found out that Luthen was long gone.
Shit he cursed.
At Cal Grand Pa's House
Omg!!! This can't be Gray said and Cal rushed to see what he was talking about.
What is it Gray?
The Signal on Humphery is grown cold and that can only be possible if the tracker we placed on him was detected or he is dead, but I fear he isn't.
So how do we know if he is not dead? Cal asked in panic he had come to see Humphrey as a man who was hurting, he had forgiven him even at the expense of the havoc he wrecked, We can use him as a weapon he always told Gray and now they have placed a tracker on him, but how so is it that its signal hand gone cold?
We will have to hack into hive and see what is going on there!
Fine Just do it Cal said and Gray set to work, after some fruitless tries that always meet dead end, they had both given up.
What do we do now?
Cal asked.
I really don't know
After a while Cal hit an idea.
Can you get me all the pictures of the agents at hive?
Yes that won't be a problem what are we using it for?
We could clone their faces and wear the clone face into the building then we can get to know what happened to Humphery, because i fear so much he might be dead.
Brilliant idea!!
Gray Opened a secured gallery he had gotten the images of the agents at hive but after refreshing the image list, Humphery's pictures were no where to be found among them, Now Elvis was the new head.
I thought as much.
Gray said aloud and cal came forward to see.
Oh Noo!!! He said.
After a few minutes of silence the two set to work.
I suggest you Clone That Elvis and any other Agent.
Good They scanned the faces and built an exact copy of what the system displayed, It was an exact match of Elvis and the Co. Agent.
In Less that 2hrs they were done.
They set out to hive.
Where are you both going to? Smart asked they were totally oblivious of what was going on as the two had decided to keep them in the dark.
We Just wanna go have a tour at hive cal said jokingly he was trying to calm his anxious nerve he was still trying to assimilate the fact that Humphery was dead. He didn't know how long they will keep that from the others in no distant time Lisa will be back from school and he will be faced with guilt the guilt of Humphery's death. Lisa never wanted Humphrey to go back to the organization, but Cal insisted owning to the fact that he could be an eye for them while still inside the organisation forgetting that you can't eat your Cake and have it.
I guess that's the joke of the year? I mean Who would venture into the lions den to tantalize it with a piece of meat and end up not giving it to it? Smart asked playfully.
It's the truth guys something came up and we decided to go check it out by ourselves, gray said.
And you think you can go out there with no mask? Snow asked, Especially now that your face is on the news she said pointing to Cal.
That is very true Cal concurred and they both opted for the mask.
As they entered the car Gray rolled up his tainted window glass and they drove off to hive.
Soon they got there and entered the building, and did some tricks with the invisible door and it gave way, from the building layout on their device they were able to find their way to Elvis office without getting caught.
Elvis was surprised to see two people that were not hive members in His office, and at once he noticed Cal's Face.
What you?? You actually got balls to come into hive he said and made to ring the warning bell, but gray was swift, he dived him and injected him a virus filled tiny syringe that made him fall into a deep slumber it also wiped out a little of his memory of the presence of Cal and Gray,
We were never here he said to Elvis who was struggling not to dose off.
By the time you wake up you will never remember we were here Gray said.
Cal inserted his drive on his system and corrupted the rest files with virus so it will be hackable anytime the wanted to, it was so that no one could upgrade the system or kill the virus, as it will be undetectable.
After copying the whole database they had hacked the CCTV to see what happened between the hours Humphery left home for work and the time they had come in, and the saw the kill, Gray made Cal pause the video and zoom into Luthen's face he snapped some shots with his phone he was going to run a face match when they get home.
When they were done, they both evacuated the building before they could get caught.


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