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BLOOD BATH - Episode 21


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 21

©Cal Empéror

(The Torture)

Continuation From the Author's Narration

A very large piece of semi coupled device that looked completely like a car engine was being assembled on a hanger, many parts have been coupled together, and it was at the verge of completion. A large 3D screen that display the exact device was visible at sight, every part of the device was clearly highlighted on the screen, it was the Nuclear weapon that the 7 has been working on for the past 5 and a half years.

They have succeeded in completing the project work on the weapon.

Just the one fucking piece is remaining Mr Arvin Cursed.

Why the hell is the stimulant so difficult for us to lay hands on, Mr Jace asked.

The 7 were made up of strong men consisting of:

Mr Arvin- The leader of the terrorist group, he was a Nigerian by nationality, He was a direct student of Dr Philip Emegwale, Dr Philip was a computer genius that designed the world's fastest program running computer, He had taught Arvin most of what he knew today.

It was Arvins obsession with the vast knowledge he had in computer that transformed his thinking mentality and demoralized his brain, he was in the computer Lab one day, when an idea crossed his mind,
What if humans and robots interbreeds? He thought.

But this cannot happen in the crazy world we are in today, This must work he said to himself, but he couldn't lay hands on how it would come about, he had remained in the Lab room for days thinking on how his vision will become possible.

Only 5 days after that he had come up with the idea of wiping out the whole humans and leaving out only but a few to participate in the breeding of ‘‘The RoboticHumans’’ (you can only find that word in Cal Empéror's dictionary).

That was 15 years ago, His vision was so, that this robotic being will be faster, swiffer, and strong.

God's Creation (Men) are too weak, He always say.

And for that 15 years he had built an underground empire with his allies, the empire was built to protect the remaining of the humans who were lucky to escape the siege of the intending bloodbath of fire.

His only setback was the bio stimulant chips. Only if I can lay my hands on Dr Sqwarts to Manufacture another stimulant as powerful as that lying under the little boy's skin, we will just make him create a new piece for us, and save us this stress, he said this to the team one day, and they agreed. But Dr Sqwarts was long dead, and no prototype could fit in the nuclear weapon, otherwise, the 7 could have easily made one.

Mr Jace- he was the most trickish of the 7 they called him the Spy, but on a more definite order I would regard him as invisible, he could crawl up the most secured security detail, and get whatever he wants without being detected, He was just too trickish that he had burst into the Southern US Community Bank, and extort a huge sum of money, this single action of his had dealt a big blow to the bank and it folded up, notwithstanding, he has lived on like this for many years till he met Mr Arvin one day and Arvin laid out his vision to him, he was very excited, and volunteered to Join Arvin, and ever since their encounter, Jace had rendered all his wealth to their Course.

Mr Gyang- The man from the Asia continent, he was very good with his martial art skills that his name make wave in the Martial world as that most powerful, he was a member of the Chinese Defence Council and hold high position security chief in the Hong Kong Parliament. With his status he was a demon.

The other member were Senior agents from intelligence Bureaus in their various countries and Continents, they were
Agent Drake from Europe
Agent Vlad, from Antarctica
Spirrow From Australia
Agent Luthen From the Northern America.

They hold so much importance to their course, and they were a perfect team, they had run many missions to see to the success of their world destruction program, and it has been a success only if they could lay hands on the Stimulant.

What does Vernica Say?? Agent Vlad asked.

The organization has been calm for days, there has been no report from them yet Agent Luthen continued.

Humphrey is getting too lazy and cold, I guess it's time I spit the lukewarm fool out of my mouth, Mr Arvin said in annoyance of the silence from the Hive at Vernica.

Not so soon boss he has been a very good boy in the field i guess we just have to give him a little more time before we take matter by ourselves, Mr Gyang Said in his unclear English that whose sound was coated by funny Chinese accent.

And time is what I don't have Gyang, we need to round off this program and end the world, by now we should all be resting in our underground castle while the weak men burns to death.

Yes you are right boss Spirrow chipped in.

That reminds me Spirrow Arvin said, How much mobility effort do we have set aside the Hive agents?
Well sir according to plan the required amounts of humans to occupy the Underground Empire are complete already.

Good and over to you Mr Jace how much Capital is in our possession already?

Sir I have struck major banks in 3 continents already, and the world bank too, and from estimated figures we have gathered over 420trillion dollars.

Oh that is great nothing is stopping us, we are moving to the next phase as soon as possible, Agent Drake please check up on Hive at Vernica. I need every report from them.

On it sir Agent Drake replied as he punctured keys on his system.
Holyshit!!! he cursed, and this attracted the attention of the others.

What is it Drake? They all asked simultaneously.

Humphrey has been kidnapped and held hostage.

What?? They all asked looking at themselves in surprise.

Let me see, Spirrow Said and walked over to the system but by then Drake had projected the thing displaying on the system to the large 3D screen, there by wiping off the image of the nuclear weapon, and replacing it with images of running data.
Oh this is not good 6 hive soldier gunned down and Humphrey and his daughter taken captive.

I swear this Cal guy is becoming something else and a real pain in the ass Vlad said and the rest of them concurred.

What do we do Gyang Asked.
Dig Dig Dig deep Drake I think this is the time we come in Arvin said and they all gave a nod.

As Narrated by Cal
After Capturing Humphrey and Lisa, Gray and I had brought them home Humphery was locked upstairs in a dusty dark room, I knew we were going to torture him and get every information we needed from him, but I wasn't the least comfortable with the idea plus it all boils down to Lisa I don't know why, but I still felt strange aroy d her and as much as I hate to admit it, harming a hair from her hair was more like a nightmare to me.

I don't know if I still love her, Oh yea maybe I do, and maybe Snow read that in my eyes and that's why she's been acting weird. But I love snow like I have never loved before! Oh really? Did I just say that?

Even with everything playing somehow unusual, I noticed Smarts funny behavior it's nothing boy I tried to wave it off my head. I wanted to focus on the issue on ground.

I made for the room Lisa did follow me, snow wasn't cool with it, but I had to make her see reasons, I made her seat and she watched me questioned Lisa, I asked Lisa about what she said concerning my family, and she did tell me.

I was sorry about her mother's death.

But hell, That shouldn't make you father resolve to aiding a group of men that threatens to destroy the whole world, he is a pervert Snow shrieked.

I know I know, Lisa said as Cal as she could, and that is the very reason I wanna talk to him she continued.

Talk to him about what? I asked.
I could make him change his mindset she said.

But that's too late, He Killed my Parents, he killed my uncle, and one way or the other he has sent his ghosts to kill a lot of people in this city. Just take a look around Lisa, Take a look around, See pandemonium all over the city, the night is as cold and lonely as if an evil forest encroachment has taken over the City, because the citizens are afraid, they are afraid of getting killed by those psychopaths you dad releases every night Just because of this. I said pointing to the Chip in my skin.

What is that? She asked in surprise.

Oh You don't know?

No I don't she said.

It seems you are in the dark Lisa.

Goodnight I said as I stood to go.
Just then the door cracked opened and Gray came in.

It's Time boy he said and I stood to go with him.

Wait!! Lisa Called out and I stopped right on my track.


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