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BLOOD BATH - Episode 20


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 20

©Cal Empéror

(In Bed With The CIB)

As Narrated By The Writer
The trio drove in the car Lisa was cuffed and strapped to the back seat of the car, with her dad lying numb at the boot of the car, Cal was furious as to sitting close to the very girl whose dad murder his parents and also his uncle, Gray was whistling to a country song that he has memorized over the years, there was a solemn atmosphere inside the car, only the buzzing whistle interrupted the tranquility of the car.

What what are we going to do to the fool at the boot? Cal asked Gray

We will torture him till he gives us every information we need.

That sounds great, but what if hive comes looking for him?

What, you know we are more than capable to take them out, what more do you know about all this? Gray asked, and Cal opened his mouth to state all what Neil's told him.

I have heard that part of the story before Neil interrupted
So why did you ask?

I just want the daughter of that fool to get a glimpse of what is going on, because she seems to be in the dark.

Fuck!!! Hold it!!! Please Hold it!!! Lisa yelled.

While the two watched her.
I have heard enough already, no matter whaty father did, stop calling a fool, you guys have been conversing as if I am not her, Cal baby are you really the one? The cal I know wouldn't be this mean talk more of strapping me and knocking off my dad.

Hey calm down young lady, you are messing my car with your noise Gray said with a mean look that kept her shut.

Your dad and some group of people are planning to destroy the world and he has blinded you to believe you are doing the right thing.

What?? this can't be true Lisa said.
Fine has your dad ever mentioned anything like a whole new world to you? Where robots will leave with humans and there will be total peace? Cal asked.

Uhmmm Yea Yea, she said as realisation done on her.

How do you think all that will come about??

I really don't know I don't know what is going on, she said at the verge of tears, everything seems confusing to her.

He always told me about a war, she continued, She knew she wasn't supposed to say much as she was held hostage, but the presence of cal was having it's effect on her, what she felt for him rose to it's peak she was falling in love again.

Hmm Cal and Gray sighed as she talked about the war.

How much do you know about this said war? Gray enquired further.

Well not much, Dad made me promised him to be strong as there would be a war in no distant time from now, and that only my bravery will be required for us to stay alive.

Just as she rounded off her words the car pulled up at Cal's grand pa's house Cal took the girl in while Gray Blindfolded  and bundled him in.
At the door, Snow answered them, she did roll her big brown eyes as she set eyes on Lisa, no doubt Lisa was a fine teenage girl, and this had place a lump in Snows heart, she feared of reawaken feelings.
Who is she Cal? Lisa asked as snow kept rolling her eyes.

That question will do you no good Miss!!

Hey!!! Easy Snow, Cal cautioned and she swayed away showing displeasure.

Humphrey was bundled into a dark dusty room it was late already, so the room was dark, because no form of lamination was put on in the room, they had wanted the man to stay in the room even after he has woken up from his knock out, without scampering away, or find out a way to escape.

Are you going to leave me here like this with this cuff still on my hands?

Well I have no choice, nothing stops the child of a lion from being one, who knows you could escape into the night.

What are you up to?

Someone asked from upstairs, it was Smart he has been upstairs all the while.

Nothing Bro am just making sure our prisoner doesn't escape the prison.

Well this is no prison, so I suggest you let the girl be! Smart said.
What?? Cal asked.

Yea you heard me bro, I mean she can't run away her father is still here, he said while Lisa turned to look at him, she was dazzled, This was a fine piece of natures work he looks so handsome like s
that was just torn out of its sealed carton, she seems to forget about her predicament, and focus on the cute Chinese boy who was pleading on her behalf, It registered in her heart right there, that after Cal this was the next guy in the world's cute boys list.
Yea You are right!! she heard cal say as his Husky Calm voice intruded her thoughts, If there was one thing she loved about Cal aside his witty cuteness, it was his calm voice no matter what it was, Cal always spoke so calm that his voice could pacify the meanest of all hearts.

The cuff was unlocked and her wrist and ankle were free she could walk now.

I can see you made new friends, Lisa Said directing her questions to Cal, even when smart was still present, She noticed his gazes were on her, and she tried to focus her attention back to Cal.

Yea as you can see Cal replied.
Can I come upstairs with you?? Lisa asked
Ok, he replied.

Gray was upstairs he had been working on the system ever since they arrived, he knew there was no much time to play around, he had to strike the Hive down as soon as possible, and focus on the 7. All thanks to the helping hand he has on ground, Cal has proven to be a very Useful instrument for the mission, Neil was a good teacher, he will do everything in his power to honour his name and bring hive and the 7 down, Humphery was already with down, they will torture him and milk him dry of every Information they needed to know.

But wouldn't it be better for us to take him to a more secured location? Gray thought deep, it's only a matter of days before hive fish out where the fool is and here becomes automatically a target, and this will be very dangerous for the Kids, he thought.

Lisa Followed Cal upstairs while smart looked at her from the back his eyes caught her swaying perky ass, he fantasies about it, and Just then she turned her head back and caught him looking at her, he quickly moved his eyes and look down while she shook her head.
What??? What are you doing here with her?? Snow asked in dismay the moment they both stepped their feet into the room.



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