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BLOOD BATH - Episode 18


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 18

©Cal Empéror

(In Bed With The CIB)

Hey Daddy, you really had a time at the bar last night, that you came home drunk why is that???

It's nothing baby, I only hangout with some friends, and they insisted I go down with some more bottle hope you ain't mad at me?

Not much daddy, you just have to do away with that company of friends I told him.

Meanwhile I think there is something you need to know daddy!

Oh is that? He asked adjusting himself on the couch.

Yes it's about mom and the Cal's family, I don't think Mr henry killed mom, and from what I gather, it was one Mr Rex who had arranged the kill, probably because he was vying for the position given to mom.

Don't you think I know that already sweetie??

What you do? I asked in shock and surprise!

Yes I know for a long time now.

Then why the fuses?? Why do you hate the late Henry's family even when they had nothing to do with mom's death??

It's because Mr Henry sent me to prison, they wanted to take you away from me, if not that the former mayor ordered a release of all prisoners, I would have still been in gaol, and there all my life, taken away from my daughter, you would barely have the least idea who you daddy was, and that would have made me forfeit the promise I made to Beth about taking car of you.

Hmm you are right daddy, but I guess it's time to stop the hate, and let's move on, I really wish I can lay my hands on the so called Mr Rex.

Well we can't sweetie, Because he died a long time ago.

I love you daddy!!

I love you too my Jewel,
Today is Saturday, why don't you follow me to the mall, I have got something to show you, more like a surprise.

I shuffled myself in the front seat of the Cadillac Sedan, and we zoomed off to the mall, I was anxious to see daddy's surprise.

We got to the mall, the place was quite busy, as many teenager moved about the mall, it was the end of the week, most of the boys present did have female partners they gist and laugh, I took a glance at one corner to see a boy pushing pop corn on a girls mouth, and they erupted in loud laughter, So cute my heart read loud to me.
I hurried up to catch up with dad who was ascending the Staircase.

This way he said and I followed, soon we got to a basement, there was a slightly visible touchpad on the wall, dad imputed some figures on it, and and the wall cracked.

Whoa I was amazed as the wall gave way, dad walked in and ushered me in the place was cozy and filled with bright blue lights, I went in to see arrays of computers, with different people on corporate dresses working on them.

We kept on walking and I kept on looking at the different sophisticated computers at the place.

This is Hive Dad said.

What do they do?

Oh hive is an operation, that is attached to the new world I told you about, they own this building and the mall, this is where I work…

What??? You work here? I asked, things were getting somehow, I am confused, dad always said he works at the mall as a sales rep, and now here we are and he is telling me about working in hive.

Yes I know it's not gonna go down well with you, because this is so much to hide away from one's daughter, but I think it's for the best or don't you trust me?? He asked.

I didn't spill a word.

See Lisa come off it, you were bound to know about this anyways, sooner or later? But here we are, so embrace it, you know daddy knows best he said while I nodded, just then we passed a section where heavily armed men were training, and their grunting and panting filled the air.

They came to a halt when dad and I passed.

Who are they?

They are the Hive agents.

Whoa!! I said but something looked fishy about them, their attire was exactly the one that the serial killer in town put on, if the media was exactly correct, then from this attire, I can tell that hive must have something to do with the killer.

I kept calm and watched I didn't say a word about my observations to dad.

We kept on walking till we got to his office.

He treated me to a special breakfast.

But I wasn't comfortable here, everything looked suspicious, including dad, but I didn't say a word about it. I tried my best to hide my feelings.

Till we were set to go late in the evening.

We have been keeping an eye on Humphrey and his daughter, ever since they stepped out of their house.

I was yet to figure what my family got to do with Lisa's mom, we over heard their discussion through the chip that was planted on Humphrey body, the chip was not just a tracker a transmitter was also connected to it and it was also undetectable, the security at hive was not able to detect it even when Humphrey entered his office that morning, so we were able to get most of Humphrey's conversations and through his day at the office.

Snovas and Smart, please keep an eye on Humphrey and His daughter with the system, I and Cal will go out and nab them Grayson said.

Why don't you just get rid of the stimulant under your skin, and let's forget about this whole mission thing Smart asked.

No no, Smart, The stimulant under my skin is not just any stimulant, it is the source of power to the City, once I destroy it, the city will be left in total darkness, plus it's a special one, it was created by one of the world best scientists, a 10 times upgrade of any stimulant you can find in the word, I lectured, while Smart sighed.
Ok can we go now boy??

Yea i said and we entered his car and zoomed off.

Some axis away from Hive's Mall, we parked our car, we initiated the Tracker on the iPad, and soon it came live, Humphrey was Just leaving the office we saw him walk to the park according to the layout of the building on the map, that was all we got before we were knocked out.

Shit I cursed.

He detected the Chip.

Holyshit!!! Gray cursed.

Guys guys calm down Snow said through the bud, I think we ain't knocked out entirely, what if we are able to hack into the surveillance camera in the building, we might me able to see get a clue of which route he will take.

Godddamn you are right, Gray said.

Ok let's set to work, gray tried to hack the front view CCTV, but it wasn't showing forth, all access were denied, I took the iPad from him and tried my tricks, it wasn't working, so I initiated Uncle Neil's hack Software, the program ran through, and we gained access.

I got it I said. The radius of the Camera lens was of a wide range, we were able to see the Cadillac moving fast on the road. I caught a glimpse of Lisa, my heart beat fast and dropped, it's been long I set my eyes on her.

I soon noticed another car tagging Humphrey's Cadillac, I zoomed the clip, and got to see the car all filled with Hive men, they were Six.

They were actually coming towards our route.

You saw that? I asked Gray.
Yea are you nervous?

No let's take down these sons of a bitch.

Good he the rifle, and I turned to the back seat, I made do with the Submachine Guns, while Gray armed himself with the Kalashnikov.

Our car was placed on a reversed gear.

This will make shooting easier.
25mins later, the SUV containing the Hive Ghosts, surfaced and the Cadillac was at the back.

They opened fire on us, But Gray's Car was bullet proof, he puncture a hole through the front windscreen, and put out the nozzle of his gun and started shooting, he aimed at the front tyre of the SUV, and ran bullets on the bonnets, soon it was smoky and I could tell the vehicle was about to explode, the men ran out of the car, and this was our chance, we shot at them while they tried to take cover, few moments later the six men were down, we came down form our car to see Humphrey trying to reverse his car back to where he was coming from, Gray launched a shot on the two back tyres, the car somersaulted and came to a stop, we waited a minute before we rushed to the car, we opened it and found the car empty.

Shit they got away, I said.


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