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BLOOD BATH - Episode 17


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 17

©Cal Empéror

(In Bed With The CIB)

What do we have here??
Grayson asked after a few exchange of pleasantries.

Not Much, I was able to hack Hive, and I got a few leads.

That's great, how untraceable are you?

99.9 Sir.

Good Neil did a good Job with you, so what's your plan with your friends??

They will be part of the mission I said.

Well if you say so, but as for me, I think it's not safe for them.

No matter what you say, I am not leaving here, Snow intruded, while Smart assisted.

Oh you guys are teaming up he said with a little smile playing on his lips, while I shrugged my shoulders.

You can be a little useful girlie, Gray continued.

I did dig up Humphrey, and I got to know his routines, he will be hanging out at a bar tonight, I want you to go to the bar and keep an eye on him, he loves brunette bitches, and you will do just fine Gray said, that didn't go down well with me.

Can't we find another girl for this Job?

I know what you feel Cal, but we don't have all the time to be looking for another girl.

I will be fine Cal, Snow pacified, I only shook my head.

Make sure you are the only girl he is with tonight, can you do that??
Yes Gray, Snow replied.

At 7pm a chip was given to Snow, she was to place it on Humphrey's body.

A bud was connected to her ear.

Gray's Car took us down to the bar, Smart and I shuffled our way to the rest room we made sure the door was securely locked, and we took out a laptop and intercepted the surveillance camera at the bar, soon Snow was on sight, we saw her as she made to go over to a table.

You know you have to behave normal for target not to get a glimpse of what we are up to, I said through the ear bud, and Snow freaked out.

It was her first time using it so it was strange to her.

Now calm down Snow, Gray said he was at Grand pa's house but he still had one of the bud connected to his ear.

I will try to be fine she said.

Soon she walked to up to the man who was chilling with a bottle of Scotch.

Do you mind I take a seat?

No no not at all.

Thank you, I can see you are having a great time.

Yea Sure You must be new here!
Yea I am actually new in the city too, you know I am a young tourist in my final year at school.
Oh that's great, Just the way I like them Young and pure Fresh out.

So how much does a night cost!
What?? I am no whore, I just told you I am a tourist, we were listening to their conversation and watching them, I could tell Snow was pissed off, but she still had to get her head in the game.

So what's your name??

I am Humphrey and you??

I am Jessica,

Whoa Jessica You know I have a daughter Just like you, but the only difference between the both of you is that you look Chinese.

Oh a lot of people say that often, but the thing is my mother is a Chinese woman so it's a gene thing.

You are such a nice girl, I just wish I could have you under my arms, Humphrey must have probably been drunk, but what ever it was, it wasn't going down well with me.

Snow was playing her role perfectly well, Smart had looked me up and patted me, you will pull through, don't let Jealousy get in the way and cause a sabotage, you know we still have a long way to go, Humphrey is not the only Guy in the picture, there are 7 more guys to continue the mission with or without Humphrey, so let's focus.

That's the damn truth Gray said through the bud while I kept my head down and watched.

Now if you are a little bit of a good boy, we could go over the bed after a few more drinks and I will blow your dick, Snow said sipping a little from her glass.

What??? Are you for real??

Yea only if you have a room here!!
We can always book one Humphrey said acting childishly, I knew it was the effect of the alcohol, and the scantily cover boobs Snow was displaying, she did dress to kill that night.

Soon after a few more bottles, Humphrey was knocked over, his speech was slurred, he was barely conscious of his environment.
Let's Go baby.

He said dragging Snow who tagged along.

While in the room he booked, She made him strip, and worked her hands on his dick, she slurp the dick down her throat, and from the look on Humphrey's Face he was lost,Enjoying the sensation.
Get the Chip in place now, I said to her, and she fondled her way, soon she fixed it under his skin, while still blowing him, he barely could tell what was going on.
In position, she said while we breath down.

What's in position baby?? Humphrey asked in a slurred manner.

No thing honey pie, I was only asking if you were in position to cum.

No no not so soon Sweetie you mouth is so sweet, will you allow me cum in it?

Yucckkk me and smart said while the ever calm Grayson Sighed.

No no baby I don't like the taste of cum, but I can manage a precum.
Soon she was done, and we all found our way to the car, Smart took the wheel, while I sat calm at the back.

That was a show you pulled out there you know, smart complemented her.

Just shut up fool, My baby is not happy with it.

Aiiyee Ma He said.


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