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BLOOD BATH - Episode 13


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 13

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

I went to the park to meet Snovas, I was not happy I had to leave her at such short notice, but I was glad my uncle did gave me time to make it a worth while.

We had fun and kissed, we shared our Chapman and laugh hard.
She suggested we go to the wood, and soon we entered the truck that convey visitors round the Park's wood.

Snovas had chosed a scary theme, she said she love horror, I was new to it, but it was fun at first, some scary ghost did appears in our view, I had almost jumped out of the truck while she held me tight and laughed at me.

It was getting scarier and more fun, but soon I felt the dangers lurking, we had come down from the truck to continue our wood tour with legs when all of a sudden a figure wearing one of the ghost costume appeared, we had thought it was here to scare us, but he didn't he just walked up to me and held me and started dragging me away, I shocked
Is this still part of the fun? I called out to snovas, but I couldn't hear her as the figure dragged me away, soon I heard shuffling and muffles.

Leave me alone I heard the sharp scream, and I knew at once that this was no more fun, I shove the figure holding me very hard, he wasn't expecting me, I dealt him blows continuously till he was knocked out and I ran towards the direction where I heard Snow's voice, I saw the figure still dragging her, and I ran towards them and gave the figure a spear, and it left go off her at once, they bother were shocked, but I didn't relent, I launched an attack and dealt with the fool till it was weak, snovas watched me in awe, when I was done, I ripped off the costume.


Death Hive I saw written under the breast line of the man's cloth.
We have to leave here immediately, I told snow.

She had been reluctant leaving.
Do you know who they are and why they attacked us she asked still breathing hard.

This is not the time for questions let's go, I said dragging her hand, and we started running away till we got to the main park.

The main park was full with people swaying their bodies and having fun.

I was still surprised that Hive had found me so soon, and for the first time I regretted not listening to him about leaving, we would have been safe, and I would have surely come back for Snow.

We met Smart in the main park he was dancing along a music they were playing.

Hey buddy he called.

I had tried to wave him off, while maneuvering my way through the crowd.

Hey Freddy wait.

Not today smart, if you wanna know you'd Join me in the race.
Fine if you are in haste, I brought my dad's car.

Oh that will be fine, I said and he led us to the car, as he started the engine, I saw men of the Hive they were actually chasing after us, but we were fast and they retreated.

So where are you headed to?

Just let us take Snow back home.
No baby the all quiet Snow finally spoke out.

I want to be with you Freddy, You know Today is your last day in town, I want to be with you all through, don't let some psychopaths ruin the fun we started already, she said ignorantly and I shook my head.

Wait Fred are you leaving town, Smart asked
Yea but for a while I replied him.
Hmm that's risky, our final exam is around the corner.

Yea I know but it's urgent.

We finally too Snow to her house after much persuasion to let me go.

Now you have been acting weird all day Freddy, common what's going on? Smart ask.

It's nothing man Just take me home, and do step a little heard on the accelerator.

Hmm ok he said.

When we got home, I went straight inside the house, without even locking the door, I didn't ask Smart to follow me, but he did.

Uncle Neil!! Uncle Neil!!! I called but there was no response, and my heart began to beat fast.

Uncle Neil!!!

There was no response, so I did press the codes on the door that led to the strong room and entered he must be here my heart raced, Smart followed from behind, though I didn't know who asked him to follow.

I hell he wasn't, I had checked the surveillance cameras, and viewed activities of the previous hours, and there it was, men cladded in all black had stormed the house and took uncle Neil away, he had initiated a fight, but they were more, they overpowered him.

Nooooo I screamed as I hit hard on the system. It was all because of me.

Where the hell did they take him to?

I unplugged on of the system, and took it, I didn't mind the being following me up and down, even when he had flooded my ears with over a thousand question, I went upstairs to uncle Neil's room, I made for his SKG, I took the gun out, smart was shocked to see it, not minding his expression, I headed out of the house,
Get your car I commanded him and he did at once.

I knew hive would be heading here in no moment from now, since they couldn't get me at the park.

As Smart drove the car away he had asked.

Where are we going to??

Just drive around town till I figured a location.

Good, he said This is it man, This is it You are ordering me around as if I am your slave, you ain't saying a word to me, I have got the least Idea of what is going on, I tolerated you put a gun in my car, but you don't dim it for to let me in on whatever it is that is making you act abnormal, is that what friends do?? He asked, and this pricked me hard, I have been very unfair to the boy.

I caused this, I shouldn't unleash the rage on someone else, it was my mess I had to clean it up.

Yea am sorry man, but you see you will not understand what is going on, Just take me to the waterfall and go home.

No man whatever troubles you troubles me, so tell me, I will take you to where ever it is you wanna go.

Fine Fine, the people that attacked us in the park, they came to my home kidnapped my uncle, I said to him, I knew he didn't by the lie, but I had to let it be.


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