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BLOOD BATH - Episode 12


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 12

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

Hey Lisa you did had a good time in school today? I said to my daughter, as I opened the door to my house, she was busy watching a movie with her teddy bear seated under her arm.

Yes Daddy, and how is work?

Just fine we will talk over dinner, I said as I went upstairs.
Ok daddy she purred like I little puppy.

I had finally figured a way of luring Lisa into being strong and teaching her how to fight.

Few hours later we both sat at the dinning, dishing out food and talking, I had said funny sweet things to her and she erupted in laughter.

Halfway through the meal I brought up the Topic.


Yes Daddy??

You know I told you I was gonna discuss something over dinner, I asked searching her eyes to see if she have forgotten.

Yes that's right I remember.
Good. Now am gonna tell you about mummy and some few other things.

Whoa she sounded excited.
I opened my mouth and narrated the whole ordeal to her.

When I was done she was in a terrible state she seem to freeze at her seat, but I had to cheer her up.
What so you mean My mom was killed by Cal's Dad, and he had you locked up in prison?
Yes daughter.

I hate that family, I hate them she said with a new obsession for the Henry's.

She looked gloomy and sad I did my best to cheer her.

It's in the past now Lisa, you know mommy won't be proud to see you like this now! I said and that helped to brighten her a little.

When she had looked up I placed my index finger under her Jaw line.

Now Baby, I don't want you to be defenseless like mummy, I want to teach you how to be strong,
especially now that the city is turn apart by psychopaths serial killers.

You really need to be strong and tenacious to pull through Veronica City and Survive My Princess, one day daddy might be no more, there will be a whole new world, I world where both human and robots will interbreed, but before the new world comes there will be a strong tussle, and for you to pull through you need the tenacity, the ferociousness of a Lion, I said to her and that met a confused expression on her face.

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What are you talking about daddy, You sound scary, and you also sound like you are gonna die soon, please don't die daddy, I need you, I can't be all left alone in this world.

If you need me to stay alive my jewel, then you have to show to me that you are brave.

How do I show you daddy? She asked eargerly.

I will teach you baby.

A war is coming and only the brave will survive.

What?? Which war? You sound so sure.

Yes I feel it baby girl I feel it, with the situation of things, with the way people are been killed, and serial killers leashed out in the city, don't you see it, for many months now were have lived with the threats on our lives, many families are gone.

Yes I feel it daddy, I am scared.
You have me, you don't have to be scared and I promise I will teach you to be brave.

Teach me now daddy, she said, I saw the enthusiasm in her, and my heart tingled up with Joy.

Getting to know that my mom was killed, and she never died at my birth, was heartbreaking, My whole life was a lie, I have lived with that idea for over 10yrs.

I was supposed to be mad at dad for keeping that from me, but I didn't, I saw the reason why he never told me, he never wanted me to be broken.

With the new revelation, all the feelings I once nursed up for that stupid dead boy died down.

I was so happy they were all dead, if not I would have gone to give Mr Henry a piece of my heart, and Land Cal a slap. I was disgust at myself for falling for the boy.

Dad has promised to teach me to be strong.

I had Jog out on Saturday, and the training session had commence, I will be a strong girl, I will fight and let mom's memory live on through me, I will never be helpless like her. I will be strong like daddy. I had watched him knock off a boy from the football team down the street when he tried to touch me one day, though it was a long time now, by Daddy Is A Superman.

The Young boy that had introduced himself as Van has proved to be needy, he will make our work very easy, I tipped him off with ¥200 Chinese Yen.

He promised to give me results the next day.

I fixed a rendezvous point, it was the city's Park.

Hey Cal it's 7pm we gat to leave town.

Yea you heard me, Hive's traced us to China, I don't know how much time we've got before they break in here and cart away with you and the stimulants, Pack your things I said in haste, as I was fixing some stuff in my briefcase.

Am not Leaving. He said to loud my hearing.


You heard me I said I am not leaving.

Now you gotta be kidding, common get your head in the game and pack up your things.
I never signed up for this, He yelled.

Neither did I, but now this is got your parents killed and now they are after us, so you better be a good boy and pack up the car is ready.

I said, but he never say a word, instead he sat straight across the sofa and increased the volume of the TV, which left me shocked.
Wait wait, I said while he lowered the volume of the TV.

Is this because of the girl??, what is her name Snovas.

Hmm he said.

Ok I get it, I will buy you a night to say goodbye to her, but do not resist me tomorrow, cause I will be forced to knock you out and bundle you to the plane.

A night??? That will be too….. It's fine uncle, he said when he saw the look on my Face.

You are the best Uncle in the world, he said scampering to his feet.

I heard him called Snovas, and he mentioned they meet at the Qingdao City Park.

We can always come back for her when all this is over boy, I said as he hurried off to meet his love while I shook my head.


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