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BLOOD BATH - Episode 11


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 11

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

It was a tensed up day for me, as I sat surfing and inputing codes on my computers in my control room, for Everyone that knows me Bone's got the idea I had a control room in the mansion, not even when I was dating Maria my Ex girlfriend, she never got to know, because I kept it secret.

Only Cal has gotten the opportunity of entering into the room, and he has only entered there twice, when I was teaching him how to run barcodes and encrypt his messages if he must use the internet, especially this period we were hiding undercover.

I was running a program on my software, I had typed a link, I noticed the server link was broken .
Oh shit, there was a Red Padlock on the search bar which showed that it was unprotected.

When did all this happen, I cursed as I punctured the keyboard trying to find the caused and probably a way to salvage the situation if it has not gone bad.

I was hoping the deed hadn't been done, most of my top file were encrypted there, and the program hold the security of all my system, Just as the program run and completed, there it stared at me in the face, every of my data was showing error, and they were all unprotected.

In a couple of minutes I was knocked out of my own Security software.

I fused with anger, I knew our cover was blown, and definitely Hive had a hand in it.

There was no time, we have to leave the city at once. I made to call Cal so we could both leave the city before hive comes knocking, I didn't know how much time we have left, but I wasn't taken chance.

The only hunch I had on Hive or should I saw Intel, were all encrypted in the software application that was corrupted.
As I picked up my phone, a knock came to the door.

I had pulled a drawer and take out a short gun, but then I initiated the surveillance camera outside the house, and it picked on the face of one of the agents from the CIB fully claded on the CIB Suit, he was Superior Agent Grayson he was standing at my door step, so I stuff the gun back to the drawer, but brought it out at an after thought ‘‘No One Is To Be Trusted In The Time Of War’’

‘‘Fate Whispers To The Warrior’’ The he quoted as I stood to receive him at the door

‘‘The Storm Is Coming’’ I replied
‘‘And The Warrior Whispers Back’’ he continued,

‘‘I Am The Storm’’ I said finally,
Ushering him into the living room. Undercover Agents of the CIB always go through the process of reciting those quotes anytime they cross path, and on very special occasions.

I wondered what had brought Agent Grayson to my house that afternoon, a silence linger on between us as he sat staring at nothing, my curiosity grew as the silences lasted, but then he finally spoke up.

Agent Neil, The CIB is under threat, the security details and the organization server has been breached, we had tried our best in restoring the server, but on thorough examination, the intruders had only dim it fit to hack into our system because he wanted to steal Intel on you. As he mentioned that I took breath down while he continued.

Now I am here to ask you, have you in anyway let your guards down? And what have you been up to
The General had wanted me to call you to report to the office, but I did have to come by myself.

You are our best man Neil, he continued not letting me say a word. Whatever you are doing please play safe we can't afford to lose you, he said and stood up to take his leave, it was very much like Agent Grayson, he always leave you in the middle of wanting to say something, he would asked you a question, and continued talking, he leaves when he is done talking, and wouldn't allow you say a word.

I knew I needed to leave town for a while so I called him back when he was taking his last step through the exit.

Sir!! I called and he turned.

Yes Neil!!

I will be leaving town for a while.
Oh if I hadn't come, you wouldn't have bothered letting me know??

No sir I planned of calling you later in the day, I said as we both walked out of the door.

It's ok I will register your absence, he said giving me a pat on my shoulders.

I stood as I watched him entered his car and drove off.

Snubbing Snovas was not the right thing to do, Vanessa called after me as we pushed through the crowd.

You have no idea Vanessa.

Hmm were you together? She asked, but I couldn't answer that, so I just looked her up and hastened my steps.

Hey Fred wait!! She called running after me.

I did wait, It's not it Vanessa,
It's ok she said and Just then Smart walked up to me.

Hey man, still brooding?

Nop not anymore, I am sorry about yesterday, I pleaded.
It's nothing, he said as the three of us walked out
What are you guys talking about, Vanessa wanted to know, Smart was too Loud and Fast, He made to say,
Fred walked out……

But I cut him short, I walked out on him because we were arguing about football yesterday and he was supporting Dead Chelsea Club I said and gave the confused Smart a wink.

And this made her laugh, why smart played along.

Is Chelsea really a dead club? Yes I said while Smart argued playing along the line.

I don't know any football club outside the Chinese football Club, she said.

Oh we said.

Later that day, during break I told Smart that I didn't want Vanessa to know about my transient relationship with Snovas, and Just as we did talk and munch our chip, she walked up to us.
I did gave a frown, but she wasn't moved by it.

We need to talk Fred she said, as Smart immediately stood up to excuse us.

Ok go on I finally said.

Not here in the Cafe she said, but I was adamant.

Please Fred Just Follow me we really need to talk, she pleaded, I was moved and I followed her.
She led me to an old block, she opened a door, and let us in.

Where is this I asked as I look around to see the room beautiful decorated with beautiful landscape and scenery pictures of flowers and birds.

This is my hidden gallery she said.
Oh nice I commended even though I was mad at her.

Yea I know Fred, Let's talk about us, What's up with the attitude? You have been all cold to me since morning, you didn't chat me up at night, You embarrassed my at the hallway why Freddy?? What happened over the night, she sounded very emotional as tear began clouding her big brown eyes.

It pricked my heart, but I had to man up.
When were you going to tell my that you are with Van? Is said facing the ground, and forcing the tears that have gathered on my eyes from falling.

Why didn't you ask? She said now sobbing.

I was with him but not anymore Freddy she said now the tears was running freely from her eyes,
I was gladdened by what she said, but I was sad I had acted foolishly, I didn't wait to hear from her I caused her to cry.

Damn me I said.

I am sorry snow I said and she crashed her head on my chest, I opened my hands and wrapped it round her in embrace,
I am sorry I said again.

It's ok sweetie, I should have told you before hand,
Smart told me I said.

Oh she said and continue I know he is not happy with me because I am was with Van.

We will fix that he is a good boy, and she gave a smile that brought out her beautiful dimples (Huh have you seen a Chinese girl with dimples before ??)

So what happened with Van I asked I noticed her mood dropped.

I am sorry we could talk about it another time.

No no it's fine, she said.

He was a cool boy before, but did change his attitude when we entered the final year at high school, I was attracted to him, but he turned to a beast, he always yell at me and sometimes throw a punch, he made me do nasty things, he introduced me into BDSM and always make me masturbate at home and in school, I became addicted to masturbation, at some point he had fingered me at school, and made me give him a blowjob at the boys washroom.

Hmm that's bizarre I said as the revelation of things hit me.
Now am not gonna pretend as if I know what the word BDSM means, you gonna enlighten me on that I said.

Yea, I never knew what it meant, or if such things exist till Van introduced me to them, he said BDSM meant Bondage and Submission, it was a form of Sex that requires one been confined and trapped to heavy metals, and become exposed for sex.

At some point Van had used horsewhips on my pussy, and nipples he will hit me hard on those areas, hurting me real bad, he will always say they generated pleasures, but I must confess there was no pleasure, it was just pained, I would cry anytime he tie me up like a goat and have sex with me,.He said I was his little Slut.

Hmm for heavens sake why didn't you cry out?

Because he was a bully, I only freed myself when he showed one of my nude pictures to his friends, calling me his bitch, and they didn't keep that to their self, one day one of them had walked me up to say Hey Van's bitch. That was the height of it all, I did broke up with him with a threat that I was gonna tell my Daddy and the police, and ever since then he's been off the hook.

Omg, it's ok dear, you are no more with him, am sorry for the embarrassment I did make you go through today, I should have known better, I apologised again.
It's Fine Freddy, Promise me you will never leave me.

I promise dear, I said.

And we kissed for a while.
Getting to look for the boy will take days of through search, but I had deploy men and did search for him my own way, the stimulant signal was very strong at Qingdao High School, so I and the boys had pulled up in the school, we searched but couldn't find him I had a picture of him with me, I showed it to a boy who was a bit masculine, and he said.

Oh Fred New dude I know him.

Good, do you know where he lives?

No but I could find my way if I want to.

That would be nice what is your name?

My name is Van..


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