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Black Heart- Chapter2


BLACK HEART( Dear Mariel )
Black Heart- Chapter2


No i won't!! I replied Mariel shakily.
Poppa please i don't want you dead!She said.
Lucas is such a devil.
I only borrowed $100,000 from him and now,he's demanding for $350,000...
If i did not find his money within 48hours,he's gonna take my daughter with him forever.
No! I can't just give out my daughter to this beast.
I looked at him.
He's grimmixing"
Guards take her! He instructed.
No let go off me you dumbass"Mariel shouted and tried to fight them,but they are way too strong for her.
Lucas smirked"
He really derives pleasure in taking away peoples happiness.

Mariel POV
It was like a cancer that eats down the depth of ones heart.
No dad!!!
I watched as the wicked Lucas pushed him roughly"
Please Sir'
We gotta give you your money tomorrow" i begged again.
He looked at me.....
I don't know why his eye looked like that"
His bright green eye became black.
His fist was clenched"
Tomorrow! He repeated.
Guards leave her" he commanded them....
Let's leave...
But don't trynna run away, because my men are watching over you and your father"he whispered coldly into my ears.
His voice is so cold and I wondered why an old man at 70 should be as ruthless as that".
He went out with his men".
I ran to Lutral"
Are you okay??? I asked.
He spit out blood".....
Sorry dad,
I stood up and get him some syrup"
I helped him seat on the comfty coach"
I know he is in deep pain.
Sorry dad,
We gotta get over this"
Are you sure? He questioned.
Lutral POV
I know Lucas is a devil,
He had an eye on my daughter"
I regretted my actions.
I should not have borrowed money from him.
I don't want anything to happen to Mariel"
I would rather prefer dying for her"

I laid flatly on my bed with different thoughts running through my mind"
I know what to do"
I would wake up early,then go get some rose flowers, and i will take them for sale'...
That won't work....
I really don't know how to get the money.
Oh my God "
We're in for trouble"

Jeffrey POV
Today's show was lit"
It was really superb"
Girls here'
Girls there"
I have my bad side tho"
I don't know why I'm always ruthless.
Father thought me to be like that"
I was like this since i was six.
It all started like this...
19years ago
I was six then"
I can still remember clearly $
That day,father came in drunk"
Then the next thing,
He pulled a gun from his waist belt....
Jeff,i want you to shoot this your favorite pet"
Dad i can't!!
I really love it....
It's my favourite pet"
Jeff!!! He shouted....
His voice suddenly became cold.
Do it now!! He ordered...
No!! I walked away.
Like a flash,he appeared in my front.
Do it!!! He shouted...
No dad! I retorted.
The next thing,
You won't believe my Dad.
My own dad brought out a clipper and plugged out my finger"
He brought out an electric clipper and plugged out my little finger."
I cried in agony"
That was when he taught me how to pull the trigger"
I pulled it,and my favourite pet died instantly.

Don't feel bad to loss anything,because whenever a tree losses its leave,another one is ready to take it's place" he whispered into my ears and went into his inner chamber.....
He left me there in agony"....
I looked at my own finger on the floor.
I picked it up and looked at it in horror'"
Though, another one grew,but i remained ruthless as ever"
Throughout my lifetime, i had only helped a girl and that was when i was seven"
I saved at her at the seashore"
She was drowning in the river, so i just had to help her"
I don't know what prompted me to do it,but Dad told me never to help anyone.
Till now, i don't even know his reason for saying that.
How was it

What do you think of Lucas???
Let's see sha"

To Be Continued


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