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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Twelve (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

It was about one month after Akunna’s disappearance. The students of
Nnamdi Azikiwe who never knew that she had been sacrificed kept waiting
for her return, though with lost hope and sorrow.
It was a big lesson to the entire students to get it into their heads the fact
that initiating into illegal and treacherous fraternities could only lead them to
Amarachi was ready to go back to school after Dave had made every
arrangement for her; rented an apartment, updated her wardrobe and assisted
in any way he could just to get her back to her first-class position. In addition
to his efforts in making her comfortable, he met with the lecturers and fulfilled
Amy’s wish to rewriting the entire exams to make her grades without a
The entire lecturers agreed to the terms except for Professor Nwoko who
for no reason insisted that either the old grade remains or Amarachi would fail
his course if she writes another exam. He was the youngest professors in the
school but very principled, tough and unsmiling.
When it was time to go back to school, Amy got her luggage into the
trunk of the e-vogue but was so reluctant to resume school with such an
exotic car. Her innate humility couldn’t allow her to master the life of the rich.
Ego Oyibo who had already become the chief cook of the house because
of her professional cuisine was so happy that her daughter was finally going
back to school. She knew that Amarachi would always do her proud but at the
same time she was sad because she’d miss her dearly.
That clement morning, Amy who was supposed to be happy was so sad
because of the neighing of the horse next door. A rich man that was neither
seen nor heard who lived adjacent to her residence had a horse that always
makes Amarachi have the imagery of Akunna being taking away as she mounted that horse that rode her to the inevitable hands of death. Due to this,
Amy was always uncomfortable whenever the horse neighs.
The habit of going to her mom for blessings had already been mastered by
Amy, so she; after dressing up and getting her luggage ready in the SUV, went
straight to her mom’s room. Getting there, the door was already open unlike
her mom’s usual way of getting the door closed and bolted. She pushed the
door wide open and scouted around to know if Ego Oyibo was there. Lo and
behold, her mom was still in bed and weeping furtively.
Seeing her daughter, she quickly wiped her tears and feigned a smile. “My
beautiful Mkpulumma,” she called in a husky tone, and then cleared her
throat, “are you ready to leave?”
Amarachi already knew that her mom was crying before her entrance,
making the feeling mutual. The contagious tears got immediately announced
in her eye but she didn’t just want to show it but remained strong so that her
mom wouldn’t lose it.
“Ego Oyibo, Nnem,” she called and held her mom. At this time, tears
couldn’t be fought back because it was an emotional moment for them. Amy
felt like leaving without a goodbye but that wouldn’t help at all because of the
hollowness it would create if she dares.
“My daughter, God will surely bless you,” she said and held Amy by the
shoulder but Amy preferred to kneel, so she did and held her mom closely by
the thigh, “I pray that goodness and mercy of God would never depart from
“Amen,” she responded with her eyes wide shut.
“The angels will guide you, keep you and not allow you to go anywhere
that the mercy of God will not protect you,”
“Amen...amen,” she kept responding with rapt attention, meditation, and
“When you come back,” Ego said and pulled her up, and then made her sit
beside her, “I will tell you about the Urhobo people that would come for me. In a nutshell, they’re already around but yet to locate me. It is twenty years
Amarachi got more tensed with that cliffhanger but had to be patient
until her mom reveals the real truth about Urhobo that kept her mind
troubled. She kissed her mom’s forehead and left in a flash to avoid weeping
before her.
When she got to the hallway, she burst into inevitable tears because she
was finally leaving her mom to continue with her education. As the tears
lasted on her, the good feelings of the school life she’d missed suddenly
overtook her; the feelings came with it an ecstasy that she couldn’t just
explain. Amy was once again happy to reconnect with her friends in school,
especially being assured that Uremma who was meant to be the cause of her
woes had become a friend.
Dave was already prepared to leave too, but he had his driver already
waiting. He couldn’t just understand how he suddenly became a gentleman
around Amy, unlike the hit-man that used to have any girl at his beck and call.
His life was suddenly and speedily metamorphosing into a responsible one
even against his will. Even his friends started to notice his constant
withdrawals from the usual guy’s hangout and group nefarious activities. He
was transforming and it was glaring to all but no one dares question the
Amy in the secret chamber of her heart was already deeply in love with
Dave but she never showed that she cared about him much because she lives
with him in the same house, and her mom was present too. She felt it would be
kind of disrespectful to get intimate with a man right under her mom’s nose.
But aside maintenance of some etiquettes and principles, she wasn’t assured
that Uremma wasn’t in Dave life anymore because Dave never for once told
her that he wasn’t dating her anymore. For the aforementioned reasons, Amy
kept her feelings in check to avoid missing the track or encountering a story
that touches the heart.
Oji isi who travelled for a while suddenly entered the compound. He’d
been on a supervisory role as an architect in charge of the duplex that Dave
was building for Amy and her mom. He exchanged some pleasantries with
Dave’s driver and entered into the gym for some morning exercise.
As Amarachi wanted to leave the house, she realised that Dave was about
to leave too, so she went to him and pulled him to a corner.
“I want to ask for your permission,” she said wrapping her hands around
his neck.
Ujunwa observed on a sly because she was eager for her brother to
propose to Amy but they seemed to be wasting some time she couldn’t
understand anything about.
“What’s the permission all about, Nneoma (Good woman)?” Dave asked
and held her by the waist, “I’m sure there is nothing you’re lacking, and if any,
just mention it,”
“No...No, I lack nothing at all,” Amy said and gave him a surprise kiss.
“Hey, please, can you do that again?” Dave pleaded feeling that he was
taken unawares, “I enjoyed the kiss but you didn’t add some salt to it...”
“Hey, you’re not serious,” Amy said shyly and stroked his curly hair that
could be compared to a lady’s, “the permission I'm seeking is that I don’t want
to go back to school with this big car because...”
“Permission not granted,” Dave broke in and shut his eyes so that Amy’s
charming eyes wouldn’t make him spellbound to accept what he’d already
Amy waited for him to open his eyes as she kept admiring his alluring
face and rosy lips. She couldn’t imagine how the world would have been if
there was no Dave in it. She was drunk in love with him and was ever ready to
accept his marriage proposal if he ever made the advancement.
“Please, I have my good reasons because I know that you wouldn’t want
me to have a poor result. Would you?” she asked and waited for a reply but got
none, except for a shut eyes and smiling face from him, “Dear,” she continued, “You’re in my life and making it more comfortable and blissful. Even though
every woman wants such, you’re making me too relaxed in my comfort zone. I
am naturally the workaholic and industrious girl but your presence is making
me indolent,”
Dave opened his eyes slowly and saw those charming eyes fixed on him.
He was so overtaken by passion but didn’t want Amy to know that he was into
her that much, so he shifted his gaze from her and said: “Permission denied,”
and then held her by the hand to the e-vogue but Amy was reluctant to hop in
when they got there.
As the drama was going on, they heard a horn honk at the gate.
When the gatekeeper wanted to check it out, Dave stopped him and went
to check out the person by himself.
Lo! It was Chike and Ugwunwa.
“Open the gate for them, please,” he instructed the gatekeeper, “move the
car a bit out of the way,” he ordered his driver so that Chike wouldn’t find it
difficult driving into the compound.
When Amy saw Chike and his fiancée she was so happy that her dream
for them finally came through.
“This calls for a celebration,” Amy said and rushed at the incoming car.
Chike and Ugwunwa alighted with smiles all over their faces.
Ugwunwa rushed to Amy and embraced her.
“You’d never ceased being the prettiest tall model that I know,” Ugwunwa
complimented and pulled her closer to feel the warmth and beating of her
kind heart, “May God bless you for me,”
“Hey, don’t mention it,” Amy said and dragged her by the hand to Dave’s
side where he was exchanging pleasantries with Chike.
“Look at who we have here!” Chike exclaimed and embraced Amarachi,
“I’m glad for your efforts. I’d been seeking for an opportune time to appreciate
your role in getting my woman back to me, “Hey, please, it's okay,” Amy blushed and waved in the air with a touch of
shyness, “women watch each other’s back, you know,” she added and winked
at Ugwunwa who was admirably looking at them joyously, “before you
appreciate me, think of the troubles I invited for you guys,”
“Sure, women know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Ugwunwa
supported Amy’s point, “but we still owe you because if you didn’t shake the
table, I may have completed my mission and my baby could have been in
trouble with that riffraff,”
“A huge point there,” Chike complemented wordily, “and we still owe you
the 180k. The signed cheque in your name is still valid,”
“Ha-aha, the bribery cheque?” Amy said and laughed aloud, “You guys
are funny,”
Dave took Chike to the poolside while the two ladies followed. He loves
the cool breeze he enjoys whenever he’s at the pool’s bar.
When they got there, they made themselves comfortable.
“I just remembered when we were kids, when you took me to Nkisi River
to teach me how to swim,” Chike reminded him.
They all started laughing as the reminiscence lasted between the guys.
Even though it was the first time that the girls heard the story, they joined
in the laughter because it was a joyful moment for them all.
“I could imagine how my baby would be shivering when that happened,”
Ugwunwa said and sat beside Amy while the guys relaxed on the deckchair.
“You can’t imagine how my guy almost drowned when he was left there
without help,” Dave said and continued laughing until tears accompanied the
“But seriously,” Chike entered, “that experience was the sole reason I
dread water till today. The aquaphobia that the near-death experience in Nkisi
River got into me was the reason why I vowed not to have a swimming pool in
my house no matter the reason,
The chorus of laughter continued; accompanied by boos for Chike’s
unadventurous childhood life.
Amy was not only felicitous but admiring the union that would have been
marred by her inquisition if she didn’t later discover the real man behind the
“But I love water and you may have to provide one,” Ugwunwa jested
knowing full well that Chike wouldn’t oblige her request.
Ego Oyibo, even though she was eager for Dave and Amarachi to leave
for school because of time lag, she was secretly enjoying the union. She was
veiled behind the curtain in her room and eavesdropping at their conversation
from the window. She was so full of wild imagination about Dave and
Amarachi being fiancé and fiancée just as Chike and Ugwunwa were. If she
could have her way, she wouldn’t mind borrowing that golden ring from
Ugwunwa and giving it to Dave to put on her daughter’s engagement finger.
At the poolside, drinks were served with lots of sumptuous edibles to
make the union celebratory and festive. It was as if the part of going back to
school was put to a halt for the merriment to have its way among the best
The cool wintry breeze from the pool got the sunny weather soothing,
with the colourful birds chirping around the nectarous flowers; somersaulting
in that entertaining anaerobic and making nature to be appreciated
unwittingly by the audience.
It was simply a wonderful and beautiful poolside to appreciate nature as
Amarachi’s attention was caught between two flowers dancing to the unseen
drumming by the promiscuous breeze. She smiled as she imagined Dave
taking her out for a ball dance. As the fantasy lasted, she didn’t know when
her lips curved into a smile, and her attention left the present to the future.
As the chitchat was going on, Dave noticed that Amy was inadvertently
smiling; he cleared his throat to alert her attention but his efforts ended in
futility, so he became more interested to know why.


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