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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Eleven (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Involving the police or other security forces didn’t help because it seemed
that the people in the top political class controlled the polity.
Ujunwa was surprised that when she even tried to involve her dad, king
Akajiaku 1 of Okporo, he did nothing other than reminding her how he
regretted having Dave as his son who unfortunately was supposed to be heir to
the throne.
Ujunwa and Amarachi were left in the limbo of solitude without a helper
or anyone to run to. All calls made to the school authority failed too because
they were being careful about getting involved with Dave’s case just to avoid
the patrons that run the polity.
Unfortunately, the only option left for Amarachi was to meet Uremma
whom she believed could have useful information about the tradition of the
fraternities. Being a member of the Slay Queens Frat, she could know the usual
ritual or rules of engagement that led to the fate that Dave and Akunna faced.
Also being Dave’s girlfriend, she could also have a hint about Ndi Obodo
It was as if destiny was luring Amarachi back to the same girl that shot
her in her dream. The thought of losing Dave was unbearable, and that was
the height of it but despite that, she was uncertain if she was making a wise
decision by her quest to meet Uremma; a move she believed could help her
dream to become fruition.
Amarachi didn’t know what else to do, so she decided to find her way to
Uremma. She knew that her dreaded dream could be her fate but saving Dave
became inevitably more important than saving her life.
The most painful part was that it was in September, a time for school
resumption. Dave’s promise to Amarachi to help her reconnect to her lecturers
so that she could rewrite the courses that the mercenary wrote for her wouldn’t be realised if there was no Dave. Without Dave, Amarachi’s dream of
going back to school wouldn’t make sense.
It was five days since Dave disappeared without anyone ascertaining his
whereabouts. Ujunwa couldn’t just accept her dad’s decision, so she kept
disturbing but still all to no avail. Dave took after his dad in stubbornness.
Being a king who already assumed his son was dead long ago in his heart, he
never got his mind disturbed let alone being moved to action because of Dave's
Sauntering in the compound and having missed her Akara business for a
couple of days because of Dave’s disappearance, Amarachi was lost in
thoughts and thinking of the best next line of action. Even though she was a
kind of deterred in meeting with Uremma as proposed, she just had to make
up her mind and take the bullet from her if Dave must be saved.
Ujunwa went without meat as she cursed eating food as her utter
moodiness plunged her into a withdrawal mode. She almost cried her eyes out
but a solution seemed like an illusion of the mind. She even started thinking
that her brother had played into brigandage and it was mistaken for some
cultic rituals and penalty. She wasn’t just convinced that it wasn’t a kidnap.
Even the police she reported to couldn’t get a clue of his whereabouts; hence
her dispiritedness and melancholy.
Seeing Ujunwa’s state of mind got Amarachi so unnerved, so she woke up
that early morning, even forgetting to go for her mom’s usual morning
Like a shot, she left to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka intending to face
Uremma who hitherto happens to be her fears and perpetual worries.
It was a rainy day but that never pushed Amy to despair but she got her
mind locked at getting to the root of the whole ominous drama. Getting to UNIZIK junction in an exceedingly short time, a journey from Onitsha meant
to last for an hour but lasted just twenty minutes due to the exigency of her
It had always been a hitch for anyone to gain entry into the estate because
the security was a strong barricade; making entry by visitors impervious and
Amy was allowed into the estate without much security rigmarole because she
looked ravishing, dressed to the nines and classy in appearance. Her exotic e￾vogue that got her beauty embellished made the heavy security porous just for
her sake. She was simply worth dying for, with that gorgeous appearance.
When Amarachi got to Uremma’s gate, she honked the horn severally but
there was no one to attend to the gates. She wasn’t just prepared for her bullets
yet. At the moment, all she wanted was for the bossy and boastful girl to see
that she was no more that intelligent poor girl she intimidated as a hostage in
her house during her abduction but a lofty perky lady that should be
In that her golden coloured evening gown; made sexy with that long slit
that almost got her legs fully revealed to the thigh level, she got down full of
majesty and a touch of charisma that her curves conjured.
With the remote control of her four-wheeled machine, she locked the car
and knocked at the gate. The knocking started with a soft touch as if she was
just romancing the gate, to a louder bang as if she wanted to bring down the
barrier to her entry.
Amy’s deafening noise aroused the attention of passersby, onlookers and
the entire neighbourhood but she didn’t care because she knew that Uremma
must have seen her with the CCTV and was intimidated by her new
transformation; hence, the delay to open the gate for her.
She remained there for about an hour but no one came, except few
neighbours that wanted to know why a pretty girl of that status was so
enraged to the point of being a thorn into the fleshes of everyone in the
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It was almost about an hour but Amarachi remained there. When she felt
that she wasn’t going to keep standing anymore, she went into the car to rest
her aching legs.
While the engine kept steaming, the chilly AC nudged her to an
unwelcome nap.
Being that her car blocked the entrance to Uremma’s compound, no one
could leave or enter except she leaves the entrance.
A gentle knock on her glass prodded her attention her back to reality, so
she woke up.
She was surprised to see some men on a black suit, with an official vehicle
parked behind hers.
To know who they were and what they came for, she opened the car,
even though she felt insecure because they were about four men in a black suit
looking cute and cooperate but seemed to be on a business venture.
“How may I help, please?” Amy asked boldly and thrust her hand for a
Even though she was trying to have a handshake with the one that
seemed to be their leader, the four guys all showed an interest to be the first to
shake her.
“I’m Mr. Jeff,” the tall ebony guy said and grabbed her hand first, “we’re
here for a business mission, and you may be hindering our entrance,” he added
“It’s okay,” Amy said and entered her car to drive away since she was
oblivious of the kind of business venture they had with Uremma.
The gate suddenly creaked and opened, making Amy pause to know if
Uremma was the one opening the gate.
Just as her instinct foretold, it was Uremma who was at the gate.
Amarachi was surprised that Uremma was actually at home but unresponsive
to her numerous knocks. She was full of disgust and anger momentarily but
had it suppressed because she was on a mission to locate Dave who had made her nights sleepless and worrisome. She didn’t want to show that Uremma
badgered her emotions but bent on leaving with results and answers she came
“Madam, we’ve come as discussed and the takeover of the property
imminent,” The fairest of them said, “I am Mr. Ben, and I don’t think I need
much introduction or make our mission known the second time,”
Amy was filled with confusion as she remained calm with heightened
senses to understand what was going on.
When she noticed that those men were coming to take over the house
being occupied by the daughter of Ozo Odenjinji, she was taken aback but had
no option than to leave till opportune time.
As she was about to leave, beads of tears located Uremma’s cheek, making
Amy so surprised because the last time she checked, Uremma was a full￾fledged arrogant lady that never showed her weak emotions except when
angry. It was apparent that the girl before her was dispirited and heartbroken.
Amy braced herself for more of that from Uremma because she was
determined to get her soft spot for Uremma drowned in doggedness but that
didn’t help, so she became fretful and perturbed seeing the pathetic tears.

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“I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do,” The third guy said and pushed
Uremma aside while they all entered the house.
Amy, at a point, felt that she was beginning to feed the wolf in her mind
instead of the sheep, so she decided to be friendly to Uremma for the first time.
They could go on with their fights and indifferences later as a sequel. After all,
women protect each other sometimes.
To that effect, Amy went closer to the weeping girl who suddenly became
sober, yielding, and modest.
“Look at you,” Uremma said tearfully and regrettably, “Life isn’t always as
rosy as we want it to be. Now the table is turned,”
Amarachi didn’t understand what she said until she saw a big truck; with
some men who came to evacuate Uremma from the duplex arrive at the gate.
“What is going on, please?” Amy asked, breaking that long serenity, “What
about your dad and why are you giving up the house to these people?”
Uremma couldn’t talk because her words got swept under the carpet of
Amarachi left Uremma by the gate and went into the exotic house to
intervene in a case she knew absolutely nothing about.
Seeing them as they were parking the properties out of the compound,
she stopped them. “I’m lost here and I can’t seem to wrap my head around
what’s happening here,” Amy said and waved at them to stop for the moment,
“Please, can you guys stop, let’s settle this amicably?”
One of the guys came to Amy and said: “Miss. Uremma lives here on rent,
but for some time now, her dad stopped paying even without an explanation,
so we’ve come to take the house from her and hand it over to the new tenant
who’s already waiting for this evacuation,”
Amarachi couldn’t get it because Ozo Odenjinji who was supposed to be
Uremma's dad was a tough and well-known politician and never joked with
the upkeep of his daughter. The dots weren’t connecting at all but she was
determined to know what went wrong. Naturally, Amy decries such a situation
like this because it causes embarrassment.
“I will buy the property,” Amarachi said suddenly, even though she had
no money with her to buy but wanted to buy some time to know what was
going on.
Her statement got the men shocked because they were surprised that Amy
wasn’t just talking about a raise or adding more money to the already paid
rent to get Uremma back to the duplex but buying the entire property.
“What did you just say?” Mr. Ben asked, looking commoved, “did you just
say you’d buy the house?”
“Yes, I said that,” she repeated audaciously, getting Uremma who was
standing behind her startled when she heard that. “Or do you have a problem
with that?” she added intimidatingly as she looked boldly into their eyes.
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“Not at all, madam, " Jeff replied impulsively, "But....are you doing this to
save your friend or you wanted to buy the house?” The cute guy asked to be
sure, and then came closer for a whisper if possible, “You may wish to rescind,”
he added whisperingly.
Amy held Uremma by the shoulder and took her into the house without
heeding to the questions begging for her answer.
It was anomalous to Amarachi because the reason she came was because
of Dave but ended up trying to stand in for the enemy just to save her from
being evicted. Yuck!
Mr. Ben, Jeff, and the other two guys entered the house and met the two
girls sitting juxtaposed to each other.
“Can we have your details, ma’am?” Mr. Ben said to Amy with respect,
brought out his business card and arched forward to hand it over to her, “Can
I have your card, please?”
Amarachi had no business card but she had to be smart about it so that
they wouldn’t know that she was just a poor child that was still tied to the
apron strings of a newly found rich man. “You can just have my number
because I forgot my business card in the office,” she lied, looking lady-like and
unconcerned, “Can I have yours either?”
“Yes...yes...Of course,” He faltered with uneasiness and glee, and then
collected the card and tucked it into his breast pocket, “I’ll call you, ma’am,”
Mr. Ben took Mr. Jeff and others to a corner. After a brief meeting, they
came back to Amarachi and Uremma, tendered their apologies unequivocally
for the inconvenience and left.
Uremma heaved a sigh of deep relief as she remained cozied up to Amy’s
arm but still full of riotous thoughts in her mind. She didn’t just comprehend
how Amarachi turned to be this girl that came with an exotic car, even well
dressed and audacious. She needed answers but her intended questions were
buried in guilt and speechlessness because she owed her some apologies “They aren’t coming back so soon,” Amy assured her and patted her back,
“You don’t need to worry for now,”
The domineering Uremma was left with no choice other than break down
in tears as she reminisced on every detail of how she framed Amy up just to get
at Osisioma. She tried to talk but those sobs got her entangled with restraint
against her will.
Amarachi didn’t say anything further but kept trying to understand what
could have made Uremma be evicted from the same house that was being
sponsored by her rich dad.
“I ...I...” Uremma was just stammering and lost in thoughts. She couldn’t
even find the right words; either to be apologetic of the past trouble she caused
or thankful of the present help rendered to her.
Amy, on the other hand, was so engrossed with many thoughts, not just
what Uremma was passing through but how to get straight to the point and
ask her about the whereabouts of Dave Handsome.
After a while, as the thundery silence lasted between them, Amy cleared
her throat to disperse the stills of the calmness. She didn’t know if to start with
asking about Dave or to start with digging deep into what just happened with
the men in a black suit.
“What happened here a couple of minutes ago?”She finally asked, feeling
she had the proper decorum and readiness for chitchat, “First is that Akunna
must have told you what happened...”
“Akunna?” Uremma thought aloud, making Amarachi know that Akunna
never talked to the girl at all about how Dave got her pinned down in shame
after the fake tattoo.
“Yeah, I...I mean about how she and Dave were taking away to an
unknown destination,” she said, playing the clever girl with the diversion to
another topic of concern.
Uremma was terrified on hearing that because she didn’t expect Amy to
be in the know.

“I don’t want to dwell on that topic because I know nothing about it,” she
“Then why are you giving up the house where you enjoy lots of luxury,”
Amy asked but wasn’t bent on getting answers.
Quietness returned the way it left because tears and heavy sobs couldn’t
allow Uremma to utter a word. It seemed that she was heartbroken that made
it hard for her to speak up or narrate her ordeal.
With a nod and a sheepish smile, she said: “I stopped having a peace of
mind since the day I asked Akunna to do the dirty job for me against you. Even
though she was the Queen mother of the frat and I deputized her, I still had
overall control. She was just a representation while I remained the engineer
because of my dad’s wealth and his position in piloting the affairs of the slay
This part got more intriguing for Amy because she never knew that Ozo
Odenjinji was part of the cartel behind the formation and perpetuity of the
slay queens fraternity.
“Continue,” Amy said and removed her shoes; a habit she couldn’t stop
whenever she’s in gossip mood. Shoes become a hindrance as if it could
barricade her ears from getting the full info.
“My dad was among the major sponsors,” Uremma continued, “I didn’t
join because I wanted to be a slay queen but was pushed into the group
because my dad mentioned something about my association being the reason
why he remained powerful,”
Amarachi still didn’t get it because Uremma just sounded as if she was
used for a ritual.
“Did he use you for a money...”
“No, he didn’t use me for money ritual,” she replied pre-emptively, “I can’t
just explain it. He has a better explanation, even though the secret remains
with him and he wouldn’t allow me or any other person know about it,”
“Something is seriously fishy here,” Amy said with utmost curiosity.
Uremma started crying but Amy held her closer to snuggle into her arms
for comfort. Even though Amarachi was being friendly, she wasn’t sure if she
was being outwitted by the girl to eventually unleash her plans and use the
golden gun she used in the dream. She was scared and at the same time
interested in getting the full details of the story.
“So, how did you make this wealth,” Uremma asked with curiousness,
“Even to have made a promise to buy this entire house?”
Amarachi simply chuckled but kept her feelings on the sly so that
Uremma wouldn’t notice that she was just bluffing when she said that she’d
buy the entire house.
“Can I get more details about this scary story?” Amy asked with the aim of
pushing Uremma’s attention back to the topic at hand and away from her
rigmarole that got the Mortgagers seduced and outwitted.
“Very well then,” Uremma said and smiled, even though she knew that
Amy was hiding something, “It’s soothing in your arms,” she added as she felt
the warmth of Amy’s cuddle. “There is something special about you but I can’t
explain it. But I think I like you a lot and would want you to be like the sister I
never had,”
“Even after putting me through all you did?” Amy asked, feeling a bit
angry but got the feelings hidden, “you tortured me in your house, fed me with
the plate meant for your dogs, and finally, made me sleep on the bare floor
“I am so sorry for this wickedness,” Uremma said and knelt before her in
total remorse for her past sleazy life.
Amy cried too when she saw her in such a mournful mood, so she made
up her mind not to go into the details of digging up the past.
“I’m sorry, but you don’t have to revere me like the supernatural,”
Amarachi said and pulled her up, “Now, you have to sit and pretend that all is
well, but as for being a sister to you, I’m yet to understand it because I know
you have a sister already,”
“Do I?” Uremma asked rhetorically and sighed, “I don’t think I do because
since my dad forced me into being a member of the slay queens, Chisimdi my
elder sister had been at war with me; therefore taken to hatred and being a
Amy was trying to understand the connection between the sisters’ fight
and the fraternity. After a thoughtful moment, she felt she’d understood the
reason for the sororal fight. “Hmmm, guess she was well-groomed and
nurtured religiously that she couldn’t imagine a sister joining such
mischievous group,”
“Quite the opposite,” Uremma said and shrugged, “I wish she was angry
for my involvement based on the reason you gave, but she hated me because
she felt that as the Ada (first girl), daddy should have initiated her first and not
me being the last,”
Amarachi unwittingly let out a reflexive laugh because she couldn’t
understand how a child would be eager to join a group that would not only
kill her body but her soul.
“This is weird,” Amy said, feeling the incredibility of the story, “why then
didn’t you give her the title or ask your dad to do that since Chisimdi needs it
more than you do?”
Uremma didn’t just want to go on; she simply stood up and began to
saunter in the sitting room. The well-decorated all-white parlour was another
centre of attraction and attention, with lots of meaning embedded because the
Slay Queens were also known as the White-Angels; hence, the constant
appearance in white outfit and surroundings.
“My dad wouldn’t allow Chisimdi to be initiated and I couldn’t explain
why he chose me,” Uremma replied, “the war became more pronounced when
daddy started giving me more attention and paternal preference because he
believed that once I was still a member of this fraternity, his luck would keep
shinning and his wealth blossoming,”
“I still maintain that he used you for a ritual or....”


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