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Action story: BLOOD BATH - Episode 15


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 15

©Cal Empéror

(What Stubbornness Cost Me)

This Siege of war has cost me a lot, My family and everything I ever got. I am up to the task, Uncle Neil's death and that of my parents will not be for nothing, I thought as I sat on the trimmed grass on the field.

What will you do now? smart asked me he has tried his best consoling me even when we took uncle Neil to the cemetery.

We cleaned the blood particles in his car, he had suggested we go to his parents, but I declined.

I don't want to let in more people on this, the more they know the more danger their life will be faced with, everyone that knew about this and is related to me are all dead, except for you Smart, and I don't know if you will die very soon, I think I am cursed Smart.
Do not speak like that, no one is dying anymore, I will be with you Cal or Freddy, Cal seems foreign to my mouth, but I think I will get used to it, he said trying to make light the tensed situation, but not today, I didn't even smile.

Go be with your parents Smart. I will leave Qingdao tonight, I will show Humphrey the stuff I am made of.

Humphrey killed Neil…

Let me stay with you Cal, I will follow you to wherever it is you may go.

Hmm it's Fine brother, go be with you parents tonight by tomorrow we leave.

Few moments later I heard the sound of his Car Zooming off.
I placed both hands on my head and sigh.

I am sorry for uncle Neil I heard over my head, and this startled me, I turn back to look at once.
It was snovas.

Smart told me, she said as she stoop to sit with me on the floor.
Is this because of me Freddy??
Hmm I sighed, I couldn't reply to her.

Is it??

No Snow, I could always come back for you, but I never saw the light of that, I was myopic to see that, if I had followed him that night, we would have been long gone before hive struck.

I am so sorry sweetie, she said running her index finger over the two lines of tears that was running through my face.

Who are they she asked?

It is better if you don't know I said to her and stood up.
She followed my move.

I insist, she said
Should I try to talk you out of this?
No Cal let go through this, I promise I won't be a burden.

The word Cal sounded perfect from her mouth, but I was not in the mood to fantasize about it.

Now how much of that did smart tell you?

Just as much as I should know baby, the world is under threat, you alone cannot save the world, you need people around you, to be your eyes and help you too, she said holding my hand and swinging it.

Does it hurt, she said as her eyes caught up with the black two chips under my skin.

Shit this smart is an arsehole boy, I am very sure I did warn him never to tell anyone i cursed under my breath
What did you say??

No no it does not hurt, but it did at first.

More like it I heard what you said.
But see I was the one that insisted.
I walked away and she followed.
We could take my Father's Jet back to Vernica or anywhere you want to be.

She said I only nodded my head. She followed me to my house, I ransacked everywhere, for anything that could be useful, I know I was too young to start a mission against an organization as hive but I was determined to do it.
I couldn't sleep in the house that night, maybe Humphrey might Just show up and put a bullet in my skull too.

I picked a few stuff, Two guns, And The Power Laptop that Uncle Neil treasured so much along other gadgets and devices.
I drove In his Bentley to the City Library, I made to spend my night there.

By morning I gave Smart and Lisa a call, and we met at the airport and took off to Vernica.

The duo had made the trip worth it, they tried to keep me active, but my brain was all at work.

With my stay in the Library I had been able to figure out some things.

All I needed was to put them to work.

When we got to Vernica, the air was just as I left it, we boarded a cab that took us to my grandfather's house while inside the cab, I did well to conceal my identity, because I was a bit popular in the city, and almost every thought I was dead, so it wouldn't be a cool thing, showing my face to the public it will cause a Ghost commotion, and might even give clues to the Hives that I was in town.

We settled to a few things, almost everything in the house was dusty and old we cleared a few places.

I fixed a surveillance camera I had secured from my Uncle's house on the front part of the house,
I needed to make use of my ATM,I really need to buy some stuff, but any activity on my account would raise suspicion, and the people who thought I was dead will now have to dig me out.

What are you brooding over Smart asked as Snow was busy fixing some stuff.

I need some few stuff, and I can't cash out because I have been long thought dead, plus all our activities are supposed to remain a secret, until we are done with wiping out hive.

Well that should be a problem.
I will fix up an account here and have my dad wire some money to me!

What did you guys actually tell your parents you were coming to Vernica for?? I asked

I told dad I was coming here for some projects smart said.

I told dad I needed to be away and with you, snovas said.

You had get pregnant before we leave here Smart said while we erupted into laughter.

We were still laughing when my cell rang
Now who called?!!!


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