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Action story: BLOOD BATH - Episode 14


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 14

©Cal Empéror

(Love, School and training)

Smart Kept Driving the car round the town till I figured the Location where Hive has taken uncle Neil, I placed the Laptop on the dash board and asked Smart to follow the trail of the cursor he had given me an uncanny look before toppling the gear.

The place where hive had chosen as and hideout, was a a old tunnel that led to the outskirt of the Chinese city.

I am not gonna pretend like I understand what you are doing, but from the last statement you made, you were saying something about your uncle being kidnap, now if we get there what are you gonna do? Are you gonna rescue him from the hands of the kidnappers? If you are, how will you do it? Smart flodded my ears with questions, I saw concern on his face.

Can I trust you Smart?

Yea sure he said.

Take a look.

I said pulling off my sleeve, I pulled out a touch from my pocket and showed him the Stimulant laying under my skin, here is what the world needs for it's continuity.
What do you mean he asked not sure of what I said to him.

And I did explain every bit of what was going on to him.

Now you are the first person that knows about all this, I said to him as I what is mouth moving up and down involuntarily. Please promise me you are not going to tell anybody about it please!!!
Yea sure now let's go save your uncle he said laughing, I didn't find the situation funny, so I kept a straight face.

We were in all this mess because of me, I knew I have just endangered Smarts life by involving him in the whole issue, but I just didn't know why I did it.

We had tracked the boy down to the park, Van has done a good job by giving us the location to the boy's house, we were still discussing in the park when my phone beeped, the tracker had picked signal of the boy, and I knew he was within range, a radius of not up to 120meters,
So I set me men to work, while dispersing Van I gave him a tip of a thousand Yen and he was happy.
My men followed the lead, while I assigned some others to check in on the location where van has given us, I asked the to bundle any living thing they found out in the house down to our base.

Few minutes later my men caught up with the boy, I watched as they made to nab him with my iPad, but to my greatest shock and dismay, the boy had knocked them all out, and shove them out of the way, and now I knew this was going to be war.

Once Mathson had told me they got hold of Neil, I entered the car and rushed down to our base.
We subjected him to cruel tortures, but he wouldn't spill a beans, he knew the passcode to activating the Stimulant, boys have already been sent to take care of the boy, and from the report they gave he was driving down towards our base, and I was happy at the turnout of events, even if the boy had become so strong, there was no way he was going to beat 50 trained men.

You might wanna say something before you boy comes here? I asker Neil we had tied his both hands up, and let his foot dangle in the air, my men had done a crazy Job that made me laughed they had redesigned his well cut face into something else, patches of reds were all over his body, as some cuts were dripping with blood.

Go to hell he yelled.
Now you still haven't break I might get so angry and ask they boys to give you another round of torture.

Hehehe he laughed.

You know why don't you let me down let's do this man to man, you know they won't find a piece of your shitty body when am done he spat.

High words from an helpless man, I said as I dealt him a punch to his already have bleeding nose, and this made him wince, and the flow of blood increased.

I will give you the chance to say the passcode and you might yet live with the boy, or I will let him come here and get the Stimulant from him and kill the both of you.
Damn you!!! Neil cursed.

And I too out the electrocuting device and placed it on his stomach.

Arrggghhhhh he screamed.

Say the pass Code.

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Poohhhh I heard the shot, and I knew the boy was around, my men were alert, they all rush out to see the look out guy lying lifeless, I watched what was happening from a small device I had in my hand, I made to search for the boy but he was out of sight.
As Narrates By The Author
Cal and Smart has gotten to the hideout, the boy seem to have plan on what to do?

His moves were beyond anticipation, he leapt out of sight, and had Smart stay in the car and wait for him, he had asked him to prepare the car, so it could be available when he hurried out with his uncle.

He climbed up the tunnel constructed with wood, he watched the ghost men looked for him, he waited patiently till they were all in position, and silently, he jump down from the place he had climbed and released shots on the three guys that were there, the didn't see it coming, they all dropped down like dead leaf from a tree.

and he continued his walk inside the building, in his way, he met two guys who immediately launched attack on him by shooting sporadically, but he was quick to duck and roll, before he launched his own shots, the first two caught up with one of them, and he let out a scream, before drawing his last breath, the other guy had surged forward, Cal pounced on him and they both landed on the floor, the tussle was tough he held Cal's neck and pinned him to the ground, Cal hit his elbow hard on the guys ribs, and he let go of his neck, he stood up at once and launched a head bolt on his head, still dazzled by the head bolt, Cal picked up his gun and shot the guy dead, and ran towards the direction where his uncle was, he kept on shooting any thing that came across his way.

Sheriff watched in shock how the boy had knocked almost all his men off, he was scared, because he wasn't trained as an agent, he was only trained to be a computer geek, only the other members of the Alpha team did the fighting, he always acted as their eyes, and now all men from the alpha team were gone, including Matson, who was given a head shot from the SKG Cal held.

Only Half of team Zero had come and they were all dead, the rest of them were still standing as back up, and nobody to call them.
Sheriff put a call across to the back up team, as Cal used his legs to burst the door.

Hands Up he yelled at sheriff, and he did at once.

Cal pointed the gun at him as he walked over to his already weak uncle he tried to losing him, while he still had Sheriff hands up.

You shouldn't have come for me Cal.

No uncle it's my mess, I had to clean it up cal said.

Cal was happy his uncle was still alive and he was able to rescue him, he didn't expect the mission to be a walk over, as he took his last step through the door, aiding his uncle to walk, he turned back and wasted the whole bullets on sheriff who died instantly.

That's bad boy, Uncle Neil commended his Nephew.
And he only smile.

This mission has been a walk over, Cal said.

Do not conclude so easily we are still in the Crime Site, It might even get uglier now that you least expected, Hive is not to be underestimated, he was still saying when shots up shots flew through the door, shattering it into many pieces, Cal and his uncle ran back to where they were coming from.

I told you boy uncle Neil said.
Now I have wasted my bullets Cal complained.

Now is not the time boy we will have to improvise, he said and they kept on running till they came across the men he have killed before and they took their Gus from them.

There is always a way out in this life, and even in a battle field Neil said to the boy, now we go and take them out, as they returned, the shooters have already field the house, the two tiptoed, till they came across some of the men and the shooting spree continued, they had shot their enemies side by side, till they heard the police siren and they hurried their way of the tunnel, some were still alive.

Now we are going to have to trek our way home Neil said, but Cal shook his head,
No no, I brought a car it waiting for us let's go he said, and his uncle followed.

Hey Cal said as he tapped on the car door, the almost chickened out Smart had looked up before he opened the door, Sounds of unending gunshots have made him shiver in fear, he would have ran away with the car, but at an after thoughts he had stayed.

The two had entered the car seat with uncle Neil sitting at the back, Smart started the car, but stopped when he saw someone pointing a gun right at them.

Shit This is a mess up Neil cursed.
What??? Cal yelled,

He was surprised at the figure he was seeing, it was like everything stopped at that moment, and the next, a bullet flew out of the gun towards Cal, Neil who had sat at the back leapt to the front seat and covered Cal and the bullet drove into his body from the back, it was followed by another, before Smart could pull the wheel and drive off.
Neil was Cold.



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