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Action story: THE BLACK POWERS - Episode5


the black powers - Episode5

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

Immediately after 5 seconds the device burnt. I couldn’t think straight, why my mother? Why did they assign this missing to me? This and other thousands questions were begging for answers in my heart. I didn’t know what to do, I was just walking up and down in my room. So my mother have less than a week to live? I just couldn’t think straight anymore. Instantly, i started developing different types and kinds of sicknesses. Headache, heat, stomach ache and all just dey do me at the same time.

I know i cant go against our number 1 except am ready to die, and also i cant kill my mother, at least not by myself. What do i do? I really need to act fast, who do in call? I couldn’t think of anybody at that moment so in put a call through to Benny.

Benny; hello, lover boy

Me; bae please i need to see you right now

Benny; watin do you mikelrado? You sound disturbed

Me; really need to see you right now

Benny; ok, should I come or what

Me; where are you?

Benny; am at home

Me; are you home alone or you are with your friends

Benny; am home alone.

Me; ok am coming right away

Benny; will be waiting for you love.

I took a bike straight to Benny’s hostel, i was about to knock when she opened the door. She no even allow me enter when she started speaking

Benny; whats wrong dear, i know something is wrong

Me; bae, am in deep sheet.

Benny; talk to me now,is someone after you?

She asked just as i settle down on her bed

Me; its more than that dear

Benny; wow, i never believed you could be this scared

Me; bae, am in the deepest shit right now

Benny; you are starting to scared me too. Tell me now, whats wrong.

I looked around to be sure nobody is listening to our conversation
Benny; am home alone my love, be free to talk to me or don’t you trust me anymore?

Me; of cause i do trust you, if i don’t trust you i wont be here right now. Just want to be sure ni.
Benny; we are secure my dear, my room is soundproof.

Me; ok, i received a strict and urgent mission from our national number 1 this afternoon, am to terminate my target within 7 days
Benny; whats the big deal in that? Am sure you can handle that, at least you have done far more difficult mission in the past.

Me; bae, this is the most difficult mission have ever get, if not the most difficult have ever had of sef
Benny; wow, that’s serious, tell me, who is the target?

Me; my mother! My target is my mother!!!

Benny; your what??? Did I i just hear you say your target is your mother?

Me; yes dear, my mother is a civil defencer and a top officer at that, she as been leaking the secrets of our arms deals in Lagos and Oyo state, thereby making us lose over 200 million naira plus we have lost lots of our guys in both states due to her actions.

Benny; wow, your mother must really be a tough woman to be standing in the way of the black powers confraternity. This is a real deep shit truly. So what do you want to do now?

Me; my dear, i don’t know, am at a crossroad, I cant go against our number 1 except am ready to die, even those that a care about are not safe if i should go against them and that includes you. But at the same time i cant kill my mother.
Benny; hmmm….. This is a really difficult situation. Dear, i cant advise you to kill your mother cause i cant even harm mine no matter the condition not to talk of killing her.

Me; hell no, i cant kill my mother too!

Benny; good! Let me ask you this question

Me; yes, go on.

Benny; does she deserve to die? I mean your mum.

Me; hell no! She does not deserve to die.

Benny; then you need to make up your mind dear, its either you kill her or you join her and fight for her. But i will advice you join her and fight for her.

Me; but you my dear, you are not safe if i should go against my brotherhood and my number 1

Benny; my love, i will be fine, and moreover i don’t think they know about us

Me; you think so? They know about us my dear

Benny; don’t worry dear, i will be fine yes your cult is the most deadly in this country but i can take good care of myself.

Me; are you sure my dear? Cause i cant bear to lose you. Cause this fight am about to start i don’t know where its going to end.

Benny; i swear with the bind between us, you wont lose me.

Me; hmm….. So where do i start from?



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