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WRITTEN - Introduction


Written - Introduction

by Abike

Sometimes where humans think, God doesn't think that way, Sometimes where we hope for won't work out because God has another better plan for us, Many times humans blames God for most things that happened to them, Things like:And you are watching all these God, You can hear my crying, Have you forgotten me, Why did you even created me at first since you knew that you will only make me to suffer, God why??? We humans blames God just these ways, but we never knew that he can hear us, see us, feels our pains but he is only waiting for the right time to bring to you miracles, Joy and success....

Many are in the world that never for once be greatful for what they have, and some that has nothing will never stop giving thanks to God,Such is life ....
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No matter what happens in our lives we should all know that they are written, Either good or Bad, we all just need to pray for the good ones and not the bad ones, and we must never stop believing in God, Because He created us and he knows everything about us....
Let me take you all into the life of a young man who goes by the name Mofeoluwa, He is an handsome guy who graduated two years ago but no Job,after searching for jobs and nothing came out of it, He decided to work as a sales boy in a very big supermarket in Lagos, Mofeoluwa's father is no more and he is the only one left with his mother who took care of him till he graduated, Since his Mom can't work anymore, He is now the one taking the responsibility of the family, There is one thing about Mofeoluwa, He is a great script writer, A writer with great talents and he wants to be a great Actor, But no connections, Ever since Mofe clocked 12 years old he has been writing stories till date, even though, No connections but still he keeps on writting stories and he keeps them at home after writting the Stories, He always be the one to put down dramas anytime they are to acts on stages at school then, Mofe keeps on hoping that one day, He is going to be a Star, But one day,Just One day Mofe listen to a program on the radio after listening to this program, The presenter made a statement and this prompted Mofe to grab his book and pen as usual to write a story about that statement, But it was this story that changed Mofeoluwa's life forever, It changes his life that Mofe became lost in everything,He couldn't do anything straight and it seems the world is coming to an end,Life became very tough for him until he was admitted,After seeing him in this condition,his mother started thinking and this made her to have an heart attack,not too long she gave up to the ghost,life was now extra hard for Mofeoluwa that he almost get admitted into a psychiatric hospital after he had lost three important people in his life, Though to him and to other humans, this story changed his life in a bad way, But they never knew that God has a better plan for him, Relax, Chill,Get a cup of water and drink, Follow me as I take you into this great story....


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