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WRITTEN - Epilogue


Written - Epilogue

by Abike

Mofeoluwa's POV

Who would have thought that the one I hated most will be the one I will fell in love with, who would have thought that the one I despise most will later be the one I can't do without, who would have thought that the one who took away my love ones and brought pains into my life will be the one to took away the pains, who do we blame for all these, Who? It's Love, Because love is crazy, love is insane,Love is mad, love doesn't see, love doesn't care about who ever you are, as long as you are in love, that word love will overcome everything in your life, Of course the way I ended my script was exactly the way I ended my life, I fell in love with her, I couldn't sleep without seeing her, I became jealous unnecessarily, and I wonder why,Even though I knew how I ended my story but my thinking was like there is no way I will fall in love with her, even though in my story she never tried to commit suicide, but in real life she did that, and then, I realized one thing that if she dies, I will miss her, that was why I went to the hospital, seeing her again at the hospital brought the pains, so I left,but I couldn't stop thinking about her, I get jealous seeing her advert with another man, of course that night was such a good one, when I woke up, half of the pains are gone , I found her sleeping next beside me, I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to touch, I wanted to thank her, but my pride won't let me do that, for a month I tried to stay away from her, even though she came to my house, she will cook my favorites several times without number, but I didn't eat it, then one day, Joyce gave me the news that she is leaving the country finally and I asked why? Why is she leaving? Joyce told me that she is pregnant for me, and she couldn't tell me because of my actions towards her, she couldn't open her mouth because she thought that I won't accept the pregnancy, Why won't I accept my first child, why won't she tell me she is pregnant, Joyce told me she is on her way to the airport, I drove like a mad guy to the airport, of course a mad guy that is in love, it was just five minutes left for her to leave, I saw her sitting crying bitterly, crying more deeply, then I realized something at that moment,that she is saddest person on Earth that moment, she was more hurt than me, she is carrying the pains and the guilty all around her, she couldn't free herself from this, she saw me, I ran to her, I hugged her and I kissed her, I told her am sorry, for adding to her pains, but she said she is the one sorry, for coming into my life, and I said I am happy that she came into my life, she was short of words, I told her, I want her in my next life, I want her to be the one for me in my next life, without thinking that am in public, I kissed her, immediately the reporters are everywhere and the news went viral,When I saw her at that airport,One more thing I realized was that,I will never do without this lady,if she leave, I may never see her again,What God has written,no one can change that,a Predestination can never be changed,In any situation that we may find ourselves,we should just accept that it's meant to happen and God is not blind to it,he knew that it will happen,even before it happen,Steve came back to Nigeria,he was begging me,but I told him that,I don't need his pleading but I just need to thank him for pushing Teniola away towards me, because if not for that,my will be a meaniless one,so I thank him,I told him that,he never cause me any pains but I just learnt more to my lesson,I only experienced what life is,and that is just how God wants it,Joyce and Smith's wedding was a great one,Joyce who was an orphan got back a new family,a family who treated her like her own,After Teniola gave birth to a set of twins which are two boys,we got married also and it was on my wedding day,I saw Iremide,I saw her best smile, and that day my whole body was healed and I forget everything...

I hope you love this story,I hope you learn one or two things,I hope you guys have fun with this story???'

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