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WRITTEN - Chapter 9


Written - Chapter 9

by Abike

Writer's POV
After Mofe has been beaten so badly, they dragged him outside but far away from the house,while Teniola couldn't stop laughing, Teniola packed all the script on the floor without checking them, Both Steve and Teniola went in to Teniola's room, when they got inside, she kept the script in one of his drawer, she move closer to Steve who was already giving her a sexy smile, both Kissing passionately, Mofe on the other side was outside groaning, he couldn't move his body at all, his face couldn't be recognize anymore because blood are all over his face, People passed beside him without checking him if he is ok or not, not too long he fainted, suddenly a Van arrived it was Kay's Van Company, He was surprised to see a man beaten up so badly and he felt bad immediately, moving closer to where the man was almost remove his heart from his chest, he was shocked to see his childhood friend in the pool of blood, he ran out of the van like a mad man calling him(Mofe)

Kay:Mofe! Mofe!! Mofe talk to me what happened please, Mofe!Mofe open your eyes it's me Kay, Mofe! James please help me to carry him, help me please (The guy that came with Kay quickly assist Kay to carry Mofe inside the car, When they got to the hospital, Mofe was taken to the emergency room, Kay's body couldn't calm down, he was sweating profusely, his clothes are stained from Mofeoluwa's blood, He gave the other guy the car key while the guy took the van away, Not too long he called Mofe's Mom, after Twenty minutes she arrived with Iremide

Mrs Wunmi:Where is my son, I said where is my son? Yeeh! Am finished

Kay:Mom calm down, he is already in the emergency room and the doctor is attending to him(Mrs Wunmi couldn't stop crying and wailing while Iremide on the other side has turned to either deaf or dumb with tears flowing in her eyes, After twenty minutes, The doctor came out, they all ran to meet him

Mrs Wunmi: Doctor, Doctor where is my son, I said where is my son oo?

Doctor:Madam you have to calm down, your son has lose a lot of blood besides, his ribs was badly injured, thirdly we have do a quick surgery on him to stitch all open places on his body, he was brutally beaten with no mercy, we need you to deposit a sum of 70 thousand naira right away to start all necessary things on him, or else you will loose your son, in the next three hours if we don't start operation he is going to die because he has lose a lot of blood, please make it snappy right away, Escuze me please (The doctor went away while Mrs Wunmi sat on the floor, rolling and rolling on the floor lamenting)

Mrs Wunmi:Where will I see money,where will I go,who did this to my son, who will I go to, who ooo, Am finished!Yeehh, Kayode save me,Don't look me like this, My Only son

Kay: Mummy this is not the next thing right now, the doctor is giving us three hours or else we will loose Mofe, I want us to leave the hospital right now, to look for this money anywhere we know that we can get this money, mommy please stand up, if anyone of us get any amount let us call each other to Know so that we can all come back here to the hospital, Please let's go(They all went out of the hospital to separate places to look for the money, after one hour of moving up and down, Kay call Mofe's Mom and iremide to confirm if they see the money they both told him no, cause no one is ready to borrow them money, Mrs Wunmi couldn't stop crying on the street so also Iremide, Now they are left with just one hour and still no hope yet, Iremide call Kayode and Mofe's Mom to confirm if they get the money but still it's the same story, Iremide said to herself

Iremide:No one wants to borrow us money, but why is it so hard to get, God what should I do?Mofe must not die,I just can't stand it ,(Suddenly something came to her mind,She said)Mofe I love you and I will do anything just to save you, I don't know but I think the best place to go now is Mr Collins house,I think I have to go there for help, I have no choice,Am left with no choice, don't blame me for asking for help from those who wants to kill you, sometimes things are meant to be this way, I love you and am only doing this to save you, please don't blame me (She stopped a bike and went straight to Mr Collins eyes, Iremide couldn't stop crying on her way to Mr Collins house)
Teniola was in the room with Steve when she heard a knock on her door, She put on her night gown cause she was under the blanket nakedly with Steve, She opened the door a little bit to see who was there, it was one of her maid Lara)

Teniola:What do you want Lara?

Lara:Madam a lady wants to see Boss but I told her he is not around so she asked if you are around I told her yes, so she said she would like to see you ma

Teniola:Me, A Lady? Ok tell her to go to the second flat to wait for me there am coming

Lara:Yes ma!(Teniola closed the door, while Steve asked her who was that?)

Steve:Who was that?(Standing up from the bed to get his clothes to wear)

Teniola:(Changing her night gown to a better clothes to wear)It's Lara, she said a lady is asking for me, and I wasn't expecting anyone.. (After fifteen minutes from the remaining one hour giving to them, Teniola and Steve joined Iremide in the second flat, but before they arrive, Iremide had called Kay to confirm if they get the money but he told her that him and Mrs Wunmi are back to the hospital and Mrs Wunmi Is with the doctor begging him to do necessary things on Mofe cause they couldn't get the money, but after the operation they will later go back to look for the money, When Teniola came out, she remembered iremide's face immediately)

Teniola:So you are the one who stressed me up to come over here, I think I sacked you already what else do you want?

Iremide:(Knelt down begging Teniola and crying at the same time) please ma, I came here because of something else, it's Mofe, he is in the hospital right now and we need money for his surgery and we are left with forty minutes ma, please help me ma with the sum of 70 thousand naira ma, please I don't want him to die, I have nowhere to go that was why I came here ma, please ma, please help me

Teniola: Escuze me, did I heard you right? You mean Mofe, Same Mofe, Sorry who are you to Mofe?
Iremide:H... He is my fiancee (Teniola bursted into laughing for good five minutes so also Steve)Wait you mean Mofe is your boyfriend?

Iremide:Yes ma, please ma just help me in anyway ma,I have no choice that's why I came here,I promised never to appear in your presence anymore after this please help me ma, please,have mercy on us please,am begging you ma,for God's sake please help me

Teniola:Ok fine,I will help you but on one condition

Iremide:C... condition?

Teniola:Yes condition, which is.. (She dialed a number and said)I want you to come to the second flat right away (Not too long a guard arrived while Teniola said)If you want me to give you the money right now, I will but on one condition which is I want you and James to have a nice time together (Steve bursted into laughing,While the guard was surprised)

Iremide: Sorry ma I don't understand that please

Teniola:Oh! You don't understand what I mean right? Ok I will break it down for you, What I mean is that I want you and James to make love with each other right here in our presence thank God it's just four of us here, I want you to lie down there for James to have fun with you

Iremide:What??(Shocked as tears streamed down her face)

Guys what do you think about Teniola?

What do you think about Iremide?
If you are Iremide can you do it or not?

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