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WRITTEN - Chapter 8


Written - Chapter 8

by Abike

Writer's POV
The next day, Mr Collins called the director very early in the morning

Mr Collins:Good morning Ray

Director: Morning sa

Mr Collins:How was your night?

Director: Fine sa, thank you sa.

Mr Collins:Uhmmm, I want you to come to my house very early this morning because I want I and you to go to somewhere and it's about the movie

Director:Of course I know sir, but I thought you asked me to come by 2pm today sir?

Mr Collins:Yes, but I was later called yesterday night to come very early this morning

Director:Ok sir, no problem sir, I will have to call Mofe not to come to your house to meet me tomorrow then, cause he called me yesterday that he wanted to see me so I asked him to come to your house

Mr Collins:Ohk, you can try to call him, tell him to come by evening we should be back at home by then.

Director:Ok sir, yes sir.. (After the call was ended, the director try to call Mofe but his number was switched off, he tried it over and over again, still the same, So when he got to Mr Collins house and they were about to leave Mr Collins asked him that)

Mr Collins:Have you inform the boy Mofe that he should come here later in the day?

Director: Infact am trying to call him now but his number is switched off, I will try again (He tried his number again but still switched off)Still the same sir

Mr Collins:Try to send him message then,I think that will be better,it may be network problem,send him message
Director:Ok sir(On thier way to thier outing he sent him a text message hoping that he will see it)
Mrs Wunmi's house, Mofe is ready to leave, his mom came out giving him a cup of coffee, While Kay came in prostrating to Mrs Wunmi
Mrs Wunmi:How was your night dear?

Kay:Fine ma, Are you ready?

Mofe:Yeah am ready, I guess Iremide told you am going somewhere today

Kay:Sure, but I just don't know why the light won't come since yesterday night, and I need to charge my phone,it is really low right now,5 percent

Mofe:Good that you have 5 percent, I am having nothing percent

Kay:But how will you get through the director?

Mofe:There is no way, no problem, since he asked me to come already, I won't have choice but to go there and see him and if he didn't come I will have to come back home then, but I pray the light should be back before I come back home

Kay:Oh sure, am sure they will bring it back this morning, See I have to go

Mofe: alright take care,Where is my babe?

Kay:She left very early this morning to do make up for a bride at our street today, there is a wedding there today

Mofe:Ohk, Alright we will see later in the day

Kay:Sure no problem

Mrs Wunmi:And don't forget to bring my water o

Mofe:Do you order water from thier company?

Mrs Wunmi:Since last week, but he is just always forgetful

Kay:(hugging her)Don't worry mom, I will bring it today, just 12 right?

Mrs Wunmi:Yes 12

Kay:I will bring it tonight, I love you Mom

Mrs Wunmi:Love you too my dear

Kay:Alright see you later

Mofe:Yeah bye (Kay went out, not too long Mofe finished his tea and went out of the house too)

Mr Collins House, Steve came to visit Teniola, She asked him to come and spend a day with her since she will be the only one at home throughout the day, Her mom travelled since four days ago and her Dad already went out with the director, So they both sat down in the garden, Discussing together, Not too long someone was at the gate, A guard checked who it was and it was Mofe, So the guard came to inform Teniola..

Guard: Escuze me Madam

Teniola: What?!

Guard: Sorry ma, there is someone at the gate ma

Teniola:Who the hell is that?

Guard:He said his name is Mofe

Teniola:Mofe, Who the hell is Mofe, a guy or a lady?

Guard:Guy madam

Teniola:Tell him to come in(The guard went ahead to call Mofe in, At Kay's Company, he works as a driver for the company, they deliver water to houses, after they had loaded, He asked the guy that was going with him that)

Kay:Is that all?

Guy:Yes, that's all, but we will have to take the water to a woman's supermarket first, she really needs it this morning, after her place we will have to take water to Mr Collins house

Kay:It's a lie (Happy)

Guy: Yeah, but why do you seems to be Happy about that?

Kay: Actually my friend is there , so it's possible I see him there, common let's go (They both enter the van and zoom out, Back to Mr Collins house, Mofe was ushered in to the garden where Teniola and Steve are, Mofe was not having it in his mind to see Teniola not even Steve, he was a bit surprised and at the same time scared, in his heart he keeps on praying to God to let the Director arrive at that moment)

Teniola:Oh so you are Mofe, Hmmmm, Babe, this guy has been giving me headache ever since he came for the audition, Sometimes the way he reacts with his proudness, you will think he is more than this and he is not,I mean who does that?

Steve:Of course I noticed his attitude, even during the location then, Wait why are you?

Mofe:I came here to see the director

Teniola: Director? actually for you to mentioned that man's name is already giving me headache,I hate that man

Steve:What do you have with the director?

Mofe:It's personal issue

Teniola: Oh, so you mean what's your own business, must you know, it is personal issue, is that not what you mean?

Mofe:Of course no, I never mean it that way, I was just trying to t...

Teniola:Oh please shut it
Steve:Wait a minute,what are you holding,is that not a script, what script are you holding, Let me have a look

Mofe:Am sorry you can't, I said it's personal please

Teniola: what an insult!

Steve:Did you just give me an insult right now?

Mofe:Of course no(He is now getting tired and feeling pitiful)I mean it's personal

Steve: Gabriel! Gabriel!!

Guard:Yes sir!

Steve:Get me three guards to come over here plus you

Gabriel:Yes sir! (The guard went away, while Mofe is already getting scared, not too long three gaurds arrived together with Gabriel, Steve said)

Steve:Guys, Right now , I mean right now someone just insulted me, Like am nobody, I want you to help me with something, Do you know black and blue?

Guards:Yes sir!

Steve:I want you to beat this guy right now, I mean beat him to black and blue, if possible take him away from this world after that , you can throw him outside (Teniola laugh (

Mofe:But sir,I... I do...(Before he could utter more statement, they already descended on him , his script flew up to the sky, Teniola couldn't stop laughing as he was been beaten while Steve was watching with a killer face, The guards show no mercy on Mofe cause they keeps on hitting him both on his face, all his joints and most especially his ribs, Mofe cried out in pains)

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