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WRITTEN - Chapter 7


Written - Chapter 7

by Abike

Writer's POV
At the location everyone was was already at the location, A room was given to both Steve and Teniola, A room for four male upcoming actors, while a room for three females upcoming actresses,While the big stars each one of them has a single room, including manger, director, Mr Collins and Mr Desmond all has a separate room except for Teniola and Steve that shares a room and that was how they had wanted it, Mofe was sitting alone in the compound watching how some staffs are busy with thier works suddenly he heard a female voice, it was Joyce the lady who acted with him at the audition


Mofe:Hey, Hello!

Joyce:Hope you don't mind if I join you?

Mofe:Of course no problem, common please sit(She sat with him)

Joyce:So why are you sitting here alone?

Mofe:Just enjoying the fresh air atleast since we haven't start anything yet

Joyce:Oh that's nice, there are a lot of celebrities here today, actually I am so happy to be here most especially seeing my role model ,but just that she doesn't want to accept me that day

Mofe:You mean Teniola is your role model?

Joyce:Of course yes, I so much love her until she hurted me that day by her actions and words

Mofe:So like now is she still your role model?

Joyce:Of course yes, I still love her, you know when you really love someone no matter what they do, you can't push them away, even though I grew up on my own but before my parents died they always tell me to always Cherish anything that I Know that it makes me happy, anytime I watch her movies, advertisement, or anytime I passed through her boutique I always wish to be so close to her even though she doesn't care about who i am or even if I exist or not, I really love everything about her.. (Mofe listened to every single words that are coming out from Joyce, He felt sorry for her suddenly something came to his mind, he said.)

Mofe: I feel like have heard what you just said right now at somewhere before, I feel like someone close to me have said it before

Joyce:Oh really, and who is that?
Mofe: Actually I can't really say, just that nowadays have been noticing that most things that is happening around me these days seems like have heard it and have seen it before but I just can't figure it out

Joyce:it's ok maybe now or later you Will remember, things like this do happens at times(Suddenly they heard Teniola from afar shouting on a staff,she was putting on a black bumper short and and a white tank top,a black puffy fashion slippers)

Teniola:I am asking you that where is the bag I asked you to take inside awhile ago?

Staff:I dropped it on your bed in your room ma

Teniola:You must be Sick, So sick, I asked you to take it inside my room, to hold it there till I finish my conversation on phone but you dropped it on the bed,wait is it too heavy to hold or what?

Staff:Am so sorry ma, I never knew that you asked me to hold it till you finish, I thought you asked me to put it on your bed

Teniola:Will you shut that your mouth or you want me to shut it for you,look at me,you don't need to say anything anymore, just grab your bag and leave, you are sacked (The lady knelt down to beg Teniola crying so badly not to sack her)

Staff:Ma, am so sorry ma, I am really sorry ma, I j...(One of Teniola's bodyguards came to give her his phone)

Guard:Ma, your phone is ringing ma(Teniola who was really annoyed before Suddenly turned to face the body guard and gave him a thunderous slap, Both Mofe, Joyce, staff are all surprised)

Teniola:You are a fool, are you blind or what, can't you see that am in the middle of something? you both are senseless, give me my phone, (She collected her phone from him and said)You know what, you both are fired(Director came out immediately and said)

Director:Why are you really like this? Are you suffering from something or what, You are too selfish young lady

Teniola:The last time I checked I am the one paying my staffs and this not a movie shooting so keep your my shut and watch, and for you both I repeat, you are sacked (She went in straight away)It was time for the acting and it was Teniola scene to act with one other popular actress, but the director keeps on saying cut! Cut!! Cut!!! When Teniola can't take it anymore she said)

Teniola:What is the main problem here cause you keeps on saying Cut over and over again

Director:The problem here is you, act with so much passion, put in action, Action! (They started again but still the director keeps on saying cut over and over again, Teniola said)

Teniola:wait a minute, are you trying to punish me for the way I spoke to you awhile ago?
Director:is your conscience judging you miss? If you don't have anything to say get back to work miss Teniola... (Teniola looked at where Steve was sitting while he gave her a sign to ignore the director...)
Mrs Wunmi and iremide was outside picking some beans when a bike parked at the front of the house, it was Mofe, Iremide ran to him, hugging him like it's been decades she has seen him last, He prostrated for his mum and later hugged her,They all went inside to prepare what Mofe is going to eat while he went to have a shower, not too long he finished taking his shower and later joined his mom and iremide at the dinning who are patiently waiting for him to join them, After finished eating and Cleaning up, They all sat down at the front of the house to see the moon and stars cause it's already late at night, they wanted to have some fresh air and to discuss, His mom and iremide started throwing him series of questions on his work while he keeps on answering them, He said...

Mofe: Everything was good, We already finished everything at once, My scenes was just three scenes, but one thing I know is that the movie is going to be a very big hit to everyone, cause it is a big project

Mrs Wunmi:So shall it be

Mofe: Amen, Actually Mum, Iremide, I have been thinking about something on the last story I wrote, I was thinking of showing it to someone and it's no other person than the director, I just feel like showing it to him to see, if he says that it's cool, I will try to convince him to help me talk to Mr Collins maybe the story can also be produce,Or what do you think?

Mrs Wunmi:And it's really nice my dear,Abi Iremide what do you think?

Iremide: Exactly,it's a good idea, atleast you still have a lot of stories in there, if your own money comes now, you will produce them,but atleast for now to get this star,you can try to give them this particular script since that is what you want, it will just be produce by Mr Collins but written by you and am sure you will act in it,If they love it and the Movie goes viral, it's possible they reward you which am sure they will

Mofe:Ok fine, let me call the director now(He brought out his phone to call the director)Hello sir, Good evening sir, of course sa am at home sa, Actually sir I wish to see you concerning something that is very important sir, Oh yes sir, exactly sir, yes I know Mr Collins house, ok sir, alright sir, thank you so much sir, Have a Goodnight sir, Bye sir!

Mrs Wunmi:What did he say?

Mofe:He said he is coming to Mr Collins house by 2pm tomorrow for the movie we just did, he told me to be there before 2 pm and I should wait for him till he comes
Mrs Wunmi:And that's nice, Don't worry you will see the goodness of God tomorrow

Mofe:Amen ma, He hugged both his mom and iremide cause he was sitting between both of them, He said..

Mofe:I love you both

Both:And we love you too(All smile


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