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WRITTEN - Chapter 6


Written - Chapter 6

by Abike

Writer's POV
Steve's cars drove in the compund while his guards open the door for him, he entered the living room he saw his mum and some maids setting the dinning, He moved closer to his Mom to gave her a peck, His Mom is his favorite after her is Teniola, He said

Steve: Where is your husband?

Mrs Desmond: Common, he is your Dad, it should be this way, where is my Dad, stop saying that

Steve:I don't have time for all that
Mrs Desmond: Anyway when are you going back to USA to check on your work and how everyone is doing over there?

Steve: Actually am going there next week with Teniola, just to have nice time together, so I will use that opportunity to check on them
Mrs Desmond:Oh that's nice and how is Teniola?

Steve:Of course she is fine(Mr Desmond came out taking a seat to sit, his wife took out a plate to serve him his food)

Mr Desmond:The production will start by next month

Steve:And that is why you replaced the director with a Superman

Mr Desmond:Is that not good?
Steve: Sounds great to you, Mum I will see you later(He hugged his mom and went straight to his room while Mr Desmond smile but Mrs Desmond was like is everything ok, He said)

Mr Desmond:We hit the bull's eyes,Can't you see that the director is capable of both Steve and Teniola?

Mrs Desmond: Oh I see, that's nice, Just please take it easy on my son
Mr Desmond:No one is taking it hard on him,He is the one...
Mr Collins house...

Mr Collins was busy reading a newspaper when Teniola came out with a travelling back

Mr Collins:Where to Mrs Traveller?

Teniola: USA!

Mr Collins: Oh, so fast?

Teniola:Dad please I don't want to talk to you,most especially that you accepted those two candidates and you even got another crazy director, I need to take serious rest on all these before I can come back for any shooting, but if I should come back, I promise to show that crazy Director, My regards to my mom (She dragged the bag but the bag is not ready to answer her, while Mr Collins was watching her drama, she shouted Bimpe's name) Bimpe! Bimpe!!

Bimpe:(Running out)Yes ma, Ma! I was answering you ma

Teniola:Shut your mouth and take this bag to my car you idiot, Don't worry when I comes back, I will surely get back at you, Lazy bone! Common take it to my car!

Bimpe:Yes ma(She dragged the bag out while Teniola followed, Mr Collins just smile)

Mrs Wunmi's house,Mofe seems to be busy on a story, His mum came in to sat with him...

Mrs Wunmi:You are really busy these days on this story and it seems it is taking too much of your time, What kind of story are you writing this time around but it seems to be like you wouldn't finish it again?

Mofe: Actually Mom, Ever since I started writing stories since twelve years old, this will be the only story that will take much of my time and this story will be the only story that will make me really cry

Mrs Wunmi:Haha, I don't understand you, What do you mean?

Mofe: Actually it's just about the Actor in this story, but I don't think such things can happen to someone but what if it really happens or has happened to someone, Actually I don't know where the story is coming from, all I know is that the more it comes, the more I writes but this story is really really full of tragedy and it's really bad, am still on it, I should be able to finish it in two days time

Mrs Wunmi:Hmmm, I understand you, but whatsoever story you are writing I want you to know that you are not the one writting it, it is your talent that is doing it all and may that talent of yours never die
Mofe: Amen

Mrs Wunmi:And I hope that your story has a good ending o

Mofe: I wish...

Mr Collins and Mr Desmond with Director, and manger and four other staffs are having a brief meeting

Mr Collins:The production is in three days time, the locations are set, the actors are ready so also the actresses, I want this story to be the best, we all know that Teniola has been providing the best story so far, this story,title "The thunderbolt" Is having a lot of projects in it, that's why we are taking much of our time to study it well, to look for the best actors or actresses to fit in to each characters and that is why Collins production and Desmond production joined hands together for the success of this story, this is not the first time we are working together but we just hope for the best, which we all know that we are always the best, So I want us to start this the shooting next week the moment Steve and Teniola comes back from thier trip, That's all I have to say (He sat down while a round of applause was given to him)
Mofeoluwa was in the living room, Still on this particular story, Not too long Iremide comes in
Iremide:Still on this?

Mofe:Oh yes about to finish
Iremide:Can you please take some rest and let us stroll out a bit, please

Mofe:(He smile)Ok fine anything for you (They both stood up and went out of the house, walking down the street discussing, Suddenly a prophetess stopped them and said)

Prophet:I am sorry for disturbing you both,I just want to deliver the word of God to both of you, Young man, Very soon something will happen but please and please don't kill that star in you, No matter what happens,be strong,it's bound to happen, but don't loose hope, don't give up and don't waste that glory of yours, And you my sister, Don't you ever think of aborting any pregnancy, Keep it so that you won't loose your life, peace be onto you, Thank you for your time(The prophetess left while Mofe and iremide are still trying to grab all what she said, Mofeoluwa said)

Mofe: Iremide, it may happen anytime or anyday, don't abort my pregnant,am sure you heard all what she just said, I love you and I promise to always love you, and I will take care of you and the baby, cause am sure, sooner or later you may get pregnant for me
Iremide:Don't worry, Nothing will happen, and if I get pregnant for you, I will surely keep it, so put your mind at rest

Mofe:I love you
Iremide:And I love you more(Both hugged each other without minding that they are in to public)
A plane landed at the airport, it was Both Steve and Teniola, They just came back from thier trip...
Teniola was alone in her room at night, checking out some things on her laptop, She heard a knock at her door

Teniola:Yes come in(It was her father, He entered and said)

Mr Collins: How was your journey?

Teniola:(Not Really interested)It was fine and why are you asking me that?

Mr Collins: Anyway we are all going to location next tomorrow, just be prepare

Teniola: Of course I know

Mr Collins:Ok then, Take care of yourself

Teniola: Wait a minute why are you acting like you care?

Mr Collins:Of course I always care

Teniola:No, Dad please not now, Y
know that you really offended me on this production, but not now, the discussion will be after we finish everything, so can I have my privacy now?

Mr Collins:(Smile)You are only hurting yourself, No one is offending you, Anyway goodnight and sweet dreams (He went out of the room closing the door)

Teniola: Whatever!
Late at night, Mofeoluwa finally finished the story, But he was having a mixed feelings on the story,after thinking for some minutes on the story he went inside his room to put the book in a separate place from all other scripts even though he doesn't know why, He sat on his bed still thinking about the story he went to took it again from where he had kept it earlier, He keeps on checking it he said to the book)
Mofeoluwa:Why am I having mixed feelings on you, Just why, What is really wrong in this story, What is really special in it?(He later kept it back to the separate place he sat on the bed thinking, after some minutes, he laid down on the bed to sleep for tomorrow's shooting cause he has been picked and he will be acting tomorrow, not too long he was drifted to the Dreamland

What is the script all about?? What is special about it?? what do you think will happen in the next episode??


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