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WRITTEN - Chapter 5


Written - Chapter 5

by Abike

Writer's POV
In a studio, Teniola was putting on a white bikini dress, the background of the studio was a beach, different pictures of Teniola was taken, She later changed into a yellow dinner gown, this time around she is making an advert on a shampoo together with some young models,She is the one holding the shampoo trying to advertise it to the young models and she was trying to show them her soft long black hair, telling them it was the shampoo that softened her hair, After some hours the shooting was over,She went out of the studio with two guards, as she came out, she was surprised to see Steve waiting for her outside with a flower in his hand, she walked past him but Steve grabbed her by her hand and said to the guards...

Steve:Give us some minutes I want to talk to my babe(The guards move back)

Steve:I miss you (No reply)Ok fine am sorry, I shouldn't have got mad at you that day, I should have call to check on you, it's all my fault and am sorry babe, am really sorry, you know how much I love you and I can't just think about my life without you, I really miss you, Am sorry love, ok fine I will make it up to you, let's have a nice time together in USA next week, let's spend a week together please, I miss you

Teniola: You are a jerk, you know?

Steve:Of course I know, am sorry, atleast accept my apology first(Giving her the flower, She took it from him, smelling it she said)

Teniola:It's nice

Steve:So are we cool now?

Teniola:Like I have a choice

Steve:Am sorry, so can I book the tickets?

Teniola:Sure no problem (He kissed)Am going to my dad's audition for the new production,hope you don't mind going there with me?

Steve:Sure but I need to rehearse, it's ok anything for you, I will do that tomorrow, So shall we?



Everything was set, A lot of people are sitting down outside waiting to be call in, Mofeoluwa is also part of those that are waiting, Suddenly cars drove in, while Mofe could hear some people wishpering to each others

Lady:That is Teniola

Guy:Who would have thought that she will be here, I just hope that am picked cause she do whatever she wants anyhow, Sacking people up and down

Lady 2: I just pray that she should pick me

Lady:Me too cause am scared oo

Guy:That's her boyfriend

Lady: Oh that's my crush Steve

Lady2:Let Teniola hear you (They all keep shut the moment they saw her looking at thier side, Teniola's eyes met Mofeoluwa's eyes who was Staring at her but Mofe wasn't really staring at her, he was just trying to think if she was the one who sacked Iremide, Teniola went in with Steve they saw an hefty man turning his back at them Making a phone call)

Teniola:Hello(Trying to get his attention, He face both Teniola and Steve, he said)

Man:Hi, You must be Teniola, I mean you are Teniola, am the new director and young lady, you came here so late and you were the one delaying us, nice time stick to your time, now can you please have your sit?

Teniola:What?! (Surprised)D... Did you just talk to me right now?

Director:The last time I checked your two ears are here, and it's obvious that they are working, I said sit down

Steve:Wait who the hell are you?

Director:Oh you must be Steve, I am Ray, Director Ray, and you Steve, till I finish what am doing here, I want you to keep your mouth shut and don't try to open your mouth to anything that will happen here today, I should have send you out but I won't, so I will advise you to sit down over there and watch like a two years kid trying to learn some spellings, in short just watch and learn and you young lady, when the production start, don't you ever think of coming late, so also you Steve and one more thing, Young man what you tried with the former director don't try to do that with me or you gonna regret it, so can we get back to the business, Manager come and have your sit , someone should call in the first person when Miss Teniola find her seat(The director sat down with the manager waiting for Teniola to sit but both Teniola and Steve are still surprised, after some minutes they both sat down still in confusion though, Different candidates keeps entering but no one is ok for the director suddenly Teniola said)

Teniola:Twenty two candidates came in here but still no one is ok for you, sorry what exactly is your problem cause to me they are all good

Director: Firstly you met me in this game and I know who have passion for something from who doesn't have any passion at all, one more thing before you speak to me next time, always try to check if senses are coming out from what you are going to say to me next time, How many people do we have outside please?(The director was talking to the guy that was calling in the candidates, while Teniola was so speechless so also Steve)
Guy:Just two is left sir

Director:Ok call the next person (A fair lady came in)Whats your name?

Lady: Emmanuel Joyce sir

Director:And how old are you?

Joyce:27 years sir (The director asked her different kinds of questions about her and later gave her a script to act on, She collected it and said with a lot of passion and action, according to the script she said..

Joyce:How dare you, For real is this really you, I mean how can you forget everything, Remember everything Dele, Don't do this to me, please, I.. (Director cut in and said)

Director:Wait a minute young lady,Gbenga the last person that is outside is he a guy or a lady?

Gbenga:A guy sir

Director: Good let him in(Mofeoluwa came in while the director stare at him for some seconds and Mofe was confused on what is happening so also Teniola is surprised on what is going on and why would he be staring at him that way, the director smile and said)

Director: Sorry for doing that, I just saw something in you, a great Actor, what's your name

Mofeoluwa:Adekola Mofeoluwa


Mofeoluwa:28 years sir (The director asked him some other questions and later gave him a script to act with Joyce, And they both start to act according to the script)

Joyce: Dele, Please remember the good times, those great memories we shared together, please give it a deep thinking (Trying to hold his hand)

Mofe:Bola am sorry, you don't get it, My dad won't allow this relationship, Just try to be ok, am sure you will get a better man (Tears stream down on Joyce face)

Joyce:No, No, No please, No better man than you, Please dele

Mofe:Bola am sorry, Can't you get it, I need to go, and I want you to forget me, because I will also forget you, Enjoy your life(He removed her hand from his clothes pushing her away to fall down, he walked away while Joyce kept on crying)

Joyce:Dele, Dele please

Director:Cut! (Both Joyce and Mofe move closer back to thier spots)Young lady have you been hurt before, something like break up or something?

Joyce:Uhmmm, Yes sir!

Director:Oh I see, I never knew that, but I just want you to know that you guys acted it very well, it was so real , that's nice of you, Manager what do you think?
Manager:Of course I really love this, I was almost in tears for the lady,it was really great

Teniola:What? You call this acting, For real? Actually I can't accept this and I have to report this to my Dad (The director stood up and said)You don't need to call your Dad, everything that is happening here is on camera, Your Dad and your Dad Steve are watching us right now

Teniola: What?!

Director: So am sure they also love what they just acted, I picked them and the manager wants them and am sure your Dads are ok with them, even a day old baby will Know that these two acted well awhile ago and if you can't see it, Get yourself a doctor, Mofe and Joyce, we will get back to you, Have a nice day everyone(He went out of the building with Gbenga while Joyce and Mofe followed, Manager also went out but Teniola was just surprised while Steve was just smilling in a surprise way, they both couldn't believe what is going on that moment, that will be the first time
Mrs Wunmi's House, Mofe was explaining all what happened at the Audition to his mom, Kay and iremide

Mrs Wunmi:What really is her problem?

Mofe:I just don't know, So arrogant, proud,rude,lack of manners, She is just too worst

Kay:That girl must be having a problem, someone needs to teach her some lessons

Mrs Wunmi:Am glad others accept you, am sure they will call you very soon, You just have to be very careful with her anytime you go back there

Mofe:Yes mom, Am just glad that I performed it well

Kay:That's nice, I will have to go, I will get back at you bro

Mofe:Ok bro, Thanks bro

Kay:Yeah see you later(They shake hands while he kissed iremide's head, he prostrated to Mrs Wunmi, he went out of the house, while Mrs Wunmi went inside to have some nap leaving Mofe and iremide alone in the living room, Iremide went in to serve Mofe his favourite food, They both ate together discussing while eating, After they had finished eating, Iremide packed in the plate to wash, While Mofe turned on the radio to listen to his program, Iremide later joined him but not to long she slept off on the chair while Mofe carried her in to his room, placing her gently on the bed, not too long he came back to the living to listen to his program,Not too long the presenter finished and said
Presenter:And that is all about today's topic, be expecting me next week on another new topic, don't forget to listen to our program every weekends, one more thing, never lose hope in anything and no matter what happens to you in this life it is meant to be, It is written by God, we all just have to keeps on hoping for the good things in life, See you all next week and enjoy your weekend, i remain your loyal presenter Olamilekan Oladipupo, see you next week, Bye (The program finish but, Something caught Mofeoluwa's attention from the presenter speech which is it is written, He stood up immediately and went inside his room to get a book and a pen, He came back to the dining to sit down and write, But before he put down anything, he said this over and over again that...

Mofeoluwa:It is written, Written? It's written, But what is written ? Written!(He keeps on saying this and finally he was able to put down something)


Find out in the next episode


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