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WRITTEN - Chapter 4


Written - Chapter 4

by Abike

Writer's POV
Mr Collins flat, The dinning was set for Teniola, she was served white rice and stew, chicken and some Assorted beefs in a pot, orange juice at a side, with a cup of water,A maid went up to her room to call on her to come and eat, after knocking on Teniola's door, She asked the maid to come in, the maid enter and said

Maid: Madam your food is ready


Maid: Nothing ma, just that your food is ready so the head of maids asked me to let you know that the dinning is set ma

Teniola:You can go am coming right away (The maid left immediately while Teniola's phone ring)Yes, I know, which company am I doing this for? Ok fine I will be there by 12 today,I need to be fast with everything there today, cause my Dad is doing auditions for his new production and I need to be there also by five, so I don't want things that will be delaying me, make sure everything is set ok? Now can you please hang up this damn call?(Immediately the call was disconnected, she stood up and went straight to the dinning room to eat her food, As the maids are serving her, she keeps on checking her phone like she is waiting for a call, she is really waiting for no one's call but steve's call, because since that dinner party Steve didn't call her and she doesn't bother to call him, even though she wants to but pride won't allow her call him back, Her food was served already,she took a spoon to eat but immediately she spat the food back and shouted

Teniola:Lara! (That's the name of the maid who came to call her awhile ago)Lara!! (She ran out from the kitchen)

Lara:Yes ma! Sorry ma I was do...

Teniola:Who cook this food?

Lara:Bimpe and Feranmi

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Teniola:Call them for me, Right now! (Lara ran inside not too long she came back with the two ladies who are already getting scared)

Teniola:Now, who cook this food, Answer me!

Feranmi:Both of us ma

Teniola:So you want to kill me, right? You want me to die, What type of salty food is this, Are you both mad or something?what were you thinking when you are making my food? Imagine them looking at me like a fool is talking, how dare you to stare at me that way? (Suddenly the whole plate of rice was spread on both Feranmi and Bimpe, After that Teniola took the whole cup of juice and spilt it on them, Guards that are in the living room are surprised, Lara was shocked, both the other two ladies are scared and shocked, suddenly the head of maids came out)

Head of maid:Madam, sorry ma, is there any problem with the food ma?

Teniola:Are you asking me that silly question, Are you ok, wait what is your job in this house was it not to supervise all these fools like you, Don't you taste my food when it was done?

Head of maids:Ah... Of course I do madam and the food is ok ma

Teniola:You are insane, Mrs shola you are insane, So you are trying to tell me that am lying right?

Head of maid:Ha, no I never mean it that way I was just saying that I tasted the food a.... (She couldn't finish the statement as Teniola spilt the cup of water on her too)

Teniola:For your information, three of you are fired, right away! (Mrs Collins voice came from upstairs)

Mrs Collins:Am sure you are drunk already (She came down slowly and was surprised to see everything that has happened,the first thing Mrs Collins did was to grabbed a tissue on the table,she moved closer to the head of maids, cleaning every traces of water,While Teniola's mouth was wide open)

Teniola:Mum,what the hell are you doing?

Mrs Collins:How dare you Teniola, do you realize that this woman is enough to be your mother or even older than your mother?

Teniola:Like I care, and besides she can't be my mother

Mrs Collins: What is really going on here, what happened, what have they all done to you that made you to do this to all of them?

Teniola:Mum my food is so salty, Can't you see that they want to kill me?I can't take this nonsense from them,they have to leave right away!

Mr Collins:(Coming in from the compound and must have heard Everything, he said as he was moving closer to the dinning table) Someone should serve me the same food as you served Teniola (He sat down while Lara went in to bring plate, spoons and other necessary things for Mr Collins to eat)

Teniola:Dad, what are you doing?

Mr Collins:Like it's not obvious right? (Lara served him while Mr Collins ate close to six spoons peacefully, he drank a cup of water and said)Honey please try this food

Mrs Collins:Ok dear (Mrs Collins ate a spoon and said)For goodness sake Teniola this food is really good what is your problem?

Teniola:T... That food, you mean that food is good to you? I see, I can see that thier charms are working on you, I don't care about all that, I just want them to leave this house right now, like now!

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Mr Collins:(Stood up and said)You have a shooting today and other models are waiting for you, and secondly you said you will be part of those that will do the screening for the audition today, Just you, The Manager and the new Director because we already transferred Mr Kola to another company after he left the hospital,Don't try to be rude to this new director or else, he is going to give you your size, both you and Steve am sure Desmond will have inform Steve too, this man has once be a boxer, mind your ways with him and everything that will happen at the audition today, his word should be the final, he is representing me over there, and one more thing, No maid , I repeat no maid should leave this house, Have a nice day (He went upstairs immediately while Mrs Collins smile, the head of maids and other ladies started to clean the mess Teniola has created, While Mrs Collins said)

Mrs Collins:Mrs shola, you don't have to worry about this ma, the girls will do it ma, am so sorry ma
Mrs shola:Am really greatful ma, Thank you ma

Mrs Collins:You are welcome ma (Mrs shola went in while Teniola's brain is still trying to calculate everything, she said)

Teniola:Wait for real am I dreamin What's going on, Did my dad just changed my orders, he even gave me warning on the new director, Oh this can't be true

Mrs Collins:Young lady,If you are having issues with your boyfriend sort it out with him, don't vent your angers on anyone here(Mrs Collins walked away)

Mrs Wunmi's house, Mofeoluwa is preparing, getting dress, His mum and iremide are setting the dinning for him, He came out later, he hug his Mom and said

Mofeoluwa: Seriously Mom am scared on this audition and I don't feel like going anymore

Mrs Wunmi:Oh Common dear, you have to, remember it was Kayode who brought this great news for you, don't disappoint your friend, Don't worry everything will be alright, This is the time, the time you have been waiting for, your time to rise, your time to shine, and am sure they will pick you

Mofeoluwa:I really hope so mom, thank you Mom (He sat down to eat while Iremide went to the kitchen to clean up, Mrs Wunmi sat with his son watching him while eating, After some minutes he finished his food and stood up to leave, He hugged his mom and went to the kitchen to check on Iremide who was busy washing the dishes, He hugged her from the back, while she turned around facing him, Mofeoluwa used his left hand to hold her waist while he use the other hand to turn off the tap water that was running)

Mofeoluwa:Am ready to go, Wish me luck (She gave out a cute little smile which made Mofeoluwa's eyes to blinked two times, he said)Is that your luck? (She raise herself up a bit trying to have the same height as Mofe, She kissed him, while Mofe blush and said)Wow! I love that(He also kissed her back softly, He hugged her and waved her goodbye, He went out of the house, boarding a bike to the audition)



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