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WRITTEN - Chapter 3


Written - Chapter 3

by Abike

Writer's POV
In another three bedroom flat, This is Kay and iremide's parents house before they died into a car accident that cost thier lives, the two children has been maintaining the house, and sometimes they sleeps over at Mrs Wunmi's Mofeoluwa's mom's house to have nice time together as a family, They see Mrs Wunmi as thier real mother and she takes care of them as her own also, most especially Iremide, Kay's parents and Mrs Wunmi are really best friends before they died, Back to present, Mofeoluwa came down from a bike at the front of iremide's house, He knocked on the door but no response, He opened the door and found Iremide sitting on the floor crying so badly with swollen eyes, He ran to her and gave her a tight hug, When anything happens to Iremide she is going to breakdown finally cause her heart seems to be very fragile and she doesn't have the heart or strength to relive herself from bad situations or any stress except if Mofe calm her down, Mofeoluwa's love for Iremide is just too strong that has no blemishes, Same also to Iremide, Mofeoluwa was the one who disvirgin Iremide just four months ago and since then, they never have any sexual intercourse since then because Mofeoluwa thinks he wants her to have full strength again before another sex, Actually that's what he thought, Iremide also will be the first woman that Mofe had sex with, Mofe and Kay are the one that supported Iremide during her part time school and they are the one who helped her got the job she had just lost, This is the way Mofe and Kay loves Iremide, Back to present...

Mofe released her from the hug and said

Mofe:It's ok, Don't worry, another job is coming very soon, I understand you, I Know you want the job so badly but there are some other good jobs in town that will give you peace, Don't worry I and Kay will surely get you a better job again, Sorry dear(He hugged her again and kissed her lower lips softly)

Iremide:I was only trying to help her out bu.... But she sacked me(She bursted into another tears, Mofe couldn't help but to laugh cause she seems to be cute when crying)

Mofe:You should just see yourself right now, you look so cute I guess that's why you are crying just to look cute for me

Iremide:Stop it(Hitting him jokingly, while Mofe gave her another hug)

Mofe:I love you

Iremide:I love you too

At an hotel, Some cars drove in, Teniola came down from the car and went straight to a room, she knocked on the door while Steve opened the door for her leaving her guards outside, Steve closed the door while she catwalk to the bed to sit down)

Teniola:When are you coming back home, Besides hope you remember that we have a dinner tonight

Steve:Babe am not coming to that din...

Teniola:Don't tell me that young man, I want you at the dinner today and that's all

Steve: Babe I can't, that man slapped me

Teniola: And am sorry

Steve:S... Sorry, what for? you didn't even do anything, why are you so...

Teniola:On behalf of your Dad, Sorry and I want you at the dinner (She grabbed her bag to leave while Steve caught her by her hand, turning her to face him, he grabbed her by the waist Making her to move closer to her and then he kissed her while Teniola responded to the kiss, Suddenly they both started removing eachothers clothes while removing the clothes they are both moving next to the bed, kissing each other without breaking the kiss....

Mofeoluwa was at home with Iremide, Mrs Wunmi went out to see a friend while Mofe is at the living room lying down listening to his favorite program on the radio, Iremide was busy cooking in the kitchen, Mofe stood up and went to the kitchen to check on Iremide since the program will be back shortly on a break, He hugged her from the back kissing her neck

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Mofe:What are you cooking?

Iremide:Your second favorite, Sweet potatoes with frie egss, Don't worry I will be done shortly

Mofe:Ok dear (He pecked her again and went straight to the living room since the program is back, Soon Mrs Wunmi came in with some items while Mofe stood up to greet his Mom collecting everything from her, Iremide came out to greet Mrs Wunmi

Iremide: Welcome ma

Mrs Wunmi:My dear, How are you?

Iremide:Fine ma(She collected the items from Mofe)How was your outing ma?

Mrs Wunmi:Oh it was good, thanks dear, Hmm I can perceive some smells, Sha remember me when it is done ooo

Iremide:(Smile)Sure ma, Actually I am making it for you

Mofe:What?! I thought you said it's my best food and it's for me, how come you are changing the system?

Iremide: Actually there was an error in that former system, that's was why I switched to another system

Mofe:You better change the system right away before...

Mrs Wunmi:You are too jealous, Haha!You better take it easy

Mofe:We are talking about my best food here Mom

Mrs Wunmi:Epele(Sorry)Mr best food(All laughing) Haha, You and all these your food ehn, My dear when the food is done call me to come and eat am going inside to rest a bit

Mofe:No don't tell her that, I should be the one to give you the food not her

Mrs Wunmi:Cause you are the one cooking it abi? (Right)

Mofe:Ehn, still the same, if she is the one cooking it, that means that am still the one cooking it also

Mrs Wunmi:Am tired of your drama(She went in straight to her room while Iremide ran inside the kitchen like some lightining bolt to avoid discussion with him, Mofe smile...

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In a very big eatery which is one of Steve's mom eatery, All the family of Mr Collins, Mr Desmond and Farida's Dad together with Farida all sitted round a table eating, except for Steve who was absent and Farida was giving Teniola some signs if Steve will still come or not but Teniola is not really sure,Not too long Steve also arrived which gave Teniola so much relive,Mr Desmond's eyes was on Steve but Steve is not ready to look at his father cause he is still mad at him for slapping him, Farida's Dad broke the silent, he said..

Farida's Dad:I am so happy that everyone is here again this months, It has been twenty years that we started this kind of gathering and am glad that we are all here again today, God is really great

Mr Collins:Oh yes

Farida's Dad:I am so happy for all the progress that is happening to our families, And on your new project, Collins and Desmond I pray that you guys should succeed in it

Mr Collins:Amen

Farida's Dad:More Glory

Mr Desmond:Amen(Everyone all clapped for Farida's Dad after he has finished his speech, Mr Collins stood up and said)

Mr Collins:I also have something to share with us tonight, Actually it's about our new production Desmond

Mr Desmond:Ok?

Mr Collins:I wants to do another set of audition for new upcoming Actors and Actresses out there(It was like a bomb was threw at Teniola for that statement and she felt bad immediately)You know many are out there, that are very good in this, infact more than we people that are here, there are a lot of good Writers, Actors, Director, They are all there but no connections, I mean look at the audition you did five years ago Desmond, those who you helped then, where are they?All of them are now stars, So that is why I also give it a deep thinking to do an audition for those who have interest in Acting, atleast they may get the chance to feature in this production we are doing right now

Mr Desmond: Wow! That's nice

Farida's Dad:So lovely, Nice one (Everyone clapped thier hands again, Mr Desmond stood up raising his glass of wine, He said)

Mr Collins:Let's make a toast, to new success, a toast to a peaceful family and friendship (They all stood up to have a toast, after the dinner is over, the men gathered thierslves to discuss so also the women, while Farida and Teniola sat down to talk, on the other side Steve is busy with some phone calls)

Farida:I noticed that you look so sad, why what happened?

Teniola: Firstly am mad at that jerk for coming late, secondly am mad at that crazy announcement that my dad just announced, I mean how can he just do that without informing me at first, that's so ridiculous

Farida:Wait i don't get you babe, how come that what your Dad said earlier is affecting you? How come?

Teniola:What I mean is that, I should be aware first,and I will make sure that I am part of those that will do the screening for them,then I will do my worse

Farida:Oh I see, Oopps! Your boyfriend is coming (Steve walked up to them, moving closer to Teniola to kiss her but she used a finger to stop him telling him not to move closer to her)

Steve: What?

Teniola:Can we please have this discussion later,I am not in the mood to talk right now

Steve:(Annoyed)Ok fine,just do whatever you want, am out of here, Suit yourself(He went away in his car angrilly)

Farida: Teniola,he left!

Teniola: Actually I don't care, That reminds me, do you sack that lady that day?

Farida:Of course I do, immediately I saw your text I sent her text message not to bother to come to the company, but wait a minute, what did she do that day?

Teniola:Babe, forget about that one, like I promised you, I will replace her for you with two ladies, by Tuesday the ladies will come to your company

Farida: Anyway, That's nice...


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