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WRITTEN - Chapter 2


Written - Chapter 2

by Abike

Writer's POV
Teniola walked in to the living room, Her dad and mum sat down watching a program on the TV, She walked in to greet her parents, Her dad said

Mr Collins: Teniola?

Teniola:Yes Dad!

Mr Collins: Teniola?

Teniola:Dad what?

Mr Collins: Teniola?

Teniola:Dad am answering you, What again?

Mr Collins:Why are you like this?

Teniola:What do you mean Dad?
Mr Collins:How can you sacked eight, I mean eight different kinds of workers under you, just for today, How can you sacked eight good workers just for today, You sacked two at the location,three at your boutique, two at the studio, and you just sacked another one right now, I saw you in the camera(More like a cctv showing what is going on outside to those that are inside)What exactly is your problem, If I am like this, or your mom is like this, do you think we will be where we are today, What is your problem, why are all you sacking your staffs?

Teniola:Dad, I don't have time for this, I sack who ever I want and am the one paying them, this is my business and not your business Dad(She walked out)

Mrs Collins:Teni! Teni!! How dare you to walked out on your Dad like that? Teniola? Teni!Am so sorry dear..

Mr Collins:Hmmm, It's ok,I know what to do (His phone rings) Hello, Yes, What? D.. director? How come? I will get back to you right away

Mrs Collins:What happened honey?

Mr Collins: Director is in the hospital, He was beaten up

Mrs Collins: Beaten, But by who?

Mr Collins: Actually I don't know yet, Deji? (A guard came in)

Deji:Yes sir!

Mr Collins:Get the cars and the boys ready in the next one hour

Deji:Yes sir! (He went away immediately...
Another very big mansion, This is Mr Desmond's house, a best friend to Mr Collins, The owner of Desmond's production, also one of the best, He is a retired soldier, a business man,who sells cars,house,two different kinds of filling station, His wife is also a business woman who runs a boutique, a supermarket and two eatery in Lagos, Steve is thier only son, Steve is a popular dancer,Steve rock as his stage name,An actor and a model also, Steve has a dancing school in USA,Mr Collins and Mr Desmond are best friends and sometimes do works together on any big productions like the present one they are working on right now, Back to Mr Desmond's house, Eight cars drove in, Some soldiers came down from the cars opening the door for Mr Desmond, He walked inside the house majestically and went straight to Steve's room, His room is nothing different from a place, the door was opened for him to enter, He saw Steve sitting on his bed busy on the phone, Steve raised up his head to see his dad's angry face, he puts down the phone and said


Mr Desmond:You are a bastard!

Steve:(Inhale and exhale some air)That's not new anymore, what do you want in my room?

Mr Collins:How dare you to beat up the director?

Steve: Do I need to leave this country for you guys, What the hell is this, Why are you asking me that damn question? Ok fine, he misbehaved to me, and I gave him what he deserve

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Mr Desmond:Hmmm, Mr teacher, Do you realize that the man is admitted right now and our production is stuck for now

Steve:I don't care and can you please get out from my room I need some space Man! (Mr Desmond moved closer to him and slapped his face so hard, Steve was shocked and surprised, He took his phones and car key, he went out of the room to the compound, he said)

Steve:If any guard or soldier should follow me I promise to shoot him, and you can give it a trial (He entered into his car and drove out roughly)
In a House,three bedroom flat, a middle aged woman who is now in her late fifties sat down in the living room, picking some beans, a gentle young and handsome guy came in, He is tall as the famous Actor (Fredrick Leonard),same mustache, but not too fair in complexion, same haircut, This is Mofeoluwa and the woman sitting is his mother, Mrs Wunmi,He came in prostrating to greet his Mom, He sat down with her..

Mrs Wunmi:How was your day today?

Mofe:Fine Mom

Mrs Wunmi:And how was work today?
Mofe:Not too stressful ma

Mrs Wunmi:Sorry dear, quickly stand and have your shower by the time you finish I will have set the dinning for you

Mofe: What do you cook Mom?

Mrs Wunmi:Your favorite, Amala, Melon soup (Egusi),with Assorted beefs and a lot of locust beans with little bitter leaf

Mofe:And that's why I love you Mum, Let me quickly have my shower and eat before they start my favorite program

Mrs Wunmi:Oh that's nice, it's almost four already, Go on time dear (As he was about to stand up, The door was knocked) Yes who is that?

Guy: Am the one ma, Kayode
Mrs Wunmi:You are the one and you still knocking on the door, Common come inside Jare (A guy came in, Dark in complexion, Not too tall, Little bit short but not too short, small beards, This is Kayode, Mofeoluwa's childhood friend, Kay's parents died seven years ago and he was left with his younger sister iremide,Kay is a dropped out student,he works in the filling station,Who is iremide? You will know that later, Kayode came in prostrating to greet Mrs Wunmi, He also sat down beside Mofeoluwa)

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Mofe:Haha, You close at your place of work so early today, what happened?

Kay:was it not your girlfriend that called me on phone crying so badly today

Mofe:Haha, you mean iremide?

Kay:Yeah! She was sacked today

Mofe: What? (Iremide is Kay's younger sister and Mofeoluwa's girlfriend since five years ago, Iremide was the make up artist that Teniola sacked, Iremide graduated in a part time school and she do make up in Teniola's best friend company, Farida is Teniola's best friend, A popular make up artists who employs expert make up artists to work for her and she pays them,Farida's Dad is the commissioner of police but her mum is late, So Farida sacked Iremide through Teniola, Back to present)

Mrs Wunmi:But what happened, She just got this job five months ago now(Feeling sad)

Kay:Her boss picked out twelve girls to go to a location, at Mr Collins and Mr Desmond latest movie that is coming out very soon, I think Mr Collins daughter and iremide had some clash so she fired iremide

Mrs Wunmi:This is really serious ooo
Mofe:Where is she now?

Kay:She is at home, I tried to pet her to stop crying but not ready to listen

Mrs Wunmi: it's really going to hurt her so much, you know working in FA's company has been her biggest dream and now see this

Mofe:(He stood up and said)I have to go and check on her,I will get back to you later Mum

Mrs Wunmi:My regards to her o

Mofe:Yes ma(He prostrated and then left immediately, While Kay said)

Kay:What do we have at home please am so hungry mum

Mrs Wunmi:Wait let me get you something, Oga ooo, How can someone be this wicked?

Kay: Actually that Teniola girl is something else,It's not new to me cause have heard a lot about her attitude

Mrs Wunmi:This is so serious ooo(She stood up and went to the kitchen to serve Kay his food)


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