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WRITTEN - Chapter 18


Written - Chapter 18

by Abike

Writer's POV

Mofe's car arrived at an hospital, His guards opened the car for him, he ran inside the hospital, reporters are outside, He saw Mr Collins, Mrs Collins and Joyce,Mrs Collins and Joyce are in tears, he ran up to them to asked what happened

Mofe:What happened, Where is she?

Mr Collins: Teniola overdosed herself

Mofe: What?!

Mr Collins:I don't know, I just don't get it, why would she try to kill herself, I don't know what to do that was why I called you, She is all I have, if I should loose her that's the end for me, Mofe I need your help, I think Teniola needs your forgiveness, please think about her mother (Mofe looked at Mrs Collins who sat down still crying while Joyce hug her)She won't be able to take it if we loose Teniola, please just tell her that you forgive her,who knows what might happen after this, please am begging you help me to forgive Teniola,I don't want to loose her please

Mofe:It's ok, nothing will happen to her and I will do something about your request sir

Mr Collins: Thank you (Mofe move closer to Mrs Collins and Joyce hugging them both)

At Mr Collins house, Smith came to check on Joyce, Smith was standing at the front of his car , when Joyce came out, he lifted her up to sat down on the car while he faced her, Joyce looked so sad
Smith:How is your sister feeling now?

Joyce:She is still there, She hasn't open her eyes yet, And mum, mum... (She started crying while Smith wipped her tears)I don't know what to do, I mean how can she do that to herself, i... I am so...I just don't know,what if sh....(No words are coming out, but tears, Smith dropped her down from the car gently, he wipped her tears, hugging her to stop crying)
Smith:Don't worry your sis is gonna be okay,stop crying babe
Mofe was in a deep sleep, suddenly in his dream he saw Iremide, she was turning her back to him, Mofe said)

Mofe:Why are you turning your back on me, why won't I see you, and right now why are you turning your back at me? Iremide?

Iremide:(Still not facing him,she said) Mofeoluwa, you wants me to forgive you, but you are not ready to forgive Teniola, don't you know that the reason why you couldn't see me is because you are not ready to forgive? Everyone is not perfect, I want you to know that Teniola is not responsible for my death but I am, besides this is my own fate, this how I wrote down my life that I am just going to be a passing wind in your life, believe me Mofe, we were never for once meant to be, not even once, we just happened to know eachother, I know you really love me, and I also do the same, I am sorry for everything, but I don't have a choice and besides everything is already meant to happen, I want you to forgive Teniola, forgive her with all your heart so that you can see me, Mofe forgive Teniola and forget about everything,move on with your life so that you can have a peace of mind (Mofe woke up immediately, he sat down on the bed, whipping his sweats)

Teniola has opened her eyes, her family was so happy to see her, she could see her mom and Joyce, but her dad wasn't around, he went for a meeting, Mrs Collins using her hand to the touch her head, She smiled to Teniola why she also forced out a smile, she seems to be too weak, She said)

Teniola:Mum am sorry

Mrs Collins: it's ok my dear, I understand you, but taking your life won't sort out anything, that's not the best thing my dear, if anything happens to you I don't think I can take it, Teniola for complete two days you refused to wake up, different thoughts are just coming to my mind, please Teniola we love you so much and we can't allow any bad thing to happen to you, please my dear, don't do that again please,that is not the solution please, Ok?

Teniola:Ok Mom, am sorry!

Mrs Collins:It's ok My dear

Teniola: Joyce

Joyce:I almost commit suicide because of you, Please don't try that again (Teniola just gave her a little smile, Joyce raised up her head to see Mofe at the door)Mofe! (They all looked at the door to saw him standing, he said)

Mofe:I... I j.... Just came to say Hi and to check on you(He turned his back to leave immediately, while Teniola said)

Teniola:M... Mofe, Thank you (Mofe didn't bother to look back but he just left immediately)
Mofe was at his house with his two personal guards, They both sat down with him helping him with some files, Suddenly on the TV, Teniola was showed on the Tv for an advert with the first handsome guy that

was leading both Mofe and Smith, The way the guy was holding Teniola was all Mofe's target, to make it worse, his guards said)

1st guards:Wow! She is so beautiful, I remember then when they asked Boss to do this advert with her but you declined it, Boss should have be the one holding her this way, how I wish am the one

2nd guard:I wonder why also, Now if she comes out of the hospital now, another shooting is Waiting for her with this same guy again, it Should have be you boss, but still you declined it again, but why would you declined it?

Mofe:Both of you shut up

2nd guy:Ok Boss, just want you to know that the shooting has been given to the guy and he has accepted to do I....

Mofe:Shut up both of you

1st guy:Wow! That waist, that shape

2nd guy:Oh my God! those sexy legs, Her lips are attractive,how I wish I get the chance to just hold her, wow! (Suddenly Mofe switched off the TV he stood up and said)

Mofe:I will ask Mr Collins to get me new personal guards,seems you can't work anymore, Lazy bones! (He dropped the remote and went out while the two guards couldn't stop laughing silently)

At Mr Collins company, Mr Collins and Mr Desmond together with Director and Mofe just Finished a meeting, As Mofe left the company to his car, his guard was about to open the door for him, when they heard someone Calling Mofe's name, it was the director, so he went back to him)

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Director: Sorry, I want to discuss something with you

Mofe:Oh ok sir am all ears sa

Director: It's about Teniola,What she did recently was very risky, all thanks to Mr Collins and Mr Desmond that turned the table all round for the press that she was just having little malaria and because she was so busy with a lot of work and movies she couldn't find time to take care of herself, we all knew that fans pity her so much on this but they never knew that she tried to commit suicide, Mofe you also said it, that your mom's death, Iremide and Kay's death was all your fault, Do you want Teniola's death to be because of you again? How many people do you want them to die just because of you, we all know that she committed a great sin, but what about we humans that are not worthy in the presence of God at all but still he forgives us everyday and he never stop loving us, what do we now say about we ordinary humans that we can't forgive eachothers, She did the wrong thing and she apologized several times, Mofe it's been A year already that you came back to your feet, and it's going to two years now that you lost your mom and others, Won't you move on at all, won't you let go of everything? Teniola has never for once forget to ask for your forgiveness for a whole year, she is tired of everything and that's why she feels so guilty and tried to commit suicide, How many more love ones are we going to loose, how many more people Mofe, Tell her you forgive her, move on, Forgive her so that heaven can forgive you also, Think about it wisely

Mofe:Thank you so much director (The director left immediately after patting his back while Mofe only stood and got lost in thought...

Teniola was sitting on the hospital bed, a nurse came to gave her some medicine, the nurse left later ,while Teniola sat down staring at the window without knowing that Mofe was at the door after the nurse left immediately,as she turned to her right side to lay down she was surprised to see him standing and staring at her without taking of his eyes, he said

Mofe:Do you think killing yourself will make me forgive you? Of course it won't sort anything (He move closer to her with his two hands in his pockets)You are just gonna waste your life and still I won't forgive you

Teniola:And that's why I wanted to kill myself cause I couldn't stand you hating me everyday

Mofe: Teniola shut up, just shut up, I can't forget it, do you think it's easy for me to forget them and forgive you, No! Iremide's death was a painful one to her,she died on a street, in the public, (tears dropping on Teniola's face)And my friend he died in a painful way, and what about my mom? She died a painful one, and me you killed me for complete six months Teniola, do you think I will forget all of that and forgive you, Of course I won't and I don't think I will (Suddenly Teniola grabbed her phone that was beside her she threw it at Mofe angrily, good that he is good in keeping, he caught the phone and said) What the hell was that, did you just threw me your phone?

Teniola:I know that you really do hate me, I know that you don't want to see me, and I know that what I did was too much, after pleading you severally what else do you want me to do, I tried to kill myself but it seems that is not enough for you, seeing you at the hospital that day I thought you had forgiven me already, but I was wrong, it seems you really hated me, then why don't you just leave me alone to die, WHY?! (She shouted with tears, while a nurse ran in and said)

Nurse:Sir please she is not allow to do this, she is still weak for all these sir, I will advice you to please take it easy on her, please sir, she still needs to recover, Please sir,not allow for her to do anything with stress for now

Mofe:Am sorry about that nurse, I will handle this

Nurse:Yes sir(The nurse left while Mofe move more closer to her bed)

Mofe: Did you just shouted at me?(He dropped her phone)

Teniola:(She started hitting him on his arms, chest and stomach saying)Get out! Just get out, I know you want me out of this world and I promise to do that for you so that you can rest, just get out (When she couldn't stop, Mofe grabbed her two hands softly avoiding not to break her soft hands)

Mofe:Can you just stop this Teniola

Teniola:Let go of me, I said let go of me(Since she continue dragging with Mofe with lot of tears on her face, Mofe released her hands to do whatever she wanted, after she got tired and more weaker, she stopped, she put her palms on her face, sobbing in her palms, Mofe was only staring at her, Suddenly she resumed back to the beating telling Mofe to get out)

Teniola:Just get out, I said get out! Get out (Since she is not ready to shut her mouth, Suddenly Mofe shut her up with a kiss, even though it was a surprise to her but still she couldn't stop crying while Mofe deepened the kiss more, she had no choice but to responded to the kiss)

Teniola was back at home, She was helped to her room, Her mom and the head of maids helped her to lay down on the bed, after watching her for some minutes they left her alone to rest, She was left alone in the room but Mofe's kiss couldn't stop appearing to her, She forced herself to stood up to the bathroom to wash her face...
Mofe was at the location shooting a movie but it seems Mofe is not getting all his lines at all, after some minutes later they went on a short break, Mofe sat alone thinking the director came to sat with him and said

Director:Mofe, what's going on, Is there a problem with you, I learnt that since a week now you have been Loosing focus on your work even at home, and now look at you, you couldn't read a line very well, is there a problem you wish to share with me?

Mofe:It's nothing sir,I am good sir, don't worry sir I will be fine,I will sort it out myself, thank you so much sir, (He stood up immediately moving away from everyone to stay outside the house, the director only sat down looking at him)

Teniola was at the location to shoot for an advertisement, Her make up artist was making up for her when the guy that was leading Smith and Mofe in most handsome category came in, His name is Alfred, He stepped down from his car in white, He went straight to Teniola with smile, he took her hand softly and pecked it, Ladies were all blushing, Immediately Mofe's cars drove in, coming down from the car, the first person he saw was Alfred and Teniola laughing together, He came down from the car and went in straight to his own room without taking any glance at them which Teniola noticed that, not too long Joyce cars arrived so also Smith's cars, it was a shooting for a very big company which involved popular models, Alfred and Teniola are the first person to do thier advert, Teniola was putting on a red long dinner gown her Wavon was a straight one reaching her buttocks, she was putting on a red shoe, Her dress was revealing her back,her make up was a match with her dress and her necklace and earrings was also a perfect match, Teniola coming out was just a breath taking for all guys, Smith couldn't stop staring, Alfred was lost, suddenly Mofe's phone dropped down from his hand, while his guard help him to pick it up, He was so lost, Not to long the camera man was taking both Teniola and Alfred's pictures, but the way the guy was wrapping his hands her waist was uncomfortable for Mofe, since he couldn't take it anymore, he walked out of the place to stood outside the location....

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At the club Mofe was badly drunk and he seems to be causing some problems at the club house, before any press or any one could come, his guards lifted him up and put him in his car....

Mr Collins and Mrs Collins together with Joyce was watching a Modeling show, One of Mr Collins guard came in and said
Guard: Sir, Mr Mofe's guards are outside they brought Mr Mofe here but it seems he is not really himself

Mr Collins: What! (They all ran outside, Back to the living room, Mofe was lying on the chair while everyone was looking at him, one of the two guards said
Gaurd:He has been doing this since a month now, getting drunk every night and it seems the Reporters are monitoring is movement now and we don't want any news about him, that's why we thought of bringing him here cause it's getting too much everyday, even at home he won't stop drinking and he is refusing to share it with anyone so we thought that maybe we should bring him here to please sir do something to boss's issues , we can't say that this is exactly what is wrong with him,cause he won't say anything to anyone

Mr Collins: Take him to the guest room please (They took him to the guest room, Teniola was sleeping when Mrs Collins and Joyce came to woke her up)

Mrs Collins: Sweetheart, Dear!

Teniola:Ma, Oh Mum, it's you, what's going on, why are you both here?
Mrs Collins:Mofe Is here


(Teniola entered into the room Mofe was, She sat down slowly with him staring at him,After ten minutes she stood up to leave but immediately Mofe grabbed her hand making her to sit down back on the bed, he stood up to sat down even though he is drunk he said)

Mofe:I don't know why,all I know is that you made me this way, believe me it's you,everything that is happening to me, it's all because of you, you are responsible for everything in my life,now you already have my heart, you have my thoughts, you have my focus, I couldn't even think straight because of you, just why teni, why won't you leave me alone, you are making to go crazy every single day, I can't think straight, I can't focus, why are you doing this to me, why are you doing me this way Teniola, what have you done to me, why you, Why you from all Ladies, why will you be the one am going to fall in love with, Teniola just why? Can't you Just leave me alone?(Teniola wanted to stand up to leave him alone but he dragged her back and said)When am talking you sit down, Teniola just sit down,(He move closer to her to kiss her, but Teniola refused with tears on her face, Since he noticed the way he had reacted to her earlier he said in a calm way) Teniola, please I want you, please, after Kissing you that day I just want more of you and I don't know why, Teniola please I want you, Atleast for tonight, to take away all these pains, please! I am tired of everything,ease my pains for me,just take away everything please,I can't do this on my own anymore, I really wants you tonight, please(He touched her neck slowly, Kissing her neck, He moved closer to her lips to kiss her which she also responded to him, He laid her down on the bed without breaking the kiss, It was such a good night)


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