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WRITTEN - Chapter 17


Written - Chapter 17

by Abike

Writer's POV

Teniola came out of the house with three guards, and her PA, reporters are outside her house waiting to talk for her, she came out putting on a peach dinner gown which got some silver materials on it, she puts on a silver heels and a silver purse, all her hair was brushed down straight reaching her back, Matching it up with silver earrings and necklace, As She came out the reporter ran up to her while her guards are trying to protect her, they threw her different kinds of questions like:
Are you finally back to the industry,What do you have to share with us, how do yoh feel now that you are finally back? (Teniola stopped and said in a very calm way)

Teniola:I am happy to be back to the industry, but I learnt a lot of things during those time that, if someone don't appreciate what they have, wait till they lose them, it is then they will only realize how lucky they are, My actions and attitude then made me to realized that I was about to lost many things in my life, my family, my fans, my careers, my friends, I felt like I was alone then, but getting all these back made me to realize how much my families and fans means to me, (She started crying)I... I don't know what to say all I know is that a.... Am so sorry for everything and am very greatful and I hope that I still remains the favorite In the presence of my love ones, Thank you (She was helped to get Inside the car, as she entered the car, she started crying and sobbing, but her PA patted her back)

Mofe was at the burial ground again with two guards,He was putting on a white long sleeve shirt which he rolled it up to his elbow joint, he tucked in the shirt inside his blue trouser, he put on a black shoe, a black sunglasses, he was really looking hot, he said...

Mofe:Mum, am traveling, and I will be back very soon, I really do miss everything about you, but what will I do, if I should continue crying over and over again it won't sort out anything, but I want you to know that you are the best gift on Earth to me and I miss you so much, Kay, I missed you also, I really wish you are alive right now, I really wish you never do that, but I guess you must have been tired and fed up with everything and that's was why you did that,I hope you are resting on the bosom of the Lord, I really missed you to, Iremide I don't know why you won't bother to appear to me like others, but I guess you are still mad at me,I never wish for all these to Happened to us Iremide, I missed you and you know how much I love you, even if it's just once I want you to show yourself to me, to Know that you are happy with me, please Iremide,can you hear me, Iremide? (After waiting for ten minutes and no signs of Iremide, he stood up and went away, the guards opened the door for him and they zoomed away)

Three weeks Later
Teniola and Joyce was at the location for a movie shooting, Suddenly some cars drove in, suddenly Joyce hissed while Teniola smiled and said..
Teniola:Why would you do that?
Joyce:I am tired of his disturbance sis

Teniola:Oh Common sis, every ladies are dieing for Smith and you are here doing this, if he doesn't like you he won't be disturbing you, believe me, Atleast start from friendship with him, I Know it's your first time but why am I having the feelings that you like this guy?

Joyce:Uh?! O.. of course I don't like him, stop that Sis(Smith came out of the car with his guards and a lady who happened to be his PA, but the relationship between those two are more than a Boss to worker's relationship, they sat down talking together and laughing, Sometimes the PA would just beat Smith shoulder lightly, They couldn't stop laughing and discussing and Joyce seems not to take this again, Teniola couldn't stop looking at her and Smilling, Not too long the lady went to the toilet while Joyce followed her immediately, Teniola was almost ready to burst into laughing, The lady came out of the toilet and found Joyce waiting for her, staring at her with dead look

PA:Miss Joyce, Escuze me how may I help you Ma'am?

Joyce:Ain't you here to work?

PA:Sorry ma, I don't get you please

Joyce:You don't get what, I know you do but you are just pretending, are you here to work or to flirt with your Boss?

PA:Ma,a...am here to work but I am not flirting with my Boss madam

Joyce:Oh really,and what is the meaning of what you guys are doing out there, Huh?!(She shouted which scared the PA, suddenly they both heard Smith voice)

Smith:Are you jealous?(They saw him standing at the front of the first door to the toilet,he rested on the door with his legs crossed,He was smilling while Joyce was Shocked, Smith gave the PA some sign to leave immediately which she did,she went out leaving both Smith and Joyce alone, Smith walked up closer to Joyce while she was also moving back with her red heels till she got close to the wall and she was unable to move again,Smith move closer to her more he rested his two hands on the wall to blocked Joyce from moving he said.

Smith:I asked you something, I said are you jealous?

Joyce:(Scared)P.... Please move back a bit

Smith:But I want it this way

Joyce:I said mo... (He gave her a quick kiss, Joyce was Shocked and gave him a light slap)

Smith:Oh! I get it,So one slap one kiss, Right? (He kissed her again while Joyce also slapped him again, He made a smirk and kissed her again which lasted more longer than the first two kisses, he broke the kiss waiting for her to slap him, but she didn't, He smiled and kissed her again which Joyce finally responded to his kiss...
At the burial ground, we found Teniola coming down from the car, She looks so scared, She gently Knelt down, she said)
Teniola:I... I... I don't know what to say, I knew that am responsible for where you all are right now, I know it will be difficult to forgive me, but I want you to know that I am sorry and not even a single goes by Without asking for forgiveness from God and from you all, am scared to come here because I thought it's possible you won't want my visitation, but my mind is not at rest and that's why I decided to came, I don't think I can have a peace of mind till you forgive me, I know that Mofe won't forgive me at all, but I will be glad if you can atleast forgive me, alone at night I cried in my room cause am still feeling this guilty everyday, please forgive me, I know am not worthy to be here but I want you to forgive me, I wasn't myself then, I know that I am such an heartless then, but I was unaware with my attitude then, Please am begging you, forgive me, have mercy on me, I am so sorry for everything, I am really sorry (she continue crying and sobbing suddenly she saw iremide's ghost, Teniola was Shocked but she was surprised to see Iremide smilling at her and then disappeared immediately, Teniola smiled in between her tears, When she got home she explained everything to her dad, mom and Joyce, her dad said...)

Mr Collins:They have forgiven you, seeing Iremide smilling at you, they must have forgive you, but I wonder why Iremide will show herself to you and she won't show herself to Mofe,But why,or what do you guys think about that?(They all went silent)

At the airport, the plane landed, it was Mofe, He came out while three guards helped him with his luggages, They all arrived into a very big white house it was a present from Mr Collins and Mr Desmond to Mofe, two cars are in the house, Three maids, four bodyguards, Mofe entered the house, He checked out the house walking up and down, he made a conference call with Mr Collins and Mr Desmond)

Mofe: I am home sir

Mr Desmond:Oh that's nice, and how was the journey?

Mofe:It was fine sir

Mr Collins:I hope you are now better?

Mofe:(smile)Much better sir, I saw everything you did sir, I really appreciate two of you for all these,Thank you very much sir

Mr Collins:Oh common it's nothing, you don't have to

Mr Desmond:We just want you to be alright and be good, you don't need to thank us, this is our duty and we have to do it for you

Mofe:Ok sir, no problem sir, are we meeting at the location tomorrow?

Mr Collins:Of course everything is set, all actors and actresses are set for the movie "Predestination"

Mofe:Ok sir,be expecting me there tomorrow morning sir

Mr Collins: Alright dear, and take care of yourself

Mr Desmond:And be good!

Mofe:(Smile) Sure I will do that sir! (He ended the call still checking round the house)

At the location, Mr Desmond, Mr Collins, director, manager, camera men, lights men, actors, actresses, makeup artists, everyone are all there and ready to shoot the movie "Predestination, Not too long, Joyce and Teniola's cars drove in, They were helped to thier rooms,Not to long they changed thier outfits to something more convenient since they are not starting the shooting yet, They sat down outside the compound not too long Mofe's car drove in the compound, he stepped out in a black trouser, black short sleeve top, a black shoe, he put on a black jacket, a black sunglasses, he was looking so hot, He came out of the car, the director gave him a hug, so also Mr Collins and Mr Desmond, They were all happy to see him, Joyce stood up from her seat to hug Mofe, suddenly Mofe's eyes caught Teniola where she was sitting, Teniola stood up from her seat slowly and a bit scared and then, Mofe just walked pass her with Mr Collins, Mr Desmond and the director, but Mr Collins gave her some signs to calm down, Joyce hug Iremide to calm down, During the shooting Mofe avoid everything about Teniola, except if they are having a scene together, till they finished everything at the location, he Never opened his mouth to speak with her while she also kept quiet...

Not too long The movie"Predestination" was released, everyone couldn't stop giving good comments on the movie, On the award show, Mofe won the best Actor of the year, He won the best writer of the year, While PREDESTINATION was rated as the best movie of the year, When they asked Mofe to give a speech,he couldn't stop crying,he said he wished his mom was there,he wished his love ones was there so that they could witness his success,he couldn't stop crying bitterly on stage, People took pity on Mofe, everyone felt sorry for him, Teniola ran out of the event when she couldn't take it any longer,she couldn't stop crying outside until the director came out to pet her and helped her in,Teniola won the best Actress of the year, Teniola was the second as the top 10 most beautiful Models, while Joyce was the first,Mr Collins company was back to the first position while Mr Desmond was back as the second position, Mofe was rated as the third most handsome man, while Smith was rated as the second, Things have been moving on well and everything has been going on smoothly until one day, Mofe was sleeping at night when he received a call from Mr Collins...

Mofe:(Still feeling sleepy)Hello sir

Mr Collins: Mofe there is a problem (Mofe jumped up from the bed)

Mofe:W... What happened sir, what problem sir?

Mr Collins:It's Teniola, she... She..
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