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WRITTEN - Chapter 16


Written - Chapter 16

by Abike

Writer's POV

Mofe was still staring at Teniola whose eyes are both close, the only thing she was expecting from him is a deep and thunderous slap but no he didn't, he just dropped her on the floor and walked away angrily, Teniola could feel the pains in her butt, Later in the day Mofe was sitting alone in the living room watching the TV, Joyce came in ,She look so tired so she sat down with Mofe, he smiled to her and said...

Mofe:You must be tired

Joyce:No am not, I am madly tired(Mofe laughed)It's not funny, Seriously!

Mofe:It's ok , sorry dear, why don't you shower and get something to eat then you can sleep

Joyce: Actually I don't think I can eat, but the shower I will do that right away, see you later dear

Mofe:Yeah! (She stood up and went in straight to her room, immediately she left Mr Collins came in with his two personal guards,a guard stood besides him while the other took in Mr Collins bag and documents to his room, Mr Collins sat down and put a script on the table, Mofe stared at the script as it was written on it "Predestination" Then he knew that it was his script, so he asked...

Mofe:What's the script doing here?

Mr Collins:This script needs to be act, we really need to, Mofe I am ready to spend any amount on it, Written by you,You will be the one to also act the leading role, believe me if this script is out, when it's time for the award show, I have the feelings that it will be rated as the best movie of the year, you personally will win the writter of the year, infact it's possible you be the Actor of the year, Mofe let's do this movie, let's do it together, I want to help you

Mofe:I appreciate your efforts on me sir, but I don't think that will be the first thing to do, I need to go out there for the interview, besides that, please sir I needed something from you.

Mr Collins:Oh really? What's that?

Mofe:I wish to travel out for just a month before coming back to the industry, I need a lot of rest I mean on my own, you Know I.....

Mr Collins:Mofe done


Mr Collins: Consider it done, when you are preparing for the interview, I will be preparing for your ticket also, after the interview you can leave the country so when you are back are we going to shoot this?

Mofe:Of course yes, that is what I want from the beginning before everything happened

Mr Collins:But Mofe do you realize that not everything you wrote in this book is happening to you?

Mofe:Of course I know, atleast 70 percent of this story is just the same as what am facing right now,It's absurd right?

Mr Collins:Of course is not, believe me,it's not, it just happened to be this way,it is what is meant to be and we can't do anything about it,God gave you the talent,he even gave you the vision but you don't know it's about you ,Your thought was like it's just a story but you never know that it's a true life story which is yours

Mofe:I remember then I was like am having this feelings like all what am seeing looks like have seen it before but I never knew that its the story I wrote,my mind doesn't even go there at all

Mr Collins:Mofe such is life,we just have to keep praying not to see or experience bad things in our lives again(Mofe prostrated for Mr Collins while Mr Collins went in to have some rest)

Joyce was at the dinning alone, she just woke up to eat, her face is as swollen as a soccer ball, she overslept, the maids are serving her when Mofe came to the dinning to join her, The first thing Mofe did was to laugh at her face)


Mofe:What happened to your face?(Still laughing)

Joyce: Leave me alone, am just too tired, I didn't even know that it's 9 pm already

Mofe:You slept since three o clock that you came, and you woke up at 9,you really overslept dear

Joyce:Hmmm! Whatever! (Her phone rang while she pick up the call) Hello,(No reply)Hello who is this)

Voice:Why are you sounding that way(Joyce looked at her phone with surprise like who is this)

Joyce:Who is this?

Voice: Senorita Hi

Joyce: Senorita? Sorry wrong number

Voice:Ok bye!

Mofe:Who was that?

Joyce: I don't know, he was like hi senorita, then I said wrong number, and then he hanged up the call

Mofe:Ok, but I think that person knows you and you know that person

Joyce:No I don't, I think it's a wrong number

Mofe: Ok if you say so

At the location, Joyce came in with her PA, She sat down opposite someone who was on a seat but due to the fact that she was discussing with her PA,she didn't bother to look up, but after thier conversation, the PA stood up to talk to some other staffs, it was then she raised up her head to see Smith staring at her, she opened her mouth with surprise and later closed them since words are not coming out, he smiled and said

Smith: Hi Senorita!

Joyce: Senorita? I think have heard that bef... Where do got number, who gave you my number?

Smith:So you don't recognize my voice yesterday?

Joyce:What's special in your voice?

Smith:Common Senorita

Joyce:My name is not Senorita my name is Joyce, just Joyce not Senorita

Smith:But I think Senorita suits you well

Joyce:Then give that name to your first daughter

Smith: Actually you are the one delaying me, I need to lay you down before I have my Senorita

Joyce: What?! You suck

Smith:Your lips are dry and natural today, do you want me to wet those lips for you

Joyce:Oh my God, I hate you!

Smith:And I love you!

Joyce: What?!(He gave her a sexy look and winked at her)

Mofe was on the TV for the interview, Teniola was at home in the living room with her mom to watch him, The interviewer said...

Interviewer:Good afternoon to everyone that is watching us, My name is Makinde Tobiloba, Today we brought you the visitor you all have been waiting for, most of us already knows little about him, but we brought him here today to help us to share more lights to everything and the person that we brought here today is no other person than Adekola Mofeoluwa, please help us to say hello to everyone in the house

Mofeoluwa:I greet everyone, Good afternoon

Interviewer: Thank you, Mr Mofe we knew little about the big tragedy you encountered some months ago, And we thank God for your life, for returning you back, but Mr Mofe, (dont forget you are read from www.mhiztaemy.com.ng) how do you cope since you lost everything now, how do you feel, please tell us(Teniola sat down very well, putting her two hands on her mouth)

Mofe:If I say that am ok to you, believe me it's a lie, I am not ok with everything, but what will I do, I lost my mom, my best and my girlfriend just in two months, even though up till now it's still a dream to me, but no matter how much I sleeps and wakes up everything will still be the same cause it's not a dream, it's a reality that I already lost them, I know that I will still forget about everything but not now and if I forget it I can't forget it all cause the memories won't go just like that, i will always remember it till I die, but right now to be candid am still grieving,but am sure God will help me

Interviewer:Hmm, thank you for that, Another question here is that what do you think about Teniola, Like we all know that she started all these, since you are planning to move on now, are you going to forgive her too and forget about everything she did?

Mofe: People can forgive but to forget, is not possible cause there is no way those memories won't comes back, but to my side here I can't forget what she did, and that forgiveness, I don't think it's now, we can't blame her for what she did to me and we can't say she is a victim here, I mean it is Fifty fifty, this thing is meant to happen but what happened was that it was meant to happen through her, I hope you understand my point sir?

Interviewer:You mean we can't blame it all on her

Mofe: Exactly sir, We all know who she was before but that was then, everyone has thier own good side and bad side, we just have to support each others in a better way, she is also trying to corrects all her mistakes, So we lovers and fans of Teniola I don't think we need to give her more issues to what she is also facing right now, The deed has been done and there is nothing we can do about about it, she knows her mistakes and she already turned a new leaf, She has a dream to live but she can't because of fans, she believes that no one will accept her, but I want us to forget about everything, let's get back to the normal life and I want everyone out there to accept Teniola back (Tears flow rapidly on Teniola's face, her mum hug her with great smile, cause they never thought that he would defend her in such away, Teniola couldn't stop crying, some maids that were in the kitchen listening to the interview felt so happy, Not too long the news went viral:
Mofe finally came out to share how he feels about the whole situation, He is planning on forgiving Teniola and he defended her in public, and he said he will be back to the movie industry with his story title "PREDESTINATION"
Comments are like:

1)Am so happy for Teniola, finally she will be back to the movie industry
2)I can't wait to see Teniola and Mofe on set together
3)Mofe is such a kind hearted man, He thought me a great lesson today
4)I can't wait to see Mofe on set
5)I can't wait to see Teniola on set, I missed her movies and advertisement, Go Teniola!!!

Mofe was brought back home, He and Mr Collins and Director came back home, The moment they came in, Mrs Collins gave Mofe a mother's hug, which brought tears on Mofe's face cause that moment he missed his mom, Mrs Collins hugged him more nicely, Teniola was in the room praying with tears on her face, Her dad came in and saw her praying, he knelt down with her to pray,after the prayer she gave her dad hug while her Dad pecked her on her head....
Teniola was in the kitchen at night, She wants to make some noddles by herself, But where the it was kept is above the shelf, so she got herself a chair to get it, after getting the Noddles, suddenly she miscalculated her leg,she slipped and found herself coming to the floor and ready to bump her head but she was surprised because she didn't feel any pains, the moment she opened her eyes she found herself on Mofe's hands, holding her like a baby,She was Shocked and frozen at the same time, Mofe put her down and walked straight to get himself a bottle of water, as he was about to leave the kitchen she said slowly and more like a wishper

Teniola: Thank you

Mofe: (He stopped without turning to face her)What for?

Teniola:F....For yesterday interview and right now

Mofe:(Still not facing her)I don't want you to thank me, I did that for your Dad and I only put you back to where you belong to, so I don't see anything big in what I did and if you are looking for a way to talk to me, Forget it, it won't work out, you owe me nothing and I owe you nothing, I want this discussion to be the last between I and you, I may defended you out there, but right now in me, I don't think I can talk to you or have anything to do with you, don't speak with me and don't you dare bother to, and when next you try to talk to me, I promise you that you will regret it that day, I will say it once again,I am here on my own which I will leave very soon, Don't speak with me! (He walked out of the kitchen angrily after he threw the bottle water away which scared Teniola, The moment he left Teniola started to cry)....

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