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WRITTEN - Chapter 15


Written - Chapter 15

by Abike

Writer's POV

Mofe whipped his tears and smile while Joyce said

Joyce:Mofe, are you ok?

Mofe:(Smile again)Why are you asking, of course am fine,am ok

Mr Collins:We thought it is time for her to come back home, even though she is not ready to come, she is so scared, she is scared of fans but most especially she is scared of you, so I told her that even if she will comes back in the next twenty years she will still face what she wants to face, so I told her to come once and for all to clear all these things, besides her dream is just here, her Acting, modelling, shops, You know sitting over there won't help the situation, so we told her to come back home

Mofe:Why are you people looking at me like I don't want her to come back home, of course I am not stopping her but I just don't want her to have anything with me and I mean it, Sir am still in pain even though it's six months already but it still looks fresh like six minutes to me, I never said she shouldn't come back, but I can't forget it nor will I forgive her, even if I will forgive her not now,It's not an easy task sir,It's still fresh(Mr Collins and Joyce was short of words)

The plane landed at the airport, Joyce and Mrs Collins with some guards are at the airport, Suddenly Teniola came out, she was putting on a white hoodie, a blue skinny jeans trouser, a black high heel boots, a black hand bag, her natural hair in ponytail, She and the guards and maids that went with her all came out, Suddenly reporters surrounded them, while the guards that came with Mrs Collins and Joyce quickly assist the other guards in protecting Teniola, Reporters are like:Where have you been Teniola, Are you finally back to the movie industry, what about your crime before you left, Can you still face Mofe??? please say something! Teniola please say something..
Different kinds of questions were asked but Teniola gave no reply till they helped her inside the car, suddenly eggs was threw at the car Teniola was, it was the fans, they are just too many, the guard quickly help Mrs Collins and Joyce inside the car while they quickly zoom off....

Mofe was sitting on the bed in the hospital, he was watching the news, so he changed the channel, that was when he saw How Teniola was surrounded by reporters and how are car was full of eggs from fans,He looked at the TV angrily and switched it off, Suddenly, Iremide's,his mom and Kay's memories flashed back to him, tears came out unexpectedly, he threw the TV remote at the wall angrily while the nurses rushed in to check what's wrong but they found Mofe's face in his two palms crying bitterly

Mr Collins house, Teniola arrived home, she was in her room alone, memories rushed Back to her, right from her old attitude to workers, most especially she remembered the day Iremide came to her for the money, Tears dropped rapidly on Teniola's face, she sat down on her bed, suddenly Joyce came in and saw her crying

Joyce:Oh !Not again please, Do you want me to report you to Dad, you don't need to do this please, don't worry things will be better, stop crying (She helped her to clean her tears, suddenly Mrs Collins came in, she sat with the two ladies hugging them, she said

Mrs Collins:Mofe will be discharged tomorrow and he will be here just for little time, just to get better,We still need to look after him cause we received a call just now that Mofe broke the TV in his ward, he also broke the remote, I wonder why

Teniola:I think I know why, he must have saw me on the TV

Mrs Collins:oh I see, just be careful around him for now,it's really risky,he is really mad at you,but don't worry, everything is a matter of time, he will still calm down, and you look beautiful my dear

Teniola: Thanks Mom, but mum. Mu...

Mrs Collins: I know you are scared of him, maybe for tomorrow, make sure you don't see each other, and besides maybe you should stay in your room for now, your dad still want to clear you out from fans and he needs Mofe's support to do that but we don't know how to put it down for him, you know if fans hear from Mofe, like he is doing good and he also clear you out from all these mess that is when you can go back to the industry, for now you will have to stay indoor,I hope you understand me?

Teniola: I understand you mom, Thanks ma'am

Joyce:Ok fine,am jealous here o

Mrs Collins:You that am mad at you, She and Smith are all over internet with thier kiss

Joyce:Mom I told you it was a surprise to me, believe me Mom
Mrs Collins:You went ahead to kiss my number two crush

Joyce:It's a lie Mom,you mean you are crushing on that guy?(Teniola smile)

Mrs Collins: Madam,I don't want you to broadcast it,it's only me that is crushing it in my heart alone since all these days,if I don't tell you will you know?

Joyce:Ok fine wait mom,you said he is your number 2 crush, please who is number 1 crush?

Mrs Collins:Look at you, you are still asking me that, you should have know that it's your Dad mehn!

Joyce:Ehn Ehn! Nice one, Dad will hear about this second crush First (She ran out)

Mrs Collins:If you dare ... (Mrs Collins ran after her while Teniola just smiled, she dragged her bag on her bed to pick out some things, suddenly she sat down again, later she laid down on the bed
Mofe has been discharged, Mr Collins and Director are the ones who came to pick him up, he said...

Mofe: Before we go home, can I please visit where my mum, Iremide and Kay are buried?

Mr Collins:Of course no problem

Mofe: Thank you sir(Six guards came in while Mofe was like what happened, Mr Collins said

Mr Collins: Haa,Reporters are outside they wanted to talk to you, but not now, after you are fully ok we will fix a day for your interview, so that they can ask you whatever they want to ask, but not now

Mofe:Oh I see(The guards helped them out, most especially Mofe, They started throwing different kinds of questions like:Mofe are you sure you are better now, How do you feel now for coming back to the industry, have you heard the news that Teniola Is back, If you guys meet what will you do to her, Are you going to forgive her or not, Mofe please say something....

At the burial ground, Mofe's Mom, Iremide and Kay are all buried besides each other,Mofe knelt down,Mr Collins and Director are standing looking at him,he said

Mofe:Mom am back, Your son is back, even though everything is six months ago, but it's still fresh, so so fresh, Had I know that you are sick, I would have take care of you, For you to take care of yourself but no you don't, you left yourself alone, you put your life on the line just to save me, I never knew that you were sick, I know that right now you are watching me but I can't see you, but I just want to ask for one thing which is to forgive me, if you can forgive me for not taking care of you before you die, I will have a peace of mind, Iremide! I know that everything happened to you all because you wants to save me, you hurt yourself just to save me, How I wish you could remember the vision then, how I wish you remember that you are not to abort, if not for me, this won't happen, I can't see you also but am sure that you can see me, even if it's just once, all I want is your forgiveness, Kayode! you left this world because Iremide is no more, you left because all your hopes went with Iremide and if it's not because of me, all of these won't happened, it pains me that you went in a painful way, I wish you could appear to me, just once I need your forgiveness, I need your forgiveness three of you, had I known I shouldn't have wrote such story, my story is the cause of all these, but people said it's written by God, but why does I have to be the one to rewrote it, Why not someone else, Maybe God doesn't even wrote my story like this, maybe am the one that added to it, I just don't know, all I know is that the way I wrote the story in the book,happened to me in real life,and it's still happening right now, it's insane, I know, but I can't move on, I can't do anything until you forgive me, I want you all to forgive me, so that I can have a peace of mind, am feeling guilty, am sorry, Mum! Mum am sorry, Kayode am sorry, Ire forgive me, I am so sorry, I am truly sorry for everything, please forgive, please, am sorry(He keeps on crying so hard and louder, suddenly it started raining with an heavy wind, Suddenly Mofe saw his mom, though Mr Collins and Director couldn't see her, She smiled to him, So also Kay appeared smilling to him, but He never get the chance to see Iremide cause she doesn't appear to him, Mofe went crazy immediately, he was acting like he is searching for something, he said

Mofe: Where are you, Where are you Ire, why won't I see you, ire! Ire please I want to see you like others, Ire please, ire! (Mr Collins and Director quickly move closer to him to take him away but he was like)Y..... You can see my Mom right? Did you see my friend, I saw them, I mean I can't see her, Sir Sir sir, I need to see her, I need to see her, Ireeeee! (They forced him inside the car and zoomed off, when they got home at night, Mofe is already asleep, it was an hefty guard that carried him in on his shoulder, as they entered they met Mrs Collins and Teniola in the living room, Teniola was shocked, The director and a guard led the guard with Mofe inside a room that was already prepared for Mofe, Mr Collins could see the fear in Teniola's eyes,he move closer to her and hug her, he said

Mr Collins:Don't worry dear,there is no problem,just calm down

Mrs Collins:What happened to him?

Mr Collins:I really can't say,I think he wants to see Iremide but it seems he doesn't see her so he started shouting and causing problem again to his body,and you know that doctor already warned us to make sure he doesn't stress himself, so I quickly ordered the boys to carry him inside the car,on our way he then slept off,I don't know,He needs a lot of time,He is not yet ok for now,I just hope that all of these won't affect him again, anyway where is my daughter?

Mrs Collins:Oh she is sleeping,she is having a shooting very early tomorrow morning,so she had to sleep early

Mr Collins:Oh that's nice,Are you ok Teniola?

Teniola:Yes Dad am fine

Mr Collins:Ok let me check on those who took Mofe inside

Mrs Collins:Ok dear(Teniola sat down slowly while her mom sat with her holding her two hands)
The next morning,Mofe woke up,he looked around the room,He stood up slowly getting out of the room,He met Joyce and her PA,they were in an hurry)

Joyce:Mofe, good morning,how was your night?I have to go, am late,i will see you later in the day,bye!(She ran out with her PA while Mofe was just looking at her departure with her PA,As he took just few steps suddenly Teniola bumped into him,which made her to fall down but Mofe grabbed her by her waist not to fall down without knowing that she was the one he was holding, making eye contact with each other so closely made Fear overcome Teniola, while anger increased in Mofeoluwa)

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