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WRITTEN - Chapter 14


Written - Chapter 14

by Abike

Writer's POV

The three men sat down on a different chairs all looking at each other, Mr Desmond broke the silence after ten minutes of staring at each other

Mr Desmond: Could it be that this boy just wrote a true life story, I mean did he just wrote a true life story that is not yet in the pass,but a present true life story?

Director:I can't believe this
Mr Desmond:I mean let me ask you both once again, Did Mofe just wrote a story about his present and future? This is too real to believe

Mr Collins:Wait, in the story the guy's mother died before the lady left the country right?

Director:Oh yes, Wait could this be that, Mofe's Mom is no more?

Mr Desmond:It can't be, Haa it can't be true,because if we should go to his house and found his mom Dead,it is only then I will believe everything that is in this story

Mr Collins:I mean this is funny, How can someone wrote a story about his present and his future, Could this mean that this is also the way God has written everything?

Mr Desmond:Hmmm,God has written, while Mofe rewrote, I can't believe this, I am sure if Mofe also see this or remember this story he won't believe it that he wrote true life story about his present and future

Mr Collins:All of these problems are our children's fault, they are the one who caused all this, Oh goodness!(Fraus

Director: Sir, Sorry sir but I think you are wrong, this is not thier fault sir, everything that happened is meant to be sir, they just happened to be the one to cause all these problems, but the fact still remains that, this is meant to happen, All what has happened to everyone, all what is happening to us, and all what will happens to us are all predestination, They are all written,so it's no one's fault sir
(Mr Collins and Mr Desmond were both silent for the director's statement)

The next morning, Six cars parked at the front of Mofe's house,It is Mr Collins and Mr Desmond together with the Director, some people are outside the house mourning, and also inside the house some people are trying to comfort Mofe, He sat down on a chair, but he wasn't the one sitting, his mind is far away, he is in a deep thought, Every minutes tears are dropping on his face, the more it drops the more people pity him, when the people saw Mr Collins and Mr Desmond with the director coming in, They told them they are Mofe's distant Uncles, so the crowd Escuze them and went to thier various houses, Director opened the door wide and windows for fresh air, they all sat down looking at Mofe

Director:This guy is gone, totally gone,So what next? (A knock was heard, A woman came in with the little boy who gave kay the bottle of poison that Iremide took then, Shola,He and his mom came in,They gretted Mr Collins and Co.

Mum shola:Good afternoon sir

Mr Desmond: Afternoon ma,I guess you are the one taking care of him

Mum shola:Yes sir,since two days that his mom left him I and my son have been the one taking care of him,he refused to eat and besides he is not ready to talk to anyone

Mr Collins: Sorry ma,when did they bury his mother and besides when did she died?

Mum shola:She died two days ago and his mum's body is still in the motuary together with Kay and iremide's body

Mr Desmond: So you mean thier bodies are still in the motuary?
Mum shola:Yes sir!

Mr Desmond: I think the first thing to do is to do proper burial for them, thier bodies can't be there

Mr Collins:We will find something to do about that, first thing now is to take Mofe to do hospital, to know what is really wrong, Madam we appreciate everything that you have done for Mofe but as you also can see ma, Mofe needs proper care, and we will like to take him to the hospital and for the house ma, we will leave it in your care ma, please take care of everything in the house ma

Mum shola: That's not a problem sir, all I want is to make sure that Mofe is perfectly ok and he should stand back on his feet

Mr Collins:Ok ma, Thank you very much ma! (Mr Desmond brought out his cheque book he wrote something down and handed the cheque to mum Shola)

Mr Desmond: For taking care of Mofe before we came, and for you will be the one to monitor this house, please ma help us to manage this two hundred thousand naira ma

Mum Shola:Eh!Two hundred thousand, just for me alone (She quickly Knelt down)Ha may God bless you and your family sir, May God bless you sa, thank you sir am really greatful for this sir

Mr Desmond:It's ok madam, please stand up ma(She stood up while Mr Collins made a phone call)

Mr Collins: Hello, I want you and two boys should come inside right now (Not too long three guards came in, They helped Mofe up who followed them gently, They put him in the car, Mr Collins and Co thank mum shola once again before they zoomed off)


In a studio,Three cars parked at the front of the studio, guards came out of the car to open the door for someone, it was Joyce, She was putting on a white long dinner gown a golden high heels, a golden purse, Golden necklace and earrings,a golden wrist watch, She put on a full make up, She was really shinning,She catwalk inside the studio, Different staffs are working, A Lady came to meet Joyce, she is her PA

PA:Why do you came late?

Joyce: Sorry dear, it's my make up artist that took much of my time, Let's go and have a seat (They both sat down on two chairs facing each other to discuss)
Joyce:So Who am I doing the shooting with?

PA:I have no idea yet but what I know is that you are doing your shooting with a popular guy, After this you have a meeting with Mr Collins, after that you said you wants to visit Mofe in the hospital, so I think after that we should just get prepare for the new movie shooting which is next week

Joyce:Ok dear, but can you help me fix another day before that next week, I still want to visit Mofe once again before the shooting next week

PA:Uhmmm, I will try and see what to do Ma'am

Joyce: Thank you so much,that's why I love you, you.... (She was stopped by the females staffs giggles and tiny Voices, Someone was coming in with some guards, a female staff shouted

Staff:It's Smith Elliot! Oh my God! (The ladies are drooling over the guy that was coming in, Including Joyce's PA, She stood up from her seat to see who it was, While Joyce was like are all these ladies ok, Male staffs couldn't stop staring on this same person called Smith Elliot, He is one of the top 5 most Handsome man in Nigeria, He is an half American and half Nigerian, He is a rapper, a singer, an Actor and a model, He is as tall as Mofe, same height as Mofe, but this guy is fair in complexion, Cute smiles and dimples, He walked in straight to a seat which was obviously prepared for him, he sat down while two of his guards stood with him, His appearance already pissed Joyce off, She dragged her PA to sit down

Joyce:Don't tell me that am having this picture with this guy

PA:Oh my blood of Jesus, Look at you, This is Smith Elliot, I mean Smith Elliot, mentioning of that name is enough for you to masturbate madam

Joyce: What?! (She shouted which caught everyone's attention including Smith, Joyce felt a little embarrassed as she made eye contact with Smith while Smith made a smirk) Wait oh my God! Did he just made a smirk at me,I Mean did he just do that?

PA: madam calm down, it's just a smirk, I swear if he makes that to me, i am going to blow up immediately

Joyce:I can see that you are really crazy about this guy, Can you please let's go inside I need to change my dress?

PA:Yes Ma'am (She smile while Joyce just walked away feeling so stressed up from her PA's attitude,as she went inside,Smith lifted his head up to see who just passed by,he only saw Joyce back view he made a smirk again)
Not too long Smith came out putting on a white T_ shirt, he loose the buttons of the t_shirt revealing his abs, he put on a white trouser and a white puffy slippers, his sliver necklace couldn't stop shining, His shinning earrings are attacking the ladies hearts, They couldn't stop drooling, suddenly Joyce came out in a white double padded Bra, a white pants, she tied a white veil around her lower waist in a little way to cover her pants but that doesn't stop revealing her pant, Her Wavon was packed in a ponytail, A silver earrings and silver necklace, a leg chain around her ankle, she is not wearing anything on her foot, When she came out, Ladies envy her while guys couldn't stop drooling including Smith, They both stood together to make some poses, but before they start the shooting, Smith said..

Smith:You look sexy!

Joyce:(She made a smirk)Sexy and not beautiful

Smith:Of course you are not beautiful, You are cute and sexy
Joyce: Oh please! Will you please save that sermon for someone else?

Smith:Your lips are attractive

Joyce: What?!

Smith:They are tempting (Giving her a killer smile)

Joyce:Ok please, Shut up

Smith:No you shut up or I kiss you, Have been drooling over your lips ever since I came in here,I wanna kiss you

Joyce:You dare not do that right here

Smith:Guess you wanna try me, am gonna kiss you, I mean it

Joyce:(Yells) Shut up, ok? Just shut u.... (Smith grabbed her by her waist and kissed her deeply, Everyone's eyes almost popped out of thier sockets)

Mr Collins company, Joyce was on her seat, Mr Collins, Joyce PA, Two Mr Collins workers, Joyce was reading some comments on Mr Collins Tablet under the picture of her kiss with Smith, Comments like:

1)Oh my God! Did they just kissed each other?
2)This is thier first time in meeting each other, how could they kissed each other
3)Oh my God, how I wish am the one he kissed
4) They look cute together, they will make a great couples.... (She couldn't finish the comments as she hand over the Tab back to Mr Collins, she saw how angry Mr Collins was, she forced out a smile even though she is scared, she said..

Joyce:Dad!(Mr Collins took her in as a daughter ever since Teniola left the country and she has been the one taking over her post, besides that,Mr Collins heard about her life story ,so both Him and his wife see Joyce as thier second daughter which is already known to everyone) Daddddd! Common you don't need to believe all those comments and picture, it's not real

Mr Collins:Even the kiss, it's not real?

Joyce:I swear I will kill that guy myself, Sir! Dad!

Mr Collins:Sir Dad, call me whatever you want, I will punish you for this, I will have to seize you cars

Joyce: oops! You can't do that Dad! Believe me sir, I wasn't expecting him to kiss me, that guy is just so annoying

Mr Collins:(Talking to the PA)Can you see PA,My daughters are all the same, anyways Do you talk to your sister

Joyce:Of course I do, we always do video calls, I think she is now better now

Mr Collins: Yeah, the next thing now is Mofe, Common let's go and Check on him..

At the hospital, Mofe has changed a lot, little smile on his face he sat down on the bed so also Mr Collins while Joyce sat down on a chair)

Mr Collins:So how are you feeling
Mofe:Am fine, the doctor said I will be discharge in two days time

Mr Collins:Yeah he told me also and.. (His phone rang, it was Mrs Collins) Escuze me please!Hello dear, yeah am with Mofe, She is also here, What?! Oh! that's nice, no problem I will tell them, yeah see you later, bye!

Joyce:What's that Dad?

Mr Collins:It's My wife, She said Teniola called her this afternoon and she is coming back to Nigeria (Both Mr Collins and Joyce looked at Mofe whose head was down, He raised up his head with tears already on his face, suddenly behind the tears he made a smirk)...

What next????


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