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WRITTEN - Chapter 13


Written - Chapter 13

by Abike

Writer's POV

Mr Collins: Teniola What next? Everything that happened to that family is all because of you,This is a bitter truth, take it or leave it, you are the cause of everything right from the beginning, ok fine the guy was admitted, assuming you gave the lady the money to clear your crime, it would have been better, but no, you added to it, What is really wrong, can't you see your mom, look at me, you are really different from us, what do you have that others don't have, imagine, top actress is now in seventh position, all because of you my company is now in fourth position and all thanks to Joyce that she is doing all what she can, if not for her am sure our company would be in tenth position, I really don't know what to do, Now Joyce is leading you in female actress, Infact look at yourself, you have changed, you are sick, you are lean,look at what you have brought upon yourself and that family, Now I and Desmond with Director will have to go to Mofe's house and that is if he will allow us, only if he will allow us to talk to him, There is no way you will go out there now that all fans won't stone you to death, there is no way that they won't stone you if you go out there, what you did was just too much, I may get mad at you and decided not to talk to you but still you are my daughter and there is no where I will push you to, The best thing I will do right now is to prepare your ticket to Dubai, maybe you should fly out for some months, I will make sure that two guards and three maids accompany you there, cause in this type of condition we don't know what you can do to yourself,we can't leave you all alone, maybe by the time everything is settle we will let you know so that you can come back home,and if you are going to fly out we must make it at night,cause of security purpose, only one person can save you from all the fans and reporters, and that is Mofe, but I don't think that is possible right now, we need to make Mofe stand back on his feet, we won't stop even if he chases us away we will make sure he gets better, but how I wish you use your life in a better way and not like this, May the dead forgive you, may God also forgive you, I hope you have learnt a lot of lesson now, and one more thing, get me Mofe's script cause if I go to thier house I must return it back to him,That's all I have to say(She stood up to go and get the script, she saw her Mom and the head of maids still at the dinning listening to thier conversation, all her thought was that her mom is still mad at her, but she was surprised to see tears on her mum's face as she opened her two arms wide for her to come for hug, Teniola ran to her mom, crying bitterly so also her Mom, The head of maids pity Teniola that Moment, Mr Collins was on call when Teniola came to give him the script, after handing it over to him, she went inside her room, She knelt down, praying with tears...

Mofe was in his room, Everything has finally went down, He was holding the picture of him, Iremide and Kay, They all hugged each other in the picture, He sat down on the bed crying bitterly, his tears couldn't stop dropping on the picture, In the living room Mrs Wunmi sat down but was lost in thought, after getting back to her sense, she decided to stand up to check on Mofe, but as she was about to stand up, her breathing was seize, she quickly sat down back holding her chest for complete five minutes before it relived her, This won't be her first time nor her second time she will experience this, After feeling better she stood up to went to Mofe's room, she sat with him and said with tears...

Mrs Wunmi: Mofe, my son, Please, it's been two days since you ate in this house, you are only holding this picture and crying, that's what you are doing everyday, Mofe please, this is not good for your health, you don't use your medicine, you don't eat,you don't come out of this room,Mofe have mercy on me, you are all I got, don't let this kill you, please, No one wish for all these, even Iremide and Kayode won't be happy seeing you this way, just please have mercy on me, you are all I have please

Mofe:(Tears)Mom, Iremide is so wicked, she is so wicked and Kayode made it worse, they left me, they left me alone Mom, why would they do that to me, did they even give it a deep thinking that I won't see them again? am sure they don't and that's why they left me, When will I see them, can I ever see them again, Mum can I, just answer me, can I see Iremide again, can I see Kayode again, Mum I don't know everything that is happening to me right now , I feel like have seen it somewhere before, I feel like all these things has happened to someone I know before but I just can't get it, Mom am going crazy, am going crazy, mummy can I see them again, Why? Why me? What have I done? (His mum hugged him as both of them continue to shed tears)

Mr Collins was alone in his library, He opened Mofe's script to read, he continue reading it one after the other, Suddenly someone knocked at the door, it was Mrs Collins, She came in , she was dressed up in a materials gown, she looked like she is going somewhere, she said)

Mrs Collins: Teniola is ready to leave (Teniola came in, she is ready to leave the country, She hugged her Dad, tears coming out on expectedly, Her Dad pat her back to stop crying, but it seems the tears won't stop, she said)

Teniola:Dad am sorry, I am sorry, Mum am sorry, I am truly sorry, How I wish I can wake them up, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I am really sorry, am so sorry, am sorry, Dad am sorry, am sorry Dad (Teniola continue to say sorry over and over again, the more she say sorry, the more the tears are coming out, Her Dad didn't know when tears are coming out from his own eyes, He felt so sorry for Teniola, Seeing this Mrs Collins bursted into tears also, she hugged both her husband and daughter)I am sorry, Mum help me, Dad help me to beg Mofe, I am sorry, I don't know, cause I have nothing to say, am just sorry

Mr Collins: Teniola it's ok

Teniola:I don't know, am just sorry, I am sorryyyyy..

Mofe woke up, He stood up to go to the living room, He saw his mum sleeping on her seat, He thought she might have dozed off, He tapped her to wake her up and go inside to sleep, But it seems his mom was in a deep sleep

Mofe:Mom! Mom wake up, You can't sleep that way you will have pains, Mom! Mummy! (Mofe move closer more to his mom, He tapped her over and over again, He grabbed her shoulder with his two hands all because his Mom was sleeping but , he never knew that his Mom had gave up to the ghost, Mofe cried out in pains as he started to shake his mom from left to right)Mummy!!!!!

(At the airport, Teniola is not ready to leave, she keeps on crying bitterly but her mom forced her into the plane, She tried to look at her mom from the window, Tears couldn't stop dropping on her face, all what Teniola could wishper was "I am sorry" Hoping her Mom could hear her...

Mr Collins still on Mofe's script, suddenly he saw a scene, He read the scene over and over again, He went back to the beginning of this story till he got back to the same scene he was reading over and over again, He couldn't believe his eyes has he made a phone call to the director and Mr Desmond, connecting them together, He made a conference call

Director: Hello sir

Mr Collins: Hello director, Desmond are you there?

Mr Desmond:Yes am here

Mr Collins:You both won't believe what just happened, I was reading Mofe script but what I saw in this script will be the biggest surprise in my life, Director meet me at Desmond's house right now, I need to show both of you this script, Because this is impossible to me)

Mr Desmond was outside his compund, he was not settled,not too long Mr Collins car drove in so also the director's car, They all went inside the living room, Mr Collins opened the script for the two of them to read on the dinning,while he(Mr Collins) keeps on pacing up and down the living room, After two hours of reading, when they all got to the end of the story cause Mr Collins later joined them reading from where he had stopped earlier, reading the end of the story made the three men to be left in greatest surprised, They close the script, they checked the title of the story as it was written bodly on the script"PREDESTI

What is the script all about?
What do you think is going on?
What do you think about Teniola?


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