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WRITTEN - Chapter 12


Written - Chapter 12

by Abike

Writer's POV

Iremide was about to board a bike when she received a text message, which was from Mofe, he said:

Mofe:Not even a hug? Are you really leaving me in this condition(Iremide Smile between her tears she told the bike man to Leave while she ran in,she saw Mofe still on bed, she ran to him hugging him so tight, suddenly Mofe groaned in pain, she has touched his wound

Iremide:Oh my God am so sorry,I don't know, let me check please

Mofe:No no, it's fine am ok, am fine, I am sorry,i miss you

Iremide:I am sorry too,I miss you more (Mofe pecked her on her head, down to her nose and ended on her lips, both kissing each other passionately)

Three weeks Later..

Teniola was alone in her room, she laid down on her bed just thinking, her phone was ringing, it was Steve, instead of picking his call she switched off her phone, She stood up to have her shower, Not too long she finished dressing so she went to the living room, she saw her Dad with director discussing on a script, She move closer to her Dad

Teniola: Morning Dad! (But Mr Collins gave her no response, She felt bad as she was about to leave her dad said)

Mr Collins:I want to see Mofe's script in my room tonight, we need to return it back to him(She didn't say anything but she just walked out slowly closing the door, as she came out to the compound, she saw her Mom just coming back from work)

Teniola: Welcome Mum (Her mum just walked inside without answering her, unexpectedly Teniola could feel some hot tears on her beautiful make up, In the studio throughout the shooting, Teniola was no longer Teniola and everyone could notice her attitude, she was too quiet and most especially not really focusing)
In an hospital, Iremide was found entering an hospital, She sat down patiently but most times she looked outside to see if anyone is coming like she is expecting someone, Not too long she was called in by a nurse, she sat down facing the doctor, the doctor said..
Doctor: Young lady, I have told you not to abort this pregnancy, it's too risky for you, if you know that to take care of the baby is your problem, why don't you just gave birth to the baby and put the baby in any motherless home, Don't waste your life or your baby's life

Iremide:I never wish to do this, but this is an embarrassment to me, I can't keep this pregnant doctor, if it is about the money I will give you, Doctor please (Now in tears)

Doctor:Am sorry no I can't, am sorry miss (Tears streamed down on her face, she stood up and went out of the hospital, Suddenly her phone was ringing it was Kay)

Kay:Ire where are you?(She got scared , looking around to see if her brother is somewhere around) Ire I said where are you?

Iremide:Me? Uhmm..... where are you also?Cause you didn't come home last night?

Kay:Oh am sorry,I slept off at Mofe's place, Besides I have goodnews for you

Iremide:(Still looking around)Oh really?What's the news about?

Kay:Mofe is no longer using the walking sticks,he can walk on his own now,And that reminds me,Mofe said it's been four days you visited him and it seems like you are avoiding him, How come,you Know am always busy why don't you find some time to check on him?

Iremide:Am sorry,I will make it up to him,I am just busy doing home service (make up), don't worry I will see him today

Kay:Ok that's nice

Iremide:Where are you now?

Kay:Am at home waiting for you (That home alone gave Iremide some peace of mind)And besides I ate the rice and stew, am sorry sis
Iremide:Oh it's ok, no problem

Kay:It's ok, this doesn't sound like you, I know you more than this, am sure you would have shouted on me for eating it, Ire are you sure you are ok?

Iremide:(Forcing herself to laugh)You are so funny, of course am ok, am fine(Tears dropped on her face suddenly)

Kay:Ok fine come home am waiting for you

Iremide:Ok bro, I love you

Kay:ire are you ok

Iremide:I just love you, I don't know why but I just feel like saying this right now, I love you and you are the best brother on Earth

Kay:Ire please come back home right now, we need to talk

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Iremide:Ok, am on my way (She ended the call, she bent her knee down, she covered her face with her two palms sobbing inside it profusely, people were wandering if she is ok or not, She later stood up and went to a pharmacy shop, she collected a bottle from the sales man after negotiating with him, she paid him and went out of the shop still crying,she remembered the first day she met Mofe,it was her brother who introduced her to him,the moment she shared with Mofe keeps on flashing back to her,She couldn't stop crying, Suddenly She opened the bottle and drank everything that was inside it, she threw the bottle away, she started walking on the street, suddenly her walking steps changed from fast to slow, everything started to change, she suddenly felt dizzy, are stomach started aching her so badly, she grabbed her stomach, suddenly blood gushes out from her private part down to her legs, She felt more dizzy and she fell down, People surrounded her immediately, but no one bother to touch her, many people started to say Different things like"They have used her, She must be a prostitute, she must have been used by her chief"Suddenly everything became white to Iremide as she gave up to the ghost )

Kay was inside the room as it started raining so badly, He was moving up and down, His body was not relax, He was thinking about what is going on, Iremide should have been back, Suddenly someone knocked at the door, a little boy at the age of 12 years was at the door, he was so wet from the rain, The boy stretched the bottle Iremide threw away earlier to him

Kay:Shola, what happened, what is this? (He checked it and read what is on the bottle which was bodly Written "Poison") Shola what is this for, why are you holding such bottle?
Shola:I saw aunty Iremide when she entered the pharmacy, she came out crying, suddenly she drank everything that was inside this bottle, she threw it away, so I picked it up , I followed her even though she doesn't know that am following her, suddenly I saw blood coming out to her legs, she fell down on the street(Tears dropped down from the boy's face)A....Aun....Aunty Iremide is dead!

In that same rain, Kay ran out of the house with the boy to where iremide's body was lying, He saw her sister, He saw her baby sitter on the floor in the rain as everyone surrounded her without moving closer to her, he ran to where her body is, He lifted her up in that rain as he took her away from the spot, the boy followed him,On his way, tears couldn't stop dropping as he stared at his sister, One thing that was coming out from his thought was"Ire Why?" Ire Why"
Mofe was in the living room with his Mom, the door was knocked while Mofe stood up slowly even though his legs are not yet heal, he stood up to open the door, he saw the boy earlier shola, suddenly he saw Kay approaching with iremide's dead body, Kay entered as he dropped iremide's wet body on the floor gently, Seeing this Mrs Wunmi was forever shocked and she fainted instantly, Kay fell to the chair sobbing, Mofe move closer to iremide's dead, He sat down on the floor with her, trying to lift her up, this moment Mofe is already going crazy, he said..

Mofe:I.... Ire, ire stand up, ire talk to me, Ire! Ire, Just open your eyes, Come inside let's change your clothes, Ire! Ire don't do this to me, Ire please, Ire! Ire! (Tears was unstoppable on his face, The young boy shola went back to his house, when he got home, after changing his wet clothes, His mother offered him his dinner but the boy was totally lost of appetite, He was full of sadness cause he could feel the pains and sorrow that is going on in Mrs Wunmi's house)

The next morning, the family of Mr Collins are having breakfast, even though no one is ready to speak with eachother, Suddenly a guard came to said..

Guard:Sir The director is outside sir

Mr Collins: Director? Let him in

Guard:Yes sir (The director came in sadly, his hands are at the back)

Mr Collins: Haha, Director, morning

Director: Morning sir

Mr Collins:You didn't inform me that you will come here this morning

Director:Sorry for not informing you sir, Sir something happened

Mr Collins: Happened? What happened (Standing up from his seat)

Director: Mofe's girlfriend is dead sir

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Mr Collins: What?!

Mrs Collins: What?! (Teniola's spoon fell down)

Director:She was pregnant from what Teniola forced her to do that day, she doesn't want to keep the pregnant cause of the shame, she went to the hospital to abort it which the doctor refused to do cause it was said that her life is at risk if she abort it, she had no choice so she poisoned herself and died on the street yesterday night

Mrs Collins:Oh my God (Mrs Collins eyes was already full of tears, she stared at Teniola who was already in the pool of tears, Teniola ran inside, she shut her door she fell on bed crying bitterly, she flashed back when she sacked Iremide, she remembered when she came to asked for money, she remembered how tears are coming out of her eyes when the guard was having fun with her, she could remember when Iremide was on her knees begging her for the money, Teniola keeps on crying and rolling on the bed)

Two ladies are discussing in a shop when Joyce came in, one of the lady was her friend, not too long the other lady left

Joyce:I came to make my hair, I have a movie shooting tomorrow

Lady: So you haven't hear anything

Joyce:That what?

Lady:That Mofe's girlfriend, the guy you met at the Audition

Joyce:Oh yes Mofe, I remembered him, so what happened to his girlfriend?

Lady:His girlfriend died

Joyce:Oh my God!
Lady:It was said that she went to Teniola for help to pay for Mofe's operation but Teniola asked one of her guard to have fun with the lady before giving her the money, the lady was forced to do it and later on she got pregnant which she was embarrassed about, so she poisoned herself and died on the street

Joyce:I... I don't get it, so the cause of her death is from Teniola Collins?

Lady:Am telling you

Joyce:Oh my God! Oh no! No!

Reporters are all full at Mr Collins house, they all wants to speak with Teniola but the gate was not opened for them, News went viral,"Famous actress Teniola Collins is behind the death of a young make up artist which goes by the name Oladeji Iremide"
Iremide was already buried,The house is empty, most times Mofe locked himself up in the room throughout the day, Mrs Wunmi started to think, not too long she fell sick, taking care of herself on her own without letting Mofe to know, She make sure that she checks on Kay everyday, Everything went down for them, Iremide's death brought sorrow to thier lives
Teniola was dropped from the first position in modelling to number 7,Her acting is not also going on well, Mr Collins had no choice but to put down Joyce to be acting the lead role, Steve's car drove in Mr Collins compound, He came down and went inside the house, He saw Mr Collins, He gretted him which he didn't respond to him, he went up to Teniola's room, he knocked on her door which she opened for him, Teniola has totally changed,she was so lean and she refused to come out of her room)

Teniola:What do you want?

Steve: Babe, what's going on, why are you like this, how could you let all these affect your body and skin, the dead is gone , do you want to.... (Teniola gave him a hot slap)Did you just slap me?

Teniola:Get out, we are done, We are done and I don't want to see your face again, Get out! OUT! (She pushed him outside and shut the door, She sat down on the floor crying bitterly)

On the bridge, Kay was walking alone, He was in deep thought, In his thought he said..

Kay:Why do you have to leave me, why do you have to do this to me, you were the reason why am still alive, you were the reason why am still moving and now, you left me alone, you went back to our parents, you left me alone in this world, How could you do this Ire, How could you left me, why? I always make sure that you are ok, but you kept that from me, if I had know, I would have come to you, if I had know that your last words to me is I love you bro, I won't allow you to say it, I wasn't there when you were in pain, your dead body on the floor in the rain ache my heart, you took everything with you, you left me and you left Mofe, You left mom, You took everything with you, I don't think I can also keep moving cause right now, I just wanna stop it here(He climbed up on the bridge, he looked down to see the big water flowing, He opened his arms so wide, he said..)

Kay:Dad, mum, am sorry, b... But I can't, I can't continue,Ire was the reason why I don't do this when you left us, but now she left me too, who do I have,So am left with no choice, Am sorry Mofe, I hope you recover from all this, You are the best friend on Earth and the best boyfriend to my sister, Mum! (Mofe's Mom)Don't blame me for this, I have no reason to live again, that's why am going back to where I came from, Good-bye! (He fell from the top of the bridge inside the water)

Mr Collins house, Teniola was sitting in the living room Alone,the doctor just came to check on her,she on the TV to watch,Her mum and head of maids are assisting the maids to set the dinning,Mr Collins came to the living room to also sat down,As Teniola on the TV,the first thing she and her Dad saw was the picture of Kay on the Tv, Teniola was trying to recognize the face so also her Dad, newscaster said

Newscaster:Good afternoon everyone,Very early this morning we received a new that a 28 years old guy Oladeji Kayode, jumped over the bridge and killed himself,this guy is no other person than the older brother to the young lady that was just dead recently who goes by the name Iremide,Her brother also jumped off the bridge very early this morning,it was said that,recently Oladeji Kayode was depressed because of his younger sister's death which he can't take anymore made him to commit sucide and killed himself,His dead body has been retrieved from the water and has been transferred to the motuary,If we hear more about this we will inform you later, May thier gentle souls rest in peace(Teniola was now in deeper tears,her dad said in a pity way)

Mr Collins: Teniola what next??


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