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WRITTEN - Chapter 11


Written - Chapter 11

by Abike

Writer's POV

Mr Collins:Haha, Director is this not the Mofe you said he wanted to see you at my place that day?

Director:He is the one sir, Am only surprise right now, like what happened to you Mofe?

Mr Collins: Who did this to you Mofe?

Mofe:I came here two days ago, to see you director, I Never knew that you already sent me message not to come, If I have seen your message that day, this wouldn't have happened to me, Mr Collins,Sir I came to your house that day, and I met your daughter with your son sir, after asking me different kinds of questions I replied some,while I decided not to answer some cause it's private, But do you know what happened, your son and your daughter asked the bodyguards to beat me without no mercy (Tears dropped on his face while everyone's eyes went straight to Teniola whose head was already down)You don't need to look at her right now, why don't you let me finish my speech, I guess you will shoot her if you listen to everything cause I just started my speech, After beating me up , They told the guards to threw me outside, as if am an animal or non living thing, All thanks to God, my friend saved me, But the doctor told my family to look for some money for my operation which we don't have, This made my fiancee to came back here, to ask for help, But do you know what your daughter did to my girlfriend, She put my girlfriend into a condition,Since she knew that she won't have a choice but to do anything for my operation,She asked one of your guard to slept with my fiancee

Mrs Collins:Ha! Teniola!

Mofe: Madam let me finish please,Like it wasn't enough she took a video of my girlfriend when the guard was having fun with her, the worst part is that, she sent me the video(Immediately Mr Collins gave Teniola a thunderous slap for the first time, She was Shocked, she loose her balance and fell down,sitting on the floor)

Mr Collins:How dare you Teniola, What type human are you?

Mr Desmond:I... I, I need to see that crazy boy (Mr Desmond's car zoomed out of the compound immediately)

Mofe:Let me give you a piece of my mind, Miss Teniola, You are a disgrace to all women, I am not scared to say this and I don't care about what will happen,you are a disgrace to all womanhood,All because I came for help which was not even from you,I don't know why you choose to be this way, I want you to know that you are not worthy to be in the midst of humans, you should be in the midst of animals, Because what you did to a lady like you is totally uncalled-for, you know I said it earlier that I wanted to give you a piece of my mind and I don't care about what will happen, You sacked my girlfriend, you forced her to have fun with your guard, you even took a video of her, Just put yourself in her shoe, if you are my girlfriend, how will you feel, I just can't stand it,I mean I can't look at my girlfriend's face, and this is because of you, You! (He dropped the money in the envelope on the floor to her)That is the money you lend me, I do rather borrow the money from someone else than to be in debt to you, and my script I want you to return my script back to me cause am sure I lost it here, and sir, I don't think I can be part of your company anymore or any of your next movie, I don't think so sir,And I am perfectly ok sir, You don't need to pay me any visit cause am sure you will want to, but I want you to know that I don't need it, am good and am ok, I will continue to live my life the way it was before I came to register at your company, Miss Teniola thank you for everything, I really appreciate it all, Thank you for everything, Kayode let's go(They left while Mr Collins feel so bad and embarrassed, he looked at Teniola with so much anger he went in straight while the director followed him, Mrs Collins said)

Mrs Collins: Teniola, I can't believe that this is my daughter, when did you become like this? I am highly disappointed in you,What a pity?You embarrassed your Dad Teniola,Can you now see how useless you are right now? (Her mom went inside leaving her on the floor)

Mr Desmond's house, The car drove in while Mr Desmond stormed out of the car angrily, He went inside the house, he saw his wife watching the TV

Mr Desmond:Where is your son? I said where is your son?

Mrs Desmond:(Still confused on what is going on)Uhm....mm...He is inside, he is in his ro... (Mr Desmond didn't bother to listen to her again as he climbed upstairs to Steve's room, He opened the door, He found him busy on his laptop, He grabbed his laptop and threw it at the wall angrily, He grabbed Steve's singlet which made him to stood up, he gave him two hot slaps which made Steve to stumble on his bed, Mrs Desmond rushed in as she could feel the heatness that was coming out of the room)

Mofe and Kay arrived back to the hospital, They saw his mom and iremide looking so bothered, They were surprised to see Mofe and Kayode coming in, they ran to them

Mrs Wunmi:Where did you go, Ehn! You this children, don't tell me you went to that lady's house,I have told you to leave her alone, Iremide have also said it, Leave everything to God! (Mofe didn't bother to reply his mom as He walked away by the assistance of Kayode, Later that day the doctor came to check on his condition, Mrs Wunmi and iremide are sitted watching the doctor,he said)
Doctor:Mr Mofe please don't try what you did today again, you almost put the hospital into trouble both you and your friend, I mean what is that thing that you can't let it wait till you get discharged that you have to disguised out of the hospital with your friend, We are to take care of you, please don't put us in to trouble

Mofe:Am so sorry doctor

Doctor:It's ok Mr Mofe, I think you are better now, we will have to discharge you tomorrow morning

Mofe:Ok doctor, Thank you so much

Mrs Wunmi:Thank you doctor

Doctor:You are welcome, Escuze me please! (He went out of the hospital leaving Mofe, Mrs Wunmi and iremide alone, as Iremide was about to call Mofe, he turned his back to both Iremide and his mom pretending that he is sleeping, this made Iremide feel so bad while Mrs Wunmi gave her hug)

Teniola was in her room, She sat on her bed, She keeps on remembering how she always reacts to people most especially her workers, She remembered how she had sacked Iremide, She remembered how Mofe was been beaten, The memory of how she made Iremide do what she doesn't want couldn't stop coming to her, Those hurtful words that Mofe said brought out more tears as she continues to remember them

Flash back

Mofe:You are a disgrace to all women, You should be in the midst of animals...
(Flash back end)

Teniola moved up and down her room, thinking so badly, she said

Teniola: Why am I like this, Just why? Why do I choose to be this kind of person, Am I really that wicked, Those statements he said will be the first time in my life that I will hear such things, My dad raising up his hand to slap me will also be the first time, This shows that I have done the worst thing on Earth, But why? what's really wrong with me,what was I thinking, Why am I so wicked, just why,I hate myself, I hate my life(She continue slapping herself so hard on her cheeks, crying so badly)

Finally Mofe was discharged, Kayode helped him in, while his Mom and iremide went to the kitchen to cook but it seems like Iremide is just full of sadness which Mrs Wunmi noticed, After the food is ready Mofe and Kay was served, which they eat,but Mofe couldn't eat very well, during when they are in the living room eating, Iremide was in the kitchen throughout, she was trying to avoid Mofe, After they are done eating, Kay helped Mofe in to his room while Iremide came out to pack, Kay left the house after fifteen minutes, Iremide went in Mofe's room to talk to him since she is also about to leave also, even though she was really scared she managed to speak she said

Iremide:I... I am happy that you are doing well, and I am hoping that you should get more better than this, I know that you have been the best boyfriend to me, I know you love me,I know, and I really appreciate everything, thank you, I know that I have committed the greatest thing which you are finding it difficult to forgive me, but I want you to know that am sorry (Tears dropped rapidly on both iremide's face and also Mofe's face even though he was avoiding to look at iremide's face)I am really sorry for everything, I was only trying to save you, atleast this is you, I think this is the best thing to me, seeing you alive is a great thing to me, I will be fine, since you are back home, mum will take good care of you very well, I won't bother you anymore, I won't come here anymore cause I don't want to inconvenient you again, but please stay strong and get back to your feet, I have to go,Bye!,
(She wiped her face and went out of the room)

Is Iremide really gone?
Will Mofe forget her just like that?
What do you think about Teniola now?


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