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WRITTEN - Chapter 10


Written - Chapter 10

by Abike

Writer's POV

Teniola: Can you do it or not, Remember we have thirty minutes left now, Young lady I have other business to do, if you are going to do it or not just let me know
Iremide: Please wait ma, Please ma can I make a phone call please?

Teniola: Phone call, Is not like you are going to die, Anyway do whatever you want am waiting (Iremide dialed her brother's number)

Iremide:H... Hello

Kay:Ire am sorry, we didn't see it and the doctor is not ready to answer Mom

Iremide:O... Ok(Sobbing)

Kay:Ire are you ok, Ire! (she ended the call and said)

Iremide:I will do it

Teniola:Nice one, Common go naked baby girl, I need to see this live, I only see this on TV, and what about you baby? (Talking to Steve)

Steve: Actually after watching this live we will need to get back to our game

Teniola:Sure baby (Iremide removed all her clothes while Steve couldn't stop licking his lower lips, Teniola couldn't stop laughing, The guard move closer to her sluggishly, He laid down on her but unknown to Both the guard and iremide that Teniola was making a video of them, It was so painful for Iremide, She couldn't stop crying, She could remember her first night with Mofe, it was so lovely even though it was her first time, it wasn't painful as the pain she was feeling that moment, tears couldn't stop coming out of her eyes...)
(As Iremide was about to go, Teniola called her back and said)

Teniola:Can I have your back
number, just to call him if he is ok
Iremide:I....I d.... don't think you need to..

Teniola:Common give me his number before I asked eight more guys to descend on you like your boyfriend (She had no choice but to give her his number)
Iremide ran inside the hospital, she paid the cashier and ran inside, she saw Mrs Wunmi on the floor, she must have been crying so hard, her face was so red, while Kay is no longer himself,the moment they both saw Iremide,they jumped up while she said

Iremide:I paid the cashier already
Mrs Wunmi:Eh!Doctor ooo!Doctor we have deposited the money ooo(Immediately the doctor and nurses started necessary things on Mofe,After an hour, The operation was successful, Mrs Wunmi jumped up for Joy, hugging both Iremide and Kayode)

Mofe opened his eyes the next day after the operation and the only person he saw was Iremide, She was happy to see him

Iremide:How are you feeling now?

Mofe:A.. am fine

Iremide:Mummy came here this morning, she brought you your breakfast and your clothes with your phone, doctor said you will be discharge by next week, and we saw the director's message on your phone, he sent you message yesterday not to come till evening but I guess you don't see it because of your flat battery yesterday, Sorry dear

Mofe: Thank you, Had I know I shouldn't have go there, those people are animals, So wicked,I still can't believe it all,Had I know (Talking about them made Iremide to keep quiet which Mofe noticed)What happened, are you okay?

Iremide:uh! Oh yes am fine, am ok

Mofe:Are you sure?

Iremide:Of course yes(Suddenly a message came into Mofe's phone, Iremide stood up to check it but she was surprised to see that it was a video message from Teniola to Mofe, which was her sex video, tears dropped rapidly on her face which Surprised Mofe, He forced his body to stood up to collect the phone from her, He collected it from her and laid down back to the bed cause he was too weak to sit, he open his phone and was surprised to see iremide's sex video on his phone, Mofe grabbed his head with full force, he said in a bold voice,plus cold voice,plus shaking voice,plus anger tone but in a calm way trying to maintain his patient)

Mofe:Who paid for my bills, Ire just answer my question, who paid for my hospital bills?
Iremide:A...hh.I do

Mofe: What did you do to pay for the bills, What did you do (Tears coming out of his face to the bed)Am asking you what did you do Ire, IRE ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTION! (He shouted at her which made her to got really scared and stood up from her seat)Ire why? Just tell me why? why did you do that, why don't you just let me die, why did you do this to me, Ire just go out, just go out for now, OUT! (He shouted at her once again which made him to feel some pains in his head, Iremide doesn't want to cause more pains to him so she went out, on her way outside she met her brother and Mofe's Mom coming in, they were surprised to see tears on his face, they ran inside Mofe's Ward to found him crying bitterly, suddenly he threw his phone at the wall angrily which scared both Kay and Mrs Wunmi)

Later that day, Iremide, Kay and Mrs Wunmi are sitting outside the hospital, Iremide had explained all what happened to them, Kay stood up angrily and said)

Kay:That girl is going to pay for what she did! (As he was about to leave, Iremide grabbed his leg, she knelt down holding his leg and crying, she was stopping his brother from going to Mr Collins house)

Iremide: Please, Please Kayode don't go, am begging you please, just j... Just leave her alone, what matters right now is for Mofe to forgive me, please just leave her(Kayode raise Iremide up and hugged her, while Mrs Wunmi was only confused and doesn't know what to do, after watching the two siblings for five minutes hugging each other, she went in straight to Mofe's ward, she found him sitting but was lost in thought, she sat beside him gently, she hold his hand and said)

Mrs Wunmi:I Know that you are angry right now, I Know that you are hurt right now, but I don't want you to get mad at her, you know that you are iremide's weak point, you know she can't do anything except you calm her down, you just can't push her away, not right now that she is feeling bad, She is hurt more than you, and she do this because of you, and that is because she loves you, but if you are pushing her away like this you are making to feel guilty, but I want you to know that she saved you, and none of this did she wants to happen, She only did it for love, I know it hurts you also, but it hurts her more, I Know it's difficult to forgive her right now but please don't take too much of time because you know that she is so fragile (She stood up to leave, Not too long Kayode also came in, he sat with Mofe)

Kayode:How are you feeling now?(Mofe bursted into another set of tears)

Mofe:Kay am sorry, I am really sorry, But I just can't stand it, I can't even look at her, I mean why would she do that just because of me, I wish I should have die there before you brought me here, she wouldn't have done this

Kay:You don't need to say this, no one is Happy about this and you don't need to blame yourself for what happened, I know that she did it because of you, and what she did was just to much, but I want you to know that she saved you, If not for that where are we going to see such money,it's because she had no choice

Mofe:I love your sister, I love her more than her imagination, I love her more than my life, I never mean to chased her out, but I just can't stand it,I can't even look at her,am full of guilty,I am really really not myself right now believe me, How much is the hospital bills?

Kay: Seventy thousand naira

Mofe:can you please give me your phone?

Kay:Sure(He gave him his phone)what do you want to do?
Mofe:I want to see if I can ask for my Boss's help for the money, I need to return it to Teniola and I need to see her, I want this to be between just I and you, Mom and iremide must not know about this
Kay:Sure no problem (Mofe dialed his boss's number since he knows it )

Mofe:Hello sir, am fine sir, actually am a bit sick sir and am in the hospital, that was why am not at work for now,yes sir, thank you sir, but sir I really need your help sir and I promise to work for you for three months without collecting any salary sir, and if possible I can return it back to you within a month sir,I don't know if you can help me with the sum of seventy thousand naira sir, it's really urgent sir(Mofe put his Boss's voice into loudspeaker so that Kay could listen)

Boss: Uhmmm, 70 thousand naira, no problem, I will borrow you fifty thousand naira but I will give you the twenty thousand naira on my own, so you can return the Fifty thousand naira

Mofe:Oh thank you so much sir, I really appreciate sir

Boss:Oh you don't need to, you have been a good boy to me ever since I met you, so will you come to the shop tomorrow to come and get it

Mofe: Actually sir am still in the hospital but can I send a friend of mine to come and get it sir?

Boss:Of course no problem, just let me know when he is coming tomorrow

Mofe:Sure sir, thank you so much sir

Boss:You are welcome, just take care of yourself, Bye!

Mofe:Yes sir(He ended the call while the two guys stare at each other)

Thr next day,Mrs Wunmi and iremide came back to the hospital to change Mofe's clothes and to bring him his lunch, Mrs Wunmi told Iremide to stay outside cause Mofe is not yet ready to talk to her, on getting to Mofe's ward, His mom was shocked to see no one in the room, she checked everywhere, she ran out to call Iremide inside, both searching everywhere in the room for Mofe like he is a pin)
Mr Collins house, Mr Desmond came to pay him a visit, Not too long the director arrived to deliver some message to him on thier movie which will be release the next day,As Mr Desmond was about to leave Teniola came out together with her mom to see him off, Everyone went out of the house to the compound to see him off, as Mr Desmond's guard was about to open the door for him to enter the car, a loud noise was heard at the gate which call for thier attentions, they all focus at the gate to see who it was, they were all surprised to see Mofe with two walking sticks, his head was bandaged, while his faces are still full of brusies, only if someone move closer to him will know that his stomach was bandaged all round, He came in with Kay, Everyone was Shocked as the two guys move closer to them slowly including Teniola, Her mouth was unable to close)

What next??


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