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WRITTEN - Chapter 1


Written - Chapter 1

by Abike

Writer's POV
At a location, Different actors and actresses are busy with thier scripts, some make up artists are busy with thier works, Director, manager, Camera men, lights men and many more are all busy working,The director said..

Director: Everyone can I please have your attentions please (All paying attention to him)Thank you, Please the moment Teniola comes in,Five ladies should attend to her,I am talking to you stylist and make up artists,all together make yourselves five and attend to her I don't want any issue if she comes here, Understand?(All nodded thier heads and start discussing on who to attend to her when she comes)

Suddenly a black car drove in, followed by a Red car,followed by another two black cars ,Guards rushed down from the black cars to open the door for someone who was inside the red car, A lady came out of the car, putting on a two quarter white gown, round neck shape but long sleeves, a red extra high heel shoe, a red fashion dropping earrings, No necklace, Her hair was all packed in ponytail, Her make up could be use for extra four ladies to look great (Meaning the make up is just too over heavy)She came down from the car, suddenly she slapped one of the gaurds that opened the door for her earlier, Everyone was shocked

Teniola:Do you know that you are a fool, I mean how dare you to open the door so late

Guard:O.... Of c... Course n... (She gave him another thunderous slap)

Teniola: When am talking you don't talk, When am speaking you have no right to breathe! How dare you to give me response, Infact you are fire and get out of this compound right away, NOW! (The guard went out immediately)Can a fool just bring me sanitizer right away I need to wash my hands from germs(Two ladies from the make up artists quickly got her wipes and sanitizer at the same time,She was staring at both ladies and the ladies seems not to understand what's going on) Are you both fools, Are you guys fools ?(The ladies are getting scared little by little) I asked you to bring me sanitizer, you came here with wipes and sanitizer, Did I asked you to bring it to me(She is now talking directly to the lady with the wipes) Answer my damn question, did I asked you to bring this to me?

Lady:N... No madam, I was just thinking maybe you may need it also, Am sorry ma

Teniola:You are a fool, and you are so stupid for telling me this trash, how dare you to give order by yourself?

Lady:Am sorry ma'am

Teniola:Shut your mouth, Young lady you are fired(Tears stream down the lady's face immediately she quickly knelt down to beg Teniola)

Lady:(Crying bitterly) Please ma, don't sack me ma, please ma, Am begging you ma, this is where I get money to feed my family, please ma

Teniola:I don't want to repeat myself again and if I should repeat myself am sure you know that I will release the boys for you, Now I want you to leave this compound right away, Get out, Now! (The lady walked out sluggishly, crying bitterly, Teniola catwalk to a chair that has been reserved for her, she sat down while everyone watch her, The five ladies moved closer to her to do her pedicure and other necessary things before the shooting starts, she put on a sunglass resting her head comfortably, facing up the sky, the director moved closer to her and said..

Director: Teniola you came late today again, same also Steve, he is not here yet and this shooting is taking too much of time just because of you and your boyfriend

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Teniola:(She removed her sunglass, the ladies quickly move back while Teniola sat down very well to look at the director, she said)If not because of two things, just two things, you would have know the stuff am made of, and am sure you know me, you know who I am director, but you are just acting like you don't know me, if not that you are older than me and my dad is the one paying you, I should have slap your face so hard and sack you right now (Everyone's mouth was opened,but Teniola was unaware about them)How can you talk to me that way, this is my script, I wrote that story, and this is my dad's production and I have the right to do and undo, my dad is paying you and I think I deserve some respect from you, Mr AdeWale am warning you for the last time, Talk to me like I am your Boss and I want that to stick to you, So now can someone make my make up now? (The girls quickly moved to her while the director went away, Suddenly six black cars drove in, Guards rushed down to open the car for someone in one of the cars, A very handsome guy came out of the car, putting on a blue suits, white inner, black shoe, Silver necklace and wrist watch, silver earring on his left ear, He moved closer to Teniola who was still frowning, the girls quickly stood up and moved back when he was approaching Teniola, He moved closer to her and kissed her lips, This is Steve, Teniola's boyfriend, He noticed her face and said..)
Steve:Hey babe common what happened, why is your face like this?

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Teniola:Some idiots just pissed me off, like seriously am sad
Steve:And where the hell are they? (Speaking with an heavy and angry voice)Who are those people that annoyed my Babe, will you guys come out now or you want me to fish you out?

Teniola:It's ok babe, I sacked them already

Steve:Ha! God save them, God Really gat thier back that am not here, because if I am here I would have make them visit the station for just two days before sacking them, Am so sorry baby, Sorry love

Teniola:Am fine it's ok dear

Steve:And what are you ladies watching, won't you move here and start making up for her?
Teniola: Seriously they are all fools

Steve:Am so sorry love(He kissed her again, he stood up and went straight to the director, manager and camera man, he said)So are we starting the shooting now?
Director:Yes we are all ready and you are the one we are all waiting for

Steve:Do you need to tell me that news?

Director: Steve I think am the director here and I think you and your wife should give me little respect here please

Steve: Hmm!Nice one,I love that courage, I know what to do to you (He walked out immediately and went to receive a call)

A very big mansion, Teniola's cars drove in, This is Her Dad's house, Mr Collins, the owner of Collins production, One of the best producer in nollywood and the best business man in Lagos also a politician, Teniola is the only child of her parents, her Mum is a business woman and also a Doctor, She owns two different kinds of private hospital in Lagos and also a big supermarket, While Teniola is an actress, a model and she also runs a boutique, Teniola is very fair in complexion with lovely front and back, great body and stature for modelling,lovel
y dimples,natural black hair, eyelashes and natural pink lips,not too fat and not too short ,not too tall and not so short, Guards ran towards her car to open the door for her, She is already putting on a blue dinner gown, six maids ran out of the house to welcome her, She sighted one of the maids and said...

Teniola:Who the hell are you?

Lady:Am the new maid ma

Teniola:New maid, Oh my God, My mum is at it again, Young lady, get your bag and leave this house right away before I asked the guards to bundle you out and I won't repeat myself again (She walked out majestically while two guards led the way the other five maids ran after her....

At night the Director was coming in his car, Suddenly two cars parked beside him, six hefty guys came out of the car and dragged him out to the floor beating him badly, after fifteen minutes of beatings, They left him on the floor and drove away....


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