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Wanted Dead Prologue

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

They are the protectorates of the Human World, They Fight Demons and keep the Humans world safe from attacks from demons.

They are allies with Vampires, Lycans, Warlocks, Syeles and other clans of the

They are -The League Of Ghosts.

They have one true Leader ICARIUS he was the sword man.
In 23AD, an institute was built by the league in Los Angeles, all Ghosts fighters birthed there and they grew up there, to become Knights and these knights were the ones who protected the Human world
Many years after the institute was built, its population seem to have extended in numbers, and Rheo the then Icarius had built a branch of the Ghost's Institute in California.

Never Must any Human be slain by the sword you hold in your hands, if they be, they shall be dead in body, soul and spirit, neither will the spirit go to heaven nor will it remain here on earth, for it shall be that the person never existed.

But if it be that the Blades of this sword might slay a human, and he be not dead but survive, then shall he be the next ICARIUS, and this family shall lose her mantleship to the Human, he will be made a Ghost and shall Rule the League.
Guided and Protect the Human world with all your might for it is out sole Purpose, and be a Good Leader.

These were the words of any ICARIUS when he was to pass the Mortal Sword to his son, it was more of a prophecy, than a command it happened a long time ago in the ancient Ghost Clan that The Icarius had committed a crime, and the Angels were not happy with him because he had mistakenly killed a human with the Mortal Sword, they had wanted to kill him, but he was able to win their heart in a subtle way and they had given him a condition that was more like a prophecy, and it was this.

Many Years have past since that time, and there have been no war or clashes between the demon and the ghosts.

It was during this time that Cyrus tiny body was discovered close to a dump site.

Randy Had discovered the little wincing sound of a baby, while he came to dump some trash at the dump site, his wife had traveled out of town, the maid was on vacation he had decided to empty the trash can by himself, and he had come here to find out the baby crying, he saw his body was neatly parcel on a tiny piece of clothing and dumped, he was moved to compassion for the child, after he said only a few abusive words for the mother of the child, he too him to his van and took him home.

Rheo Daiz II the present Icarius of the League of Ghost was killed for being a bad leader to the League.
Even with all the evil he did, Nesa his daughter is set to avenge him, But Thedrian her brother is not in support of it, because he has made friend with Cyrus.

But Cyrus is wanted dead because Cyrus Killed the only man she ever loved, Nesa Loved her father, not the usual family Love but Romantically.

You wanna know how this is unraveled?

Find out what happened next in this tale of Betrayal.

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